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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Kind of. Like British English is different from American English, or Brazilian Portuguese is different from Portugal Portuguese.
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    I'd like to see premium themes of the other zones...or something from the classic era. I admit a Casino Street theme would be nice.
  3. One funny thing about that is that even though I am Brazilian, I find Spanish, no matter where from, easier to understand than Portuguese from Portugal. I can't speak shit in Spanish though. BTW, I understand Ken just fine.
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    I think most Brits can understand American speak better than some of our own people. You should try having a conversation with a Geordie, because I can't for the most of the time understand what the fuck they are saying, it's almost pure gibberish.
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    ... you mean they speak English?
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    I could be mistaken. I think I give them too much credit.
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    Yes, it also happens with me, even when I didn't knew anything in Spanish. However, I am been learning Spanish :v: + - and so English.  

    Although the Brazilian Portuguese isn't difficult for the people from Portugal to understand. I can't understand why.

    (For me, British English is easier to understand, by listening, than American English. But I understand better the written American English.)
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    As the proud (or not so?) new owner of Sonic 4 for Wii, my biggest complaint is how Sonic becomes automatic and out of my control just mere seconds after passing the sign post. I love zipping past it, but can't anymore in order to actually be able to enter the damn special stage!

    Everything else is fine, with the exception of feeling as heavy as a brick wall, instead of light as a feather when initially trying to run.

    Playing this game for the first time brought me back to the first time I played Sonic 3. I HATED IT. But only because it was "different" and "unfamiliar." I know I'll grow to love it and will appreciate it like most by the time Sonic 5 comes out. I'm sure I'll be on my death bed at the time. Too bad though. It may take even longer to get a sequel after this one.
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    Sonic 3 was okay. Sonic 3 & Knuckles was the shit. Good insight, though.

    It's hard to let Sonic 4 Episode 1 grow on me when it basically just lifts straight copies of four zones between Sonic 1 & 2 and pastes it over less-than-classic-Sonicy level design that flouts momentum for the sake of speed boosters, too many bumpers, the homing attack, and fantastic new—oh wait, they're the same bosses. Just with the pinch modes lifted straight from Mega Man X8 or whoever started the trend. It's sooooo ... why should I play this game over Sonic 1 or 2?

    I guess it works to introduce newcomers to the franchise's roots, and if it does indeed accomplish it, then good for it. It leads to better games. I still expect much better from Sonic 4.

    "It's just an episode", sure, but then so were Half Life 2: Episodes One and Two, and they were awesome. Episode Two challenged my wits and determination more than Half Life 2, and made me feel supremely rewarded for it in the end.
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    It's been a little while since I last played sonic 4 but I ran a few levels today while babbysitting, made it to casino act 2 before not having the will to play it anymore, I even found some more faults and bugs in that 20 minutes, the game which keeps on giving!... the wrong stuff.
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    They're not straight copies, to be fair. The themes of the levels have direct references to earlier games, and that was intended for purposes of nostalgia. When you actually look at how the levels are built, though, many of the mechanics (beyond speed boosters and bubbles chains, which I know people like to harp on) are new and unique - stuff like the swinging vines in Splash Hill, the card mechanic, the torch, and the tilting water pools in Lost Lab Act 3.

    The bosses can be hit and miss depending on what people are looking for in the game. While some people complain about them citing that they're too similar to previous bosses, there were also many people whose faces lit up the moment they saw the wrecking ball boss in Splash Hill when we had the game demo up at conventions.

    Perhaps the most challenging aspect of a game like Sonic 4 is the duality of pleasing both those who want the game to pay tribute to and reference the originals, while also pleasing those who want something very much new and fresh, with only minor, more subtle references, or tributes through other ways (physics more like the classics, etc).

    But, however challenging it may be, I think we're at least off to a good start. The next big task is seeing how much we can push ourselves to take this even further and, as always, to continue improving.
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    All the bitches.


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    Do this, and I'm sure all will be forgiven by most of the community.

    Green eyes and all.
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    RubyEclipse, Episode II needs better, less broken physics, better music, level design and original content. Doing this will change some fans' opinion on the entire game.
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    On the subject of improving the series, I've played Sonic 4 a bit recently and one thing that struck me as much now as then was the potential it has; now I'm not saying that it is a decent game by any means but there is the lingering feeling that keeps making me play it once in awhile. I know we shouldn't expect so much from a downloadable title but I think the real potential behind this what could happen if the gameplay was made to be abit more multi-dimensional. I think if the speed boosters' behavior wasn't so rigid - for example they always force you into a rolling state so that you can blast through some just barely off screen enemies, because it looks cool. Or they force you into some other automated venture that looks cool but are otherwise jarring. I think this could be fixed by having the speed boosters not affect what state sonic is in. If he goes in rolling, he should stay rolling but if he goes in running he should stay running. You could also multiply the speed by a randomly generated number so they didn't feel so rigid. The same goes for other parts of the game, especially the gimmicks. They're all so fixed and rigid, with no sense of integration with the physics model. I don't know if it is possible to fall off of the helix strips in splash hill zone, because I've never been able to go into them slowly but that serves as another example of the classic games having deeper gameplay than offered in Sonic 4.

    Another observation that might help, is that when speedrunning (which is how I spend the bulk of my sonic gameplay), I find myself only playing splash hill zone 1 & 2, and Mad Gear zone 2, sometimes Mad Gear 1. The other levels are all too frustrating, it feels as if the levels themselves are out to get the player instead of being full of puzzles.

    That said, I really can't wait to see what the team does with Episode 2. I know that doesn't sound like the typical me but after having played sonic colors I find myself wanting more Sonic content. I know it might be an uphill battle trying to get the dev teams overseas to think outside of the box but I wish you and the community team the best of luck at it.
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    Close, but not quite - You can't control those like you can the vines. :)

    We've said it many times, but all the other feedback mentioned in the posts previous is important, and we hope that its influence will be able to help us make some solid steps forward. Pretty much the same thing said in different ways, but still worth repeating, I think.
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    I hope Dimps is done with their tribute at Episode 1 and decide to give us a real follow up with Episode 2. That's quite honestly my biggest disappointment with the title. (That and 4 zones for 15 dollars with little to no extras outside the main game. Bionic Commando offered an ENORMOUS amount of content than 4 did as well as NEW content, and that was a full game and five dollars cheaper.)
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    So I see here, after many complaints in the reviews, that the iPhone version of Sonic 4 got updated just now. However, there's no changelog available.

    I trust this fixes up problems with the game freezing up and crashing, but I see a lot of stuff about wanting Retina Display and just improvements (no, no physics mods or blackeyes Sonic :v: )

    Care to clarify?
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    Looking at that now, all it says is "Bug Fixes."

    ... I want that to mean so much more than what it really is. :(