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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

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    There's fewer Wii reviews.
  2. Otama Sanshiro

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    Sorry I didn't upload this on Monday, I got sick and thought the world's physics was like Sonic 4.

    And I'm calling the broken physics "hockey stick physics" after watching Chibs' video.
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    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    And thus, fewer bratty "user reviews" polarizing between "THIS SUX" and "THIS GAME R OSSUM."

    Honestly, it's hard for me to tell which Metascore I should take more seriously. Not that it matters for me, personally, I mean, I already have the game and my own opinions of it...
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    Is this what you're looking for? :v:

    Otama Sanshiro, I'd suggest working on those a bit.
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Agreed. They sound empty, like they're missing stuff.
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    To be honest, the game itself could have been improved and I have quite a few things on a list... But basically everyone said what bugged me- physics and kitten music :|

    It's fun to play but the game really could have been better than what I payed $25 for. Yes, $25. I was stupid enough to get it for the iPod Touch AND my 360.

    Ah well, it amuses me when I play Sonic 4 on the go when there's nothing better to do, and it's alright when I play it on the console. Some stages are pretty cool though (Like Casino Street Act 2), but the music and the physics kill it. :/
  7. Otama Sanshiro

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    They are! I have worked on them since I made that movie, but it's still not quite right. The MIDI structure which I based it on had pitches which were too high for the soundfont to recognise to play a drum. Maybe some download links would be better. And that's what it's missing: drums!
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    One of the things that bugged me was the speed shoes. I felt as though they wore off too quickly.
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    I say as my final opinion of Sonic 4 Episode 1, after playing it for a couple days, is that it's a good game. Not a great game, and definitely not "truly Sonic the Hedgehog 4 as I imagined it." Are there problems? Definitely. The physics are fucked up, too many bottomless pits, boosters, and homing attack chains, all the rehash, the uncurling, automated parts of the levels that are completely unnecessary, and the music is not what I was hoping from a Sonic game that claims to be Sonic 4.

    But despite all this at the end of the day I still like the game. I like it more than the Sonic Rush games and the Sonic Advance games. I like it more than Sonic 1 even, but that doesn't say too much as I don't really like Sonic 1 at all. It may not hold a torch (lol) to Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and Knuckles, but it has it's charm. The level design has it's problems but it's not that bad considering what we've had for level design in 2D Sonic games since Sonic Advance. I can finally play as Super Sonic in levels again, and with modern technology I don't have to see Super Sonic's sprites swapping out for regular Sonic's when I look up or run through a mobius strip. The game is colorful and bright like the old days (I actually like the cell shading in the PS3 version). And something about seeing Sonic running around with that wheel-o-feet running motion while a buzzbomber is shooting at him in a GHZ-esq level again makes me smile. It may be rehash, but it's simple and light hearted, and I like that.

    So I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. I'm disappointed but not so much that I have lost faith in what they can do for future episodes, or even enough so that I can't have fun with the game for what it is. So I eagerly await the future and see what they can do next time around.
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    Wow. That's totally awesome.
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    Going back to the point about playing older Sonic games...

    I played the older Sonic games and had no issues. This is because I have not gotten used to uncurling or not rolling down hills with no hands in Sonic 4. I did find myself pressing the jump button twice, but my mind was quickly able to grasp that "this isn't Sonic 4" rather quickly and went about my way. I also fired up Sonic 2 Dimps Edition, just to compare, and while I hate what SOTI did to Sonic 2, it still feels better than Sonic 4...

    Also, I have a question... to people who have the Wii version of Sonic 4, do you find yourself trying to "get" the achievements of the other versions, such as Untouchable, just because? Or can you not be bothered with it because there's no reward?

    Personally, I have the Wii version and I haven't even beaten Splash Hill 1 in under 30 seconds because I can't be bothered with it. And it's a shame, too, because I didn't need a achievement to try and get Emerald Hill done in less than 30 seconds (the first time I attempted it) and then under 25 seconds, but I did it anyway. I didn't need an achievement to do a lot of awesome things in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3K. But with Sonic 4... I just don't care.
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    I have the Wii version, but I don't try for the achievements. Heck, I generally don't try for achievements unless a real unlockable is attached.
  13. Guh, everyone's remixing Sonic 4 music to sound like the Genesis, but it never does. It always sounds like crap (no offense). I think I actually prefer the original to the remixes in most cases.

    Except for Tweaker's Sonic CD style remix of the title screen and Adventure style remix of Splash Hill Act 1.
  14. Spanner


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    Sorry, but those tracks sound horrible. After listening to your versions, I quickly whipped up a Mega Drive SoundFont version of Lost Labyrinth Act 1 (which I haven't uploaded yet), and it sounded much better than yours. Learn to experiment with other instruments in order to get a good sounding track.

    The lack of drums wasn't a good excuse either. The Sonic 3 & Knuckles drums work fine with the songs and if you didn't like them, you could have done something such as move the patterns to the allocated note for the other two drum sets or just use MIDI drums (channel 10, instrument 0 I think).

    Sorry for going off-topic in a way, I just wanted to comment on this.
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    I have to agree with this statement. Even the midi instrumentation for the midi uploads I did sound better than these (this may vary in different OS). If you used my midi's. Why didn't you just change it to the correct semitone for the drums? Or just leave the drums in midi channel 10 (surely LMMS has a midi player like the Fruity LSD)?
  16. Foxsnipe


    I've only found one retro-style remix that I've really loved. Someone on the boards found it (they have a Sonic 4 discussion going there as well, same general consensus) so I thought I'd share here (see below).

    As for Sonic 4 the game, ugh, the first thing I noticed in the trial on the Xbox Marketplace were the horrid physics and lack of inertia. I actually had to put the controller down and just sit & ponder about them for a while. The game is good, I don't doubt that, but the fact a core component to a platforming 2D game is so broken is painful. If anyone has played the Genesis game Bubsy, the physics are almost exactly the same (probably a bit worse in that game). The moment you stop holding down the direction control you would just stop moving. I've seen a lot of people say this gives you more control during platforming elements, but it really ruins the smooth finesse classic Sonic games allowed you to employ.

    Definitely classic Jun Senoue chiptune music right there. Where I think Sonic 4 music fails is it sounds far too, in my uneducated and unmusical terminology, synthy; far too artificial. Too many boom-tisssshhh with that same sort of exageration in the music itself. It's one reason I didn't like the 3D Blast music as much as the previous Sonic titles, though I did enjoy it on its own. Sonic 4's reimagining of it though is destroyed by poor intrument choice and a weak bassline. Everything sounds like it came from a modern-day keyboard where the person abused the techno/synth feature.

    Don't get me started on Sonic 4's boss music. I have no idea what it was supposed to be but it sounds like it came straight out of some failure of a comic circus. It was bad in the pre-3D Blast time, it's bad now. I think Mad Gear 3 would have been much better for boss music. It really has that pumped up, threatening feel to it, which Sonic 2 and 3/Knuckles captured beautifully.
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    As posted a million times before, it was a rejected track from Sonic 3D.

    And I think it's fair to say it was rejected for a reason - it sucks. Fan creations are better.
  18. Foxsnipe


    Oh I know it was (probably could have made that more clear) and yes, it does suck.

    That's a nice mix, has a little of all the classic Sonic games in it, thanks for the link!
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    I fired up Sonic classic collection and played a little bit of sonic 1 to see if I could indeed go back to it as easily as I figured and to see if I could feel any differences.

    I indeed, could. I had a bit of difficulty controlling sonic do to sonic feeling weighted down in sonic 4, but otherwise I was able to play through it pretty easily. I let go of the control pad a few times just to see the physics difference for myself instead of just taking you guy's word for it, and it turns out that I could have let go of the control pad and still gone forward in the air and stuff, which makes it almost feel like a different platformer when playing it that way. One thing that I noticed is that I had a bit more difficulty platforming then I did in sonic 4 do to the physics. I'm actually not sure if I like the physics in sonic 4 better then the classic physics or not. Weird, huh?

    I decided to see if Sonic 4's special stages are better than sonic 1's... They are. They still both suck though in my opinion <_<

    Oh, and I purposefully fell into a bottomless pit. Not sure why or what I was trying to prove there, but I did anyways :specialed:
  20. Doppelgengar


    I did the same. The biggest thing I had difficulty with was landing Sonic's jumps where I wanted them to go. Like jumping on an item box, or a spring or something like that. I got used to it pretty fast, but it surprised me that I had to readjust.