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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Quexinos


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    Okay I got if figured out now, thanks. Gotta love the reviews of the butthurt fans XD
  2. Jay T.

    Jay T.

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    Rated higher than Sonic 1 to Sonic 3 & Knuckles...?
    ...Some people are going to be seriously pissed off about that, no doubt about it. I think I better hide in a trench. ...I'm kidding!

    Anyway, got the final Emerald. I was scared of the 7th stage, but it's not so bad. It's just a bit time consuming and you have to take your time. Better than some of the other ones, like one where it's completely time based (3rd one) and the other that the bumpers can send you flying into a goal circle. Super Sonic is fun to play.

    ...Oh, and Lost Labyrinth Boss. That boss is mean...I'll win later though. XD
  3. Eric Wright

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    For Sonic & Knuckles one review said:

    Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Bland, convoluted and plagued with counter-productive level design. [Dec 2009, p.105]

    So unfortunately, you have to take everything with a grain of salt.... or more. Whoever reviewed the game and said this must have some kind of mental handicap
  4. Azookara


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    Got to the 6th special stage. Frustrating, but at least its good to know the special stages play much better on consoles than it does on the iOS.
  5. Cooljerk


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    Am I the only one who likes the special stages? They're a lot of fun to me.
  6. glem3


    For the record, even if that review was not included, sonic 4 would still have a higher score.

    And special stages are way harder on xbox 360 than wii for some reason.
  7. MykonosFan


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    Downloaded the demo, played it, enjoyed it, downloaded the full game and am on my way to Mad Gear Act 3 with a whopping total of 2 Chaos Emeralds. :specialed:

    For some reason I keep trying to get all the rings in the first Special Stage instead of just progressing. Curse my Achievement Whore instincts.
  8. Guess Who

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    Lost Labyrinth? Try Mad Gear. The second half is just total bullshit.

    On a general note, I'm really quite enjoying this game. The only turnoffs to me are the aforementioned Mad Gear boss and the Special Stages, and my only major complaint with the physics is the way you lose momentum when jumping or rolling without holding a direction.

    Oh, and I'll pardon the recycled level tropes as a homage to the original series, but Episode Two better step up its game in terms of originality.
  9. Vinchenz


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    Same. After grasping the concept and how it handles it's actually quite fun and they are easy to do after doing it once.

    I managed to do all but special stage 6 in one go after playing them on the iPod version first.
  10. MarkoMan


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    lol @ the Metacritic scores. 69 for Sonic & Knuckles is hilarious.

    Also, I'm willing to bet that Sonic 1-3K got phenomenal scores during their prime (I.e. on the Genesis). But I don't think there's anyway to prove that, now is there? :(
  11. Azookara


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    I must say I'm on the same boat here. Don't get me wrong, the special stages are amazing. Just frustrating at moments. Like in SS 3 with those bumpers strategically placed right across from the "!" tiles. :argh:
  12. MykonosFan


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    I have a quick question I've been wondering since the leaks.

    When you break the capsule at the end of a Boss Act, this little flashing light always rushes off screen to the right.

    ...what is the light supposed to be?
  13. OSM


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    I caved in and just played the demo for this tripe. Seeing the horribly animated title screen and experiencing cell phone jingle music on my own HDTV was a joy to behold.

    Completely unsurprised at how terrible it is, Sonic feels incredibly clunky and you lose all momentum during any action as soon as you let go of the d pad/control stick in mid air, he falls straight down. It just feels very wrong. Uncurling off of ramps and the homing attack is a really stupid addition too, made everything feel even clunkier and awkwardly paced. They even managed to fuck up the spin dash, you have to keep holding forward otherwise Sonic loses all momentum instantly and comes to an awkward stop.

    Didn't care for the level design since I was too busy paying attention to how awful everything feels. It's not the worst game ever, but SEGA is fucking kidding themselves calling this Sonic 4. Not going to bother with any future episodes or this game ever again. It's shit.
  14. Azookara


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    It's the key thingy that's holding the animal capsule together.
  15. glem3


    Sure. You just reminded me of one I was gonna post.

    In Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 3, you know the actual underwater maze area? The entirely underwater part, where there are two main paths to go on? You can skip that entire section by going THROUGH the wall on the right just when you enter the water.

    Also in Lost Labyrinth, this time Act 1, there's an area where you'll get launched by 3 springs up to the next area, after the first boulder running section, and you can't go back.

    However, if you jump dash and hug the right wall, you'll find a one up and a spring that skips a huge portion of the level.

    Mad Gear Zone Act 1 or 2 has an extra life only super sonic can get to, not sure about specifics.

    Supersonic lights up the area in LLZ act 2.

    In CSZ act 1 there's a wall you can go through on a high up path that skips a lot of the level.

    It's hard to describe, that's why I wish we had level maps ripped.


    This is complete bull. Letting go of right while holding the spin dash does NOT make you instantly stop, and I don't know what made you think this.
  16. Cooljerk


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    It did. I have the back issues of GamePlayers, GamePro, and EGM to prove it if you'd like me to scan and post them.
  17. Dannyboy


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    Aaaand time for me to bask in temporary glory...


    Yeah, I'm sure it'll get knocked down far pretty soon, but I wanted to establish it well somewhere.

    4th place on PSN in CSZ3! Woot!
  18. Patback


    Oh my god, guys I know this is stupid of me, but just help me out a sec here. The last boss, after he starts breaking down and he hits the ground making it give way...What the fuck do I do to avoid dieing? I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do here. Help. Thanks.
  19. Dark Sonic

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    Let's talk times :D

    My pride and glory is currently Lost Labyrinth Act 3, where I got 2:00:18 as Super Sonic. For some reason the closest time is 2:23:84. I didn't find it that hard. This is on the PS3 version btw.

    Also the fuck are with some of these times. 37 seconds in Splash Hill Act 1 and 1:39 in Casino Street Act 2. Both as Sonic only. How can people do that?