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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I'm sorry if looks like I'm being a dick, it's that I'm really frustrated with this one. I get so mad when I think about what this game could have been... I have disliked games before of course, that's no big deal, and I was even OK with not liking Sonic games anymore, but the classic Sonic games are the best games I have ever played, they defined video games for me, so being promised a continuation of that really messed with me, and it saddens me to a level I cannot explain to see that this alleged continuation is nothing of what I think it should be.

    I don't think it's the worst game ever though, I've played worse. This is not even the worse Sonic game I have played. But it's still bad enough for me to not want to play it anymore. You see, I'm not really a gamer. I don't own any of the new consoles (my newest console is a PS2), my PC doesn't have any new games installed... I'm a retro gamer, I play mostly on emulators or the consoles in my collection, so I'm kinda stuck in the past when it comes to games. New games in general are not very interesting to me.

    Anyway, I'm sorry if some of you dislike the way in which I express my discontent with this game, but keep in mind that what I say is my opinion, and at some level I can accept that some of you genuinely like the game, because not everyone here has the same relationship with the classic games.
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    That's because there are people out there that would just give a good rating to any Sonic game because it's Sonic. The only reason I, myself like Sonic games in the first place is only because of the classic series. The only official ones I play are the three on the Megadrive, Sonic CD and the three on the SMS because of the physics. The rest can all rot for all I care because I find the gameplay mechanics in them not to my liking.

    By the way I don't want to go round in endless circles with a debate about physics again. I just have to keep in mind that you don't get where we are coming from when we get so anal over the physics. I take it you like the Sonic franchise for different reasons than me.
  3. I make these words my own.
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    I must be really stupid, because although I've made this game my bitch, I still can't figure out the right way to defeat the Mad Gear boss without losing my goddamn rings.

    Also, here's a helpful hint for the final boss: + - If you stand right next to his foot after he begin to malfunction, the hands miss you and you won't have to worry about dodging them. Also, you can walk right under him as he's hopping around if you start holding to the right as soon as he raises his foot into the air.   It's a pushover if you're patient enough.
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    The main problem I have with the Mad Gear Boss is how frequently he throws out those Eggheads. The only thing I could probably recommend is to not paint yourself into a corner with that boss since those shits will bounce with you not being able to spindash or move under them if Eggman is in the way.

    The only other real problem I have is that goddamn bigass balloon Eggman throws out during the chase segment. I swear somehow I managed to blast through that one once without losing any rings.
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    My friends in the apartment downstairs have a PS3 so maybe I'll go down and try the demo today. However, I'm not optimistic. It looks fun, but it seems what I expected was confirmed: It's lazily made with no attention paid to basic physics problems and most likely not worth 15 bucks. I'll admit though, Lost Labyrinth and Mad Gear look fun as all get out.
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    Hang back to the left, and then just after it bounces right in front of you, hold right. It's a matter of timing.

    Oh, and don't jump when it's above you. It doesn't end well.
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    With the Mad Gear boss, yeah, just hang back. With the Mad Gear boss in E.G.G Station, hang back twice, then jump dash twice before the third hit to avoid the little egg balloon, then repeat stage one again, and you won't get hit once.
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    So who else thinks Episode II's going to pull a Metroid and zap Sonic of his acquired Chaos Emeralds upon startup?

    + - I can see it starting off similarly to Sonic 3, and then Metal Sonic comes along and -POW- kicks your ass out of nowhere.  
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    Played the first two stages... I don't get it. It's like they're trying way too hard to make it retro - they seem to have taken lots of gimmicks and ideas from the old sonic games then changed exactly what it is that made them fun. Example; the cannons. In sonic 3, the cannons were fun cause you had to time your launch to get to the right place - in this, you can aim it as you please using the D-pad. That defeats the point. The cards in the casino level are like the slot machines in Sonic 2 - except that a) there's no penalty for using them (they just chuck 20-30 lives at you, presumably for the bottomless pit sections coming up where you'll lose those lives before learning to press X at the right time) and b) most of them you can't avoid. They may as well have just put 20-30 lives monitors at the beginning of the level... the special stage in sonic 1 was all about considering your path and being careful. So what do they do to make it more fun? add a time limit! yes! now you have to rush through and it's frankly the first sonic special stage I've hated so much that I can't actually be bothered to play it.

    The physics have been complained about enough. All I'll say is that I don't care whether it feels like sonic or not. I loved sonic rush, I couldn't really care less whether the physics feel like real sonic. But there's something innately wrong here - it feels almost as if they've deliberately done everything in their power to make it sluggish. The rare moments of speed are almost always cut off after a few seconds by a wall or obstacle, and sonic has serious acceleration problems... where they trying to artificially lengthen the levels by making sonic deliberately slow?

    To compare to something like New Mario, where they took the mario formula and added new ideas, smoothed it out and generally improved it with more of the same style level design, SEGA seemed to have gone the other way. That is, take the original games' ideas, remove the fun, slow it down, and try to make it audio-visually appealing. The graphics are mediocre and the music is annoying.

    Well done, SEGA. The "main sonic series" has now been infected with your bullshit. I can no longer say that the main sonic series is great. Don't get me wrong; I don't think this game is BAD, it's just that to have the gall to call it sonic 4 is, quite frankly, offensive.
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    I'm not sure. It depends on how this episodic content works. If each episode is like it's own self contained game, then yes, I see Sonic being zapped of all his emeralds. Although I feel more like they'll change how often you can get into special stages between episode 1 and 2. Or maybe reintroduce the super emeralds.
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    Tryed the demo and man, it brings whole new life to that old Sonic phrase "hold right to win" all the physics don't feel right. infact I know what this feels like.

    You know when there is something awsome, say like the iphone4, and then China makes a cheap version of it too, it looks the same, but its not quite right, its not all there, thats what Sonic 4 is.

    Its a Chinese iphone
  13. Super Emeralds for Episode 2.
    Master Emeralds (Yes, for the sake of my predicition, there are now 7) for Episode 3

    Can you imagine what Sonic would be like powered up on 7 Master Emeralds? Imagine Hyper Sonic, but 10X its size just powering through the level ridiculously. Kind of like Mario in New Super Mario Bros. for the DS when he gets the powerup that turns him into Huge Azz Mario. :v:
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    Sonic 4 isn't hold right to win. At all. Not even slightly.
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    I mean in a "physics way" when your in the air for example, no momentum, you have to hold a direction in order to keep moving, regardless of what common logic and physics dictate
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    Who said I was bad at it? I finished it with all the emeralds in two days.
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    I utterly love Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, CD and Pocket Adventure, and I don't think any other games in the series have come close to what they achieved. I've enjoyed a few others, but none come close to the ones I listed. I liked Sonic 4 though. It doesn't have a place on that list, but in my humble opinion, it's a very good 2D platformer and I think many people are being harsh on it because of its association with the classic games.
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    I feel guilty for all of my past expectations of this game. :ohdear:

    It really is something you must play.
  19. An association created by SEGA themselves. This game might be a good 2D platformer (to some, because personally I think the physics are bad even if compared to other 8 and 16-bit games with less complex systems than the Sonic games, which makes actual platforming sections quite frustrating), but it sucks as Sonic 4. I doubt anyone here that enjoyed the game can say that it's truly "Sonic 4 as they imagined it". IMO both Rush titles are worse than Sonic 4, but I'm not nearly as pissed at those games because there were no promises attached to them. I didn't have any expectations for them.
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    If it's not going to reach the same standard, then it shouldn't associate itself with the classic games in the first place; in other words, it's called Sonic 4, so it should be judged as such.

    That basically means you take Sonic 3, see how that won life, then play this and realise that, while it's okay in of itself, it's pale in comparison.