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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Tails can fly. Knuckles can glide. Where's your problem?


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    The first time I did that was with Sonic Advance 1. The second time was with Sonic Heroes. Since then I've barely played any new Sonic game.
  3. serpx


    Unless they plan on releasing a patch, they're not. Unless they aren't really going to listen to feedback for Episode 2. There's no excuse for a bad physics system in Episode 2.
  4. This game looks and plays (and possibly sounds, but I'm not so pick about sounds) like a bad fangame. That's the best way I can possibly describe it. I do understand that some people DO enjoy bad fangames, though.
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    Surely you're being at least a bit hyperbolic here. If you can honestly tell me the platforming physics in this are worse than Sonic Labyrith, Sonic Blast, and Sonic Spinball, well you're lying to yourself.
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    Ever considered you're just bad at it? It plays fine for me, and it obviously plays fine for many other fans and critics, so I doubt select people got copies of the game that are more poorly programmed than others. Stop trying to play it like sonic 3, and maybe you'll start to get better. If you try to play Super Mario Bros 3 like Super Mario Bros 1, you will get your ass kicked. Physics are handled very differently in the two. Not all sequels play exactly the same, and needing to play the game a different way doesn't make it bad.

    Of course, you may just hate the way the game plays in general, and not because of previous bias. In which case, I think you should at least acknowledge that this isn't a fact that everyone agrees on and to some people, such as myself, the game plays fine.

    Because if people like this game, as the majority seems to, they must all be fans of bad fan games. The majority of critics like bad fan games. Everyone is wrong but you.
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    Well the former two I have never played, due to hearing that they are also awful, and spinball actually handles better than this. It actually understands the concept of air controls and air momentum, and actually has air physics like all Sonic games did back then. Based on that, my point still stands, I never said it was the worst game ever, just the worst game I'd had the misfortune of playing.
  8. I have done that with Advance 2 and 3, Heroes, Shadow, PS2 Unleashed, Rush Adventure. And now Sonic 4.
  9. And if we open up this discussion to horrible non-Sonic games being any worse than Sonic 4, we realize that statement is either horrible misinformed or Stephen really has good game selection skills and literally has played nothing but gold.

    I know it's just an opinion, but come on. Sonic 4 is not the worst game ever. I've played some crap before and Sonic 4 does not touch that.

    EDIT: Read Stephen's new post. You're lucky then, I've played way too much crap in my life as a gamer.
  10. I agree with you on Labyrinth and Spinball (although in ball form Sonic behaved OK), but Blast had better physics than Sonic 4.
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    You turning Rush Adventure off after the first 20 minutes saddens me. ='(

    However, everyone is allowed to like what they like and dislike what they dislike. It's just when they start making false overall claims it gets iffy.
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    So I tried the demo out today, and in all honesty I'm not 100% enthralled with it. Sonic is extremely slow and I really can't get over how momentum works in this. It didn't feel like a bad game, as the level design was good and instantly recognizable as classic Sonic, as was the art style, music, and graphics, but it just felt wrong to me. My friend is buying it Saturday, I think I'ma play it with him but I probably won't buy it unless they changed up some things with a patch or in Episode 2.
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    I did that for Unleashed more or less. I have never made it out of the first Werehog level.
  14. Mirai


    So, I've had a good few hours of playing it, heres my thoughts:
    Very fun. I forgot how fustrated I used to get when it was the harder special stages and the bottomless pits, really good!
    Homing Attack, I think is actually used well. Its a nicely used, its not like many hacks where you launch right away, you actually have to build up speed, which I like, and I barely used it as well.
    Special Stages, a new dynamic, the timer! Got my heart racing on certain ones, like on Special Stage 3, I had 0.67 seconds to spare, really good, really fun.
    Mad Gear. The music was great, the danger was brilliant, and I really like the boss, reminded me of Mushroom Hill.
    So here's my complaints.
    Sonic is as stiff as a plank. You can almost feel the heaviness when you only just press right, and what I don't like is that you cannot build momentum when rolling, which let me down when I was in Casino Street, get that fixed in at least a patch or Episode 2 and I'd be happy.
    Special Stages again. its too sensitive rotating. if you could control it with the triggers, and say, on the PS3, it depends how much you press down, it rotates slowly or quicker the more you press down on the trigger buttons.
    Stage Clear, Robotnik's Theme and Title Screen Music. Get rid of them synthesisers, and as The Master says, bring on, the drums! It all sounds too samey, and at least copy the original Stage Clear sound form Sonic 3, don't just rape it with 1985 synthesisers and go overboard. Boss Theme, well firstly, rename him to Robotnik at least, it said that in the past 3 games, it has to be Robotnik here far as I'm concerned! Bring back SOnic 3's boss Theme I say, it was the best out of any Sonic game, or perhaps a mix of that and Sonic 2's Boss Theme? And title screen, christ. it sounds too much like Splash Hill to me in a way, scrap it, re do it, take a cue from Sonic Megamix or maybe the past 3 Sonic's??
    And while I'm at at it, Super Sonic's theme, is the worst tune I've ever heard. It's like putting a cat in a microwave, hearing it scream, then repeating it with another cat you can find, until you get bored. Awful. Another mix of Super Sonic's theme of Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles, or at least ones with good beats and an actual rhythm.
    Right now it seems like a nostalgic trip. A good one, but when you have 'Sonic the Hedgehog 4' in the title, you expect total originality.
    I do hope Episode 2 resolves the physics and music at least. Then it might start sounding like my Sonic 4. 7/10.
  15. Felik


    Card trains and Final boss frenzy mod pretty much force you to use HA or else you won't be able to proceed.
    Swinging lianas, badnik trails, carnival cannons and many other things make your gaming experience VERY bifficuilt and uncomfortable without HA.
  16. Not really, but I have the right to doubt the taste of people who like this game. I have noticed that a lot of people who dislike the game (or certain aspects of it) are people who have some sort of technical or artistic background, and thus are better equipped to judge the quality of the game from a professional's perspective rather than a regular gamer who's just looking for some quick fun.

    Tweaker for example has problems with the music, and I bet that's because he has worked with music so much that he's capable of noticing nuances most people don't. I suck when it comes to music composing/programming, so the music sounds just fine to me, but I have worked with art and game programming for a long time, which makes all the errors they've made so much more obvious and annoying to me.

    Think of some fancy french Chefs for example... What do you think are their thoughts on american fast food? Not good I'm sure, even though most of us think it tastes just fine.
  17. I haven't played through Sonic 4 yet, but Sonic 2 with Knuckles end boss was TOUGH with Knuckles' smaller jump, but it's still doable
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    I hear people talking of Sonic 4 demos here and there.

    Does anyone know of a demo coming to the PlayStation 3? Checked recently today but no Sonic 4 demo in sight. :(
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    My favorite level is easily Mad Gear Act 2, maybe act 1 too. The others had shitty gimmicks or were just awful in design. I mean, that bullshit with lighting the torches that extended blocks in LLZ2 was a point where I very nearly stopped playing. And attempting to get all the Chaos Emeralds to get Super Sonic should be a challenge, not a frustrating piss take. I won't be seeing Super Sonic anytime soon.
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    All the bitches.

    The one in S4 is an asshole, takes around 60 hits, and halfway through blowing him up he starts tard-raging at you like all the other bosses and you can only attack him after you follow his pattern of him shooting his arm at you and hitting it back.