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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. ICEknight


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    Ok SEGA, I forgive you but I'm still waiting for that Classic Sonic 4. =P
  2. Blue Blood

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    lol, okay so the update still doesn't seem to fix compatibility with E2 to unlock EM. And just to add to the other graphical oddities like the resolution and Sonic's broken left ankle, I noticed this Mad Gear:

    Steam version for comparison:

    Again, I'm just a bit lost.
  3. Chimera


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    what the fuck is all this trash

    cool s4e1 got updated who cares
    cool its a broken hot mess who's surprised
    cool people have different opinions what else is new

  4. GeneHF


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    Sonic 4: Even six years later, Retro gets salty about it. :specialed:
  5. TheOcelot


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    Nearly six years. Wow time flies.

    Updates are good and all as long as they are worthwhile, I.e. make improvements/fix issues.

    I've beaten it again and got all emeralds. Took me forever to get them, longer than it did previously. Having to use tilt controls to get them is just stupid. Why can't we have the option of normal controls to rotate the special stage, like you get with the console versions? Some of the music (if not all) doesn't loop properly, which I guess isn't a major issue, I mean who really cares at this point?

    In the final section of the Egg Station Death-Egg Robo boss fight when he does his suicide dive (from above); the sound effect for the (green) targeting scanner no longer plays, which makes it a bit harder to judge when he's going to land.

    I'd still like to see Sonic Team (not DIMPS) make a new 2d game.
  6. XCubed


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    I want my god damned Episode 3 or at least an Epilogue to Ep 2. The little planet is still encased in that garbage, but no one seems to care....I don't take to cliffhangers very well.
  7. Chaos Rush

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    I'd rather have a "real" Sonic 4 as opposed to Episode 3. Actually I'd just like a Sonic game made by 'main' Sonic Team... which we haven't really gotten since 2011.
  8. Sir_mihael


    I hear ye, but at this point you'll just have to use Sonic the Fighters as the closure to the 'Death Egg II Saga' until Sega do otherwise.

    I mean, the pieces are kind of already there. Metal Sonic is aboard the Death Egg in Episode II and Sonic the Fighters. The only real change is the visuals of the Death Egg II (which at this point could be a defense upgrade, hence needing Chaos Emeralds to get a rocket there this time.)

    It's a flimsy continuity I'll admit, but it helps me sleep at night. A legit Episode III would be fantastic though.
  9. ICEknight


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    Also, Sonic lost his green contact lenses while fighting. =P
  10. David The Lurker

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    The reason I don't like the idea of Sonic the Fighters wrapping up the loose ends is because the Death Egg in that game explodes. Having Little Planet explode for no reason is such a bummer. So instead, I look at it continuity wise as "an Episode III happened, but we'll never see it, and Sonic & Tails came out victorious in the end because they're fine in Sonic Adventure."

    It's a shame Sonic 4 was such a terrible thing from beginning to end, because I like the idea of Little Planet being used as the basis for a Death Egg II, since CD was essentially Eggman turning the planet into a prototype of the first Death Egg. Having Metal Sonic be there, having nods to previous games (Stardust Speedway, White Park music), it could have worked in a far better game. But we didn't get that. Instead, we got an Episode I that didn't know what it wanted to be, and an Episode II that, while better, still wasn't sure what it wanted to be. So the Death Egg II plotpoint gets wasted on a mediocre game, and won't be revisited anytime soon, if at all.

    but theres always sonic 5 right
  11. Black Squirrel

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    There's a Donkey Kong wiki that tries to create an overarching story to all the Donkey Kong games.

    And that, kids, is why we don't take continuity seriously.

    Also hands off Sonic the Fighters - it deserves better! :v:
  12. TheOcelot


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    I was kind of hoping Ep2 would be about Sonic & Tails journey on reaching the Death Egg MkII/Little Planet. Ep3 would then take place entirely on the Death Egg/Little Planet and would consist of time travel; as they travel to the past to repair the damage done to Little Planet by Eggman.....again. I was just hoping for Sonic CD's time travel gimmick to be re-used and maybe include the time stones. Still, it's not gonna happen now that any chance of Ep3 is dead in the water.

    Ep2 was definitely better than Ep1 for me, and thanks to Sonic 4 we did get the excellent Sonic CD remaster from Taxman, which in turn lead to the equally good StealthTax mobile versions of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.
  13. Beltway


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    Ehhhhh, if they were to make a new classic Sonic they'd be better off not selling it as a numbered sequel. Calling it Sonic 5 would acknowledge Sonic 4 as the thing that came before it.

    That said, I doubt we're getting another classic Sonic game either way in the near future. Episode II reads as if Iizuka/Sonic Team and Dimps just wanted to get the project out the door and move on; I.e. Episode I's divisive response made them realize making a proper Genesis Sonic sequel would require too much effort and too much change from their MO on how they design their games. I don't see those two touching the classic series again with a ten-foot pole.

    And I wouldn't want them to either, to be honest. Episode I gave off the sentiment that the developers involved never were really interested in making a Genesis sequel in the first place, with Episode II being more or less an unofficial admittance. If Sega (and it has to be Sega, because I don't see anyone within Sonic Team or Dimps fighting for a genuine return to Sonic's roots) does make a new classic Sonic, they're better off looking elsewhere, internal or otherwise.

    I really doubt this was the case. Sega has historically had trouble porting Sonic CD since the original Mega CD release, with emulation issues acting as a roadblock for any true re-release of the original game. PC port has some things retooled in order to make it run properly (namely the water effects for Tidal Tempest being clear rather than murky in the original, as well as a retooled debug menu), and even then that version is notorious for not working at all on some computers (the fanmade Sonic CD PC Hack was made to fix it, but that has varying results). The game was intended to be included on Mega Collection, but was skipped because they couldn't emulating the original game properly. They only managed to get it on Gems Collection through hacking the aforementioned PC port and running that on an emulator.

    Meanwhile, Taxman had effectively rebuilt the game on his own terms, and not only managed to get it to run on modern systems, he managed to do an exceptionally good job at doing it and even threw in some extra features on top of it (physics fixes and widescreen, etc.). And he had been showcasing his iPhone (in particular) port of the game well before Sonic 4 was even known to be a thing to the public.

    I'm pretty sure Sega greenlighting Taxman's Sonic CD was them capitalizing on by taking on it as an official release, and not due to whatever impact Sonic 4 may had done. And by that extension, I doubt it had any impact on the TaxStealth remasters of Sonic 1 and 2 as well. With both of those games being port overdosed as they were and the previously-existing Sonic 1 and 2 iOS ports (even given their average quality) they probably wouldn't had bothered re-releasing them, especially not with the extra bells and whistles Taxman and Stealth added to them.
  14. Sir_mihael


    I did think about this and it gave me a chuckle. To be honest though, when your options are either being stuck in a Sonic 4 cliffhanger or being outright destroyed by headcanon, the Little Planet isn't in a good place either way. Still, I did appreciate that Sega brought it back for the sake of tying CD into the muck again. With a bit of better treatment, it would have been nice to see somewhere like South Island/Westside Island get revisited for the sake of it.

    I won't listen to your Kremling propaganda. I'll have you know, the fight between DK and Funky Kong after the hour long cutscene about his recessive genes after the Gulf War was one of the greatest banana moments of our generation.

    I'll never rest until the Sonic Tinned Pasta and the Daddies Ketchup are firmly rooted in the canon.
  15. Clownacy


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    I'm pretty sure the Gems Collection version of SCD was a port of the PC version, not an emulation. Honestly, since they were able to port the thing to the PC, Gamecube, and PS2, you'd think SCD would be the last game to get an engine rewrite.

    ...heck, with some effort, they could have built Sonic 4 off of it...
  16. big smile

    big smile

    For Sonic 4 Episode 2, they should just update the game with a new cut scene. Classic Sonic wakes up and goes "It was all a dream". They should also rename it from Sonic 4 to something else, so this awful game is no longer connected with the previous numbered titles.
  17. MykonosFan


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    Not that I think it's plausible in this instance, but big smile's post made me think. Has a game from a larger company ever had its name changed post release, not counting the time gap between a product launch and localizations in other territories (I.e., SMT IV Final in Japan, SMT IV Apocalypse in NA)? I figure there might be some small indie game that changed its name after launch, but I'm thinking more on the level of SEGA.
  18. Herm the Germ

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    Does every Mega Man game ever count?
  19. Josh



    However, it frequently happens with mobile games, especially when clones run a little too close to the real thing and get struck by copyrights. But that wouldn't fit the "from a larger company" criteria, and I'm sure we're looking for quote-unquote "real" games, anyhow. I can't think of any right off. I mean, there are plenty of NES-era games that have different names on the box versus the title screen, but to completely change post-launch...

    And for the record, letting Sonic the Fighters serve as a conclusion wouldn't fit my Very Important and Well Thought-Out headcanon that I came up with when I was 13. See, because classic Sonic and modern Sonic are in alternate universes from each other. Aside from the obvious visual differences, I remember using the fact that Sonic could be Super Sonic without draining ring energy in Sonic R, but NOT in Sonic Adventure, as evidence that THAT version of Sonic was fluent enough with Chaos energy to maintain the form, whereas his green-eyed counterpart wasn't.
  20. Sir_mihael


    Not to worry, when Sega release the Sonic Historia, it'll all make sense. There will be Four Timelines, and Sonic R will take place as a post apocalyptic sequel to Waku Waku Patrol Car, with the Sonic Tinned Pasta and Meatballs being the key to all of this.