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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Really, it's something that should had been made available when the iPad HD version was released (which allowed for higher resolutions and had the HQ Sonic sprites).

    If not then, the update like this could had been released when Episode II was making the rounds,at the latest (it would had been much better than the update they did release at the time--it only inserted an ad for Episode II, while unintentionally caused a bug that wiped your save data...). Or even when the game had been restored to the iOS after it had pulled for several months due to it being incompatible with newer iOS versions. It's a very strange move to release this update well after the Sonic 4 saga has died out regardless.


    Maybe instead of having a go at us for not supporting virtually every Sonic product that Sega puts out (which, to be frank, the general consensus for most of them really aren't as great as you're making them out to be) and making us out to be entitled jerks; you could stand to be a little bit more self-confident in enjoying products that aren't popular with everyone else. For all the flak that is given towards the more divisive titles, it's not like anyone here actually making people feel bad for actually liking them; ergo there's nobody putting down anyone who enjoyed a game like Chronicles or something similar.

    Really, this post comes off as you not being able to handle other people not liking what you like, and deciding to handle that dissatisfaction by shaming the entire fanbase as unpleaseable spoiled children as a rebuttal, more than anything else.
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    I'd imagine it's just SEGA's continued push towards the mobile market, in that they want to make their games look as good possible. Seriously the only good thing about the update is that the graphics looks a bit better. The loading times are now longer and I've also noticed the top and bottom of the screen being cut-off (especially in the Lost Labyrinth boss fight). I wish they had fixed the unfair difficulty in the special stages due to the tilt controls which make them so damn hard.

    I've grown tired of Ep1, it's just not fun to replay on my phone. The update certainly doesn't fill the void left by there being no Sonic 3 & Knuckles or Sonic 4 Episode 3 on mobile.
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    Come on, man. Sonic X was terrible. That whole post is just trying to reason that the games were bad when they were. Like, Shadow the Hedgehog is just a bad game. Period. I understand not liking the negativity, but sometimes it's just like that and it's necessary. Especially when most of the games in question are bad.
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    Really? This discussion again?
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    Only addressing this one since it's the Sonic 4 thread, but... the things you mention as being good are things that the community has explicitly targeted as among the worse aspects of the game. Like, if you'd said "It's not perfect, but the platforming is fun, the bosses are interesting twists on old classics, and some of the stage gimmicks are creative", I could've gotten behind that. Flawed though the game is, it could be much worse. But the music and zone art? These are things that have been derided as serious problems with the game. The awful pseudo-16-bit instruments in particular have received serious mockery among pretty much the entire community.

    I actually enjoyed Sonic 4 Episode 1, but that was despite these problems. I would never consider any bit of its graphics or sound design to be praiseworthy, and I think neither would most people.
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    This guy can't be serious. Praising Shadow's shody, broken branching story that leaves so many questions unanswered, and outright contradicts itself. You've got some screws loose.

    Likewise, a "sequel" that doesn't capitalise on what made the earlier titles so good, even if it has good music (ducks and cats) and visuals (plastic grass), is easily not going to be seen as a good sequel, which, you know, people wanted.
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    If I could just post an image, I would. That image would be an animated one featuring a black man excitedly walking into frame and putting down a chair, which he then sits on. That image would be captioned "dis gon b gud".

    But I can't do that. But I can request that we don't spend time dissecting baba944's farewell post and go back to theorizing why the hell Sega bothered to update the games now.
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    You mean this?


    But I can cosign with bringing discussion back to why they made the update.

    ...maybe someone doesn't got bored too easy?

    Or maybe someone on the development team got sick of looking at the low-resolutions and low-poly Sonic, and made a new patch all by him or herself for the game.

    Or maybe Dimps actually did make it a while back, but they actually forgot to program it into the game. :v:

    I like TheKazeblade's previous guess that a Dimps employee lost a bet more than anything else.

    Don't give Ruby and Gene ideas for their next social media memes :ssh:
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    You quoted the tagline for the game's commercial as part of your argument.

    You literally quoted the tagline for the game's commercial as part of your argument.
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    Don't worry guys now it's forum-appropriate


    mods don't delet, I want baba944 to come back and explain the secret to his industrial-strength optimism. I need to find out what substances he's taking that make Sonic 4 and Sonic X (the dub, at that) palatable so I can take them too and deftly navigate through every depressing situation and disappointment in my life without so much as a second thought.
  11. Are we fucking doing this shit again.
    No. Just no.
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    How can one make a grand exit, citing negativity as a reason, after the most positive event in the Sonic series in 4 years, Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3? :colbert:
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    Honestly this was the most ridiculous part of the post. Defend any game you like. But don't tell me I don't know what I want, just because there are different groups of people here that want different things.

    I know what I want. I want either more of Sonic 3 & Knuckles or more of Sonic Unleashed's daytime stages. Other people don't want that. It's a shame that they're completely wrong, but we have to live with it. :v:

    As long as we have Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3, we'll all be happy.
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    I just want something in line with Generations. Lost World was a huge disappointment with a style no one was expected, or maybe even wanted. I mean, it sounded like a cool concept, but the way Lost World was designed, it was awful. So, I agree with Digital Duck. I know what I want. It's more like other people want different things. I want chocolate ice cream, but others want vanilla ice cream.
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    Man, the funniest part is that Sonic Heroes got old pretty fucking fast compared to SA1 and 2 as well. Someone at SEGA got paid to outright lie to shift copies. ;)
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    If I recall correctly, wasn't Sonic 4 developed as a mobile game, and the whole "4" thing was a later addition within its development (but still before its revelation, obviously) to try and market it better? It really had that feeling of being a nerfed Sonic platformer made for mobile devices, and not conceived as a sequel to Sonic 3.

    The fact that the whole series was kind of brushed under the rug abruptly after Episode 2 gave me the vibe that they didn't really mean for it to happen this way, but had to go through with it out of obligation.

    I feel like I remember reading this somewhere. Pardon me if I'm going crazy. :v:
  17. Classic fanboys (myself included) are allowed to criticize the last decade of Sonic games because they are mostly crap :v:

    Sorry but it's true :)

    That being said, Even if SEGA do pull it out the bag with the next game there will still be a few cynical people, but with the garbage we have had to put up with that's understandable.
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    Hold your horses, friends, it's all the matter of taste. I've got to admit - I'm not a big fan of limiting freedom of expression on forums, although personally I'm avoiding at all costs sentences like "X is a shit" (nobody likes the implying, that he/she likes shit). I'd rather use something like "I was horribly bored with this game" etc.

    Getting back to the subject - it's quite a surprise for me (despite the fact, that we're talking about Sonic 4 again :P), that so many people feel obliged to diss Sonic 4 whenever we'll mention it. Like it's some sort of sacrilige which defiles the "sancticity" of Sonic 3/2/1. It's just the game, folks, just the game :)/>/>

    @baba944 - I understand that reading opinions with dissing your favourite game(s) is not something pleasant, but it's not worth it to get annoyed by such things. I personally share the opinion that there is plenty of enjoyable Sonic games made after "Dreamcast era". First Sonic Riders is (for me) first " really good" racing game in Sonic world (and IMO Sonic R wasn't THAT bad as many people say), I personally love Sonic Heroes (by the way - I highly disagree with you, Sir_mihael, looking for such things like gameplay style, I would say, that more consistent and "classic" (for 3d platform game) gameplay of Sonic Heroes made it better through time than SA saga which has issues with big parts of rather hard/unenjoyable parts with looking for emerald shards and other things like that - although I would say, that first Sonic Adventure made it a bit better, despite the things like adventure mode or part of campaign with Big the Cat).
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    That's enough. This is the Sonic 4 thread, not the "why don't you like what I like" thread.

    Get this back on topic now, please.
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    It was confirmed by Stealth in this SegaBits interview:

    @38:00 in the video (edited out a bunch of sentence fragments/run-on sentences/pauses):

    SegaBITS: "Do you feel like, there's some sort of...I dunno, it just seems to me that Sonic Team is like 'oh, let's try this and then let's try this' ... they're always like 'let's change it', they're trying to do something new, to capture some sort of market...but they don't wanna go back and try a retro game, even Sonic 4 didn't have the engine or anything. Is that Sonic Team always trying to move forward, I guess?"

    Stealth: "Well, as far as Sonic 4 goes, that was actually developed to be a mobile game, initially. And from what I've heard, somebody at Sega of America said 'I want a game called Sonic 4.' So with this mobile game in development already, they [Sega of Japan] said 'okay, we'll just call this game Sonic 4.'"

    So much for Ken Balough's claims that the game was developed with consoles in mind first...

    Well, when you're selling a direct sequel to some of your most successful games, and hype it up as "the sequel you've waited 16 years for" "Sonic 4 as you truly imagined it" "providing fans with an unrivaled classic Sonic feel" blah blah blah...of course people who really care about getting what was promised are going to be more than a little bit miffed if the sequel doesn't live up to the expectations you're setting up for it. It's no different to how people feel about, say, the Star Wars prequels compared to the original trilogy, or the Indiana Jones 4 compared to the first three films. It's all about expectations, really.

    Some people just approached Sonic 4 like any other (Sonic) game on the market and happened to enjoy it, and that's fine. Other people approached Sonic 4 as being more than just that (return to classic gameplay, as proclaimed by its marketing), and feel it did not succeed at doing so, and consequently didn't enjoy it--that's also fine. Both groups can exist, and as long as both groups aren't slinging mud at each other, it's all good.