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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

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    That's exactly my point. I would be mad if classic progression wasn't available in any form, but since this is basically the same thing only pressing a button, I don't really care
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    everything is relative. THe game sucks as much as I expected.
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    Unfortunately, and this is true of almost all ebay vendors, that's just a stock image, so you don't know if you're getting a real pad or not. But, IIRC, the SLS controllers only came in white with colored buttons, or black, so I don't think that's official.

    To compound matters, sega recently sold sega saturn USB controllers in white as part of that Sonic level builder stuff, but they DIDN'T use SLS, and thus they feel loose and cheap. So your best bet is to try and find a black one.

    The seller I bought from was from hong kong, though, so don't let that dissuade you.
  4. ancara


    I can't wait for the XBLA version to come out tomorrow.

    Also, could somebody get a midi of Casino Street Zone act 1 done? I'd love to be able to try something with that tune. :v:
  5. I just finished playing the PS3 demo, and boy was that awful. I just can't wrap my mind around the terrible physics. Stopping on a dime (even in midair), running like Sonic is in quicksand, ridiculous gravity in the loops, bizarre behavior on the slopes ... I'm not paying fifteen bucks for this.
  6. I have one of those controllers, the grey ones, and even if they are fakes, they are pretty damn close to how the original Saturn controller felt, right down to the clicky style shoulder buttons. So for fakes, they are actually very good and quite a bit better than the ones Sega were giving away a few months back.
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  8. Please don't try to enforce your own opinion as if it was everyone else's too. Some people may agree with you, but some of us still think the game sucks. My opinion of it remains mostly unchanged after playing it, the only exception being I was expecting the level layouts to be worse, but they are kinda nice (bottomless pits excluded), so that was a pleasant surprise. Of course it's a shame I can't enjoy the freaking level designs with such crappy physics. I simply refuse to get used to it.
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    Just collected all the emeralds and beat the final boss again to see if the game had a good ending like the classics... The ending didn't seem change much and wasn't worth beating the last boss a second time, unless I missed something by pressing 2 to early or something.

    Somebody on here mentioned that the Wii version's graphics are jaggy. The graphics look fine to me... Though, that's probably because I'm not playing the game on an HD TV...
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    -the game has control problems
    -it's far too short

    Some people can live with those things, and some people can't. There is no consensus yet. Personally I think people expected the Megaman 9 of the Sonic series, but we got Megaman 7 instead. That should not surprise anyone, because it's what they've been promising the entire time.
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    Those images are all from the legit controller, I guess it did come in grey afterall.

    I say go for that one. That box is identical to mine, and it has the SLS logo on the pad.
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    Well I also picked this up from the PSN.
    In a feeble attempt to keep the experience fresh I have only completed a Splash Hill with a start in Casino Street.(with 3 Chaos Emeralds). :v:

    I do enjoy the level design a good deal aside from things like random badniks during speed sections, and bottomless pits of course.
    The physics...well nothing new for me to say that hasn't already. It feels as if Sonic has rocks in his shoes with the way his momentum is erased as soon as you let go of the directional button. The acceleration is pretty bad really, which goes back to the rocks in shoes comparison. I also found myself standing on walls on more than one occasion.
    Special stages are clever...if not a bit annoying.

    All in all I enjoy it. I think its a good addition to the Sonic Library. I DON'T think its deserving of the "4" after its name though. It just doesn't play very much like the classics at all to me.
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    I got it on PS3 and it seems fun to me. It is one of the rare PS3 games that supports custom soundtracks.
  15. It's going to take a long time to get used to the fucked up dead stops in the air. Seriously, none of the other physics problem bother me so much, and this would have been an easy fix that wouldn't require changes to level design, but I like what I played. Can't wait for the XBLA version to come out tomorrow.
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    Hmm, when you convert the sequences to MIDIs and repair them, sometimes whatever you use to repair them likes to take stuff out. :\

    I think the guy who made the RSEQtoMIDI program provided source code with it (if not with the program itself, but somewhere...). From what I've heard, it's exactly like the SSEQ stuff from the DS but with a few changes like the header, etc. So someone who's hard core could probably do some work with the source code and make it output accurate conversions of all the sequences.

    Instead of Anvil Studio, I tried using GNMIDI on the music and it's a little more stable than Anvil. It still likes to take parts out of the music though, but if the song is short and has few channels it can fix it with no problems. Here's one I managed to fix, which is one of my new favorite tracks from the game.

    Sonic 4 - World Map MIDI

    And for shits and giggles, I did a rearrangement to prove that the MIDI works in FL Studio 9, with the ARP 2600 VSTi. :D

    Sonic 4 - World Map (Arp 2600 Remix) FLAC - highest quality ~ recommended!

    Sonic 4 - World Map (Arp 2600 Remix) MP3 - low quality ~ gay

    I put this together in about 20 minutes, so excuse if it sounds kinda shitty. But I thought it came out nice...
  17. Elratauru


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    What I kinda hate about Sonic that it seems that the game FORCES you to play with the set of physics it has. Its like "Hey, you got the homing attack...and you HAVE to use it if you don't wanna lose rings after spindashing and flying after a slope, because we all know that Sonic doesnt roll after that things."

    I spent like...4 freaking minutes trying to pass a part without using the vines, and I couldnt do it! What they were thinking?!

    Also, the momentum is so wrong, that I giggle a lot when I remember that even I could do the Classic Sonic momentum on Actionscript using flash! Its kinda "lol" to know that they didnt had a freaking clue about it.

    But yeah, its a nice game, on the graphical part I believe, even if its 2D for the metablocks and level parts (What the hell, they could have used real 3D graphics in 2.5D).

    The Music is kinda catchy too, but not really memorable, except for the title screen.

    Also...what the hell? I was like "Its not fair" when I saw the boss collision off when "its readying up", I was like "WTF! I want my free hits like in every other Sonic Game! D:!"...Also, the First boss is kinda the contrary of the GHZ one, you have to hit him AFTER it swings the thing and then you jump to avoid it. Kinda strange.
  18. Elratauru: The game forces you to play with the set of physics it has. Yes. Much like most every game ever released. Most platformer games introduce elements of gameplay, such as the homing attack for instance, and they make gameplay challenges to coincide with it.

    I think we can come to a consensus that the physics are pretty borked, but the main problem is that they promised momentum-building gameplay and delivered only speed. There's no continuous momentum, and that makes it difficult to enjoy like a normal Sonic game.

    On the flip side, it's damn fun.
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    How the fuck is that enforcing an opinion? He was commenting on the thread so far.

    Back on topic, I enjoyed the Wii version, took a minute to get to grips with the physics, but once I did, I enjoyed the game. Those special stages are evil. =P
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    Due to size? You could have easily just posted the complaints without the images. Props for taking the effort to make them, though. Here's your list, anyway:

    - New sonic design

    - Playing stages in any order

    - Physics

    - Homing attack/ reticule

    - Robotnik's name

    - Curling/uncurling