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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Seriously, they could play this card and it would eerily make sense.

    At least, it would make me feel better, rather than knowing the truth.
  2. Lanzer


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    Yeah it looks like it. they are throwing it in as DLC once you buy episode 2 and you already have episode 1.
  3. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I'd like it if SEGA keeps admitting their mistakes and seriously listening to the fan's complaints.

    Better than taking the route of certain other companies.
  4. XCubed


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    Since my laptop died, we got an iPad and natrually I had to by the game because it's the only way I would get Ep. Metal. I played about 90% of the game in Tilt mode and it finally clicked why this game controls the way that it does....I.e. derp physics. It was made to control Sonic as easily as possible using motion controls. It all makes sense now! I was actually able to use those "dead stops" to my advantage. This prevents one from having to over compensate over and over again to get Sonic moving in a forward direction unlike those rolling ball type games and toys with realistic physics. The issue is that this wasn't changed for the console/controller versions which is were the laziness creeps in. The consoles needed to have momentum because of the different nature of the controls but the d-pad is equated to tilting and letting go is eqivallent to a tilt device being upright.

    Makes all the sense in the world now. Remember, this game was initially made for handheld devices in mind. Console implementation was just a copy/paste move instead of optimization of each device. What a shame. I'm actually afraid of having too much momentum now for the Tilt control versions.....Haha!
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    Why call it episode Metal? Why not call it Episode 1.5 (1 1/2) since that's the timeframe it seems to take plae in. I suppose they named it that due to Metal Sonic being the entire focus and that Sonic isn't in it at all from what I can tell. And wouldn't that technically be a third episode?

    That aside, I think Episode Metal will be awesome! Although I do feel sorry for the Wii people. Before we even knew about Episode Metal, I got a PS3 for two reasons: Episode II and Sonic Generations. I only got Episode I on the PS3 (also before Episode Metal anouncement) even after I got it on Wii and my iPhone just for the trophies and 1080p HD. I felt bad at first, but that night they anounced Episode Metal. Man I got lucky.

    Anyway, I will be extremely happy if there is a Super Metal Sonic! That would be absolutely awesome.
  6. Rosie


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    I seem to remember that Episode Metal only has 4 acts. So I wouldn't get your hopes up there.
  7. CrashSG32


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    Episode Metal sounds pretty awesome. Super Metal Sonic would be be awesome as well ;)

    Quick question, is there anyone here that actually liked S4: Ep 1? I loved it, the physics and stuff didn't bother me, I really enjoyed the game. I feel like I'm the odd one out, the one in a million :v:
  8. Its definitely not the worst Sonic game, but I don't consider it good enough to be called a sequel to my personel favorite game of all time. Honestly, I would like it better if it wasn't called Sonic 4.
  9. TheInvisibleSun


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    I'm tired of reading this. The game is what it is. Just because it's terrible, does not mean it's rights to a name is "not deserved". Sequels can be bad games too, no matter how good or praised the previous game was, or how long awaited the sequel was. Yes, Sonic 3&K was a great game, but can we drop the whole "THIS GAME DOES NOT DESERVE THE GLORIOUS LONG AWAITED TITLE OF SONIC 4!!!!" please? It's getting quite annoying.
  10. Falk


    Can I still bitch that Final Fantasy 11 and 14 shouldn't have been numbered titles?
  11. Machenstein


    To be honest, I've made peace with Sonic 4 being called Sonic 4. Not because I think the game's good enough to warrant the title, but because there never had to be a Sonic 4 in the first place. Nor does there have to be a Sonic 5, 6, 7, 8 or any number after that. 3 was really the best number to end on. 1 laid down the foundation, 2 established the games as a series, and 3 marked the completion of the trilogy. Some game series never make it to 3, much less 4.

    I realize I never wanted a Sonic 4 as much as I did a game I could call Sonic 4 without it being explicitly titled as such, and I already had that in the form of Sonic Advance 1. There is also Sonic CD which basically plays like the numbered titles do, although that game isn't as much a Sonic 4 as it is Sonic 1½. That said, the Genesis Sonic trilogy will always be just that; a trilogy. Frankly, I find numbered titles in general to be inferior to subtitles anyway. From now on, just stick with Sonic [insert random words here] like you did with Chaos and Triple Trouble, okay Sega.
  12. In my opinion, sequels should expand upon the previous games and fix problems the previous games. Sonic 4, for now at least, doesn't do that. Its just a way for SEGA to rake in a little extra cash because its a sequel. I would be fine if SEGA didn't call this a sequel, but when they title it Sonic 4, SEGA's saying that this game is expands upon and fixes the problems of Sonic 3. Also, just because sequels can be bad, doesn't mean that SEGA should release a bad classic sequel.

    I also agree with Machenstein, I never wanted a Sonic 4. The classic series is done and SEGA should be moving forward. Making a classic-styled game is fine, great, even. Just don't call it a sequel, make it its own separate entity
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    Looks to be interesting. From what I can see in leaks, + - Mad Gear is almost entirely an original layout while Splash Hill is just insertbadnikgetlevel. Kinda strange.  

    Can I still bitch that Final Fantasy shouldn't really be using numbers anymore period?
  14. TheInvisibleSun


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    Yes, Sonic 4 did not build upon what Sonic 3 had like it should have, but the direction taken is what the developer decided upon, whether you like it or not. I don't like Sonic 4 (Episode 1), or the direction and approach it took, but to say "it's not good enough to be called Sonic 4" is a ridiculous statement, because its quality does not decide its name, the developer does. And they decided to name it Sonic 4. The more accurate statement to what you are saying would be more along the lines of "it should not have been named Sonic 4, because it does not add to its predecessor as a sequel should".

    No they should not release a bad classic sequel, obviously. But denying that it is a sequel at all because its a not a good sequel (nor the sequel you dreamed of) is incredibly naive.

    Had Sonic 06 been named Sonic Adventure 3 people would, to this day, claim that the game is "not good enough for that name".
  15. I'm not denying that it is not a sequel to Sonic 3, its called Sonic 4 so obviously its a sequel no matter what. Also, I never really did think about a sequel to Sonic 3 until one was announced. However, you are right that I did not choose the best wording for my posts and apologize for that.

    Either way like I said before, I wish SEGA never created Sonic 4, even if it was good
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    Often sequels are retconned by their producers if the response is overwhelmingly negative.

    Haloween H20 for example - seventh film in the series, but ignores 3, 4, 5 and 6, being a direct sequel to 2. And it's generally considered the better film for doing so.
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    I mean holy shit, guys: simmer da fuq down, eh?

    With all the tambourine-bashing surrounding this lineage of late, I guess I might try Episode I on my Wii—blow my wad, if you know what I mean.
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    Probably a bad idea. I'd get it for anything else. Not sure if you want Ep 2 or future episodes but they dropped the Wii, so you can't get Episode Metal unless you own Ep 1 on another console (this may not be enticing to you but why not get free shit if you can).
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    *ahem* Wait, what?

    I don't have any of the other consoles, anyway. Mind you, watching a low to medial number of videos of this game is probably as much experience as I need—I can't imagine that I'm missing all that much—but I suppose I might as well give it a go at least once.
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    It really isn't worth the money, for what it is it's an expensive game and a regrettable a purchase.