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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Metal Man88

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    Yes, the dead cat synths must die. Preferably replaced with something at least as good as an ancient 90's Yamaha or better. The least they could do is imitate Masato's demos rather than whatever electronic cat died to perform the music of Sonic 4.
  2. Flare


    The problem that I never understood was nothing else in the game was designed with a 16 bit limitation just the music.
  3. Willie


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    Maybe the WiiWare's file size limits could be blamed. Didn't that version use midi files? Can you imagine how bad that would have sounded if they tried to make the PSN/XBLA version sound good?
  4. Yuzu


    I didn't find Sonic 4 to be terrible, I just found it to be a disappointment when compared to the other games in the series.

    Stand alone though? It's decent, nothing amazing yet I really did enjoy the game at times, specifically not the Act 2 of the Casino zone.
  5. dsrb



    It wasn't literally a 16-bit limitation, just a bad attempt to approximate the same.

    Also no. Well, yes, it used sequences and samples rather than prerendered tracks. But no, that isn't specifically why it sounds bad. The cause was simply the bad instruments used.

    Scarred Sun indicated yonks ago that the issue had been that Senuoue couldn't find a suitable way to use the old instruments (I believe the word SoundFont was mentioned, as though that would be acceptable)—but that this issue had ‘since been resolved'. The best solution would be to use either the original hardware or something like VOPM, TFM Maker, etc.
  6. BetaTwizzler


    I got Sonic 4 maybe around a month after it came out, and despite all the terrible reviews and complaints I read here and other places I thought it was a pretty decent game. I never really encountered glitches or bugs because of the apparent "shitty" physics, and when I did it was mainly because I purposely tried stopping on the side of a hill/loop. Sonic still rolled and jumped like he's been doing, albeit a bit nerfed. I'm not saying it was perfect, you could definitely feel the difference between rolling down a hill in Sonic 4 and Sonic 1, but I didn't think it was so bad. As for music, I didn't find it to be that big of a problem either. Don't get me wrong, Splash Hill Zone's music got annoying after a while, and the Super Sonic jingle made me want to hurt people, but it was only heard for like a minute and a half before jumping past the sign post. My only real complaint is the pits. The. Fucking. Bottomless. Pits. Gah, I must have died around 5 times when trying to speed through Act 3 of SPHZ, and countless times trying to just beat Act 3 of CSZ. Being forced to use the Homing Attack also irked my nerves, but it wasn't like I was raging over it. All in all I thought it was a good game. Would I buy it again? No, but I still play it every so often. I feel like I'm the only one sometimes.
  7. Spanner


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    Apparently the issue was that Jun Senoue did not have the original equipment for Mega Drive music, nor did he have the instruments, which is why he ended up using those crappy synths.
    But does it matter? Rooftop Run Classic in Generations didn't use any SMPS voices or Sonic 2 drums and it's one of the better tracks in the OST. Oh yeah, Jun didn't work on that track. It was Tomoya Ohtani and someone else.
  8. djdocsonic


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    I played this again after a few months of not playing it. I've completed it and got all the emeralds etc. I've been playing Sonic Generations for the past 2 weeks and like the whole "New and Old" combination. I love the way they have re-created Green Hill, Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary and to me it feels like a Sonic game again and not some hurrendously stiff platform with a blue hedgehog who happens to be called Sonic in it.

    Sonic 4 as im sure you can tell im getting at felt hurrendous yesterday! Did Sonic Team completely forget how Sonic 1,2,3 & K felt like to play? I read somewhere they said something about wanting to take away the "Pinball" Physics. As far as I can tell thats how Sonic 4 feels like to control, like im playing a Giant Pinball game with some Zones in it. They have completely changed the physics for the worse.

    Another thing I don't get is if this was a sequel to Sonic 3&K why did they just decide "Ah forget all them other characters we introduced, lets just go back to Sonic Alone and start from scratch"? I am glad they included Super Sonic in Sonic 4 BUT for me he is a pain in the arse to control!

    I kept getting Cheap Deaths in Splash Hill Zone because I wanted to make a Jump with Super Sonic and he "Over Jumped" because im used to old Sonic Physics from Sonic 2 and 3&K with Super/Hyper Sonic.

    I for one hope we see some more classic zones as DLC in Sonic Generations. I would love to play levels like Mystic Cave in a new Gen format or even Angel Island with the transformation from normal to Flame Grilled AIZ ;)
  9. XCubed


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    My GOD, this is like night and day! I don't even care if deceasing felines are still involved, they are more in the background in this rendition and are no longer offensive! I need to finish my Sonic 2 Episode 4 Music proposal so we can compare this with the real Episode 2 when it comes out!
  10. PC2


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    I don't really think drowning the entire composition out with guitars is the answer. But I guess if it's another way for you guys to lament over the game, it was totally worth posting. Look at all of the responses you got, RGamer!

    Would you like some cheese with that whine, Retro?

  11. Namo


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    That's basically what I'm getting out of all this too. And I feel like this isn't the first time someone grasped at a only-very-slightly-improved straw for the purpose of hating on Sonic 4. I didn't like the game either, but damn.
  12. Tweaker


    You get so goddamn angry whenever people ever decide they don't like something about this game. Why can't you be content in your own opinion about it if you legitimately enjoyed it? Chill the hell out. No need to be so insecure about it, especially since this post made you look like a complete ass in comparison.
  13. That render of Cheese fills me with terror and dread ;~;
  14. PC2


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    Okay Tweaker, I take it back.

    The guitars don't sound that bad.
  15. Metal Man88

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    The thing is, the physics never really got to me like it did most people. (Of course I also liked Shadow the Hedgehog's gameplay, so I am not 'normal' by any extension of the word.) So while the game, to me, was a sub-par reuse-the-boss-and-badnik-fest, it wasn't horrible. Just disappointing.

    I just hope the next one isn't as disappointing, but there aren't many good signs for that as of yet.
  16. Clutch


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    Honestly, I feel like I agree with PC2 in regards to that music track. The composition and "orchestral masterpiece" instrument are pretty much the same, so I'm not seeing one as leagues better than the other in terms of direction.

    It's like the Phil Spector-produced version of The Long and Winding Road compared to the re-releases without him: They're essentially the same song except one version has more shit overlayed on top of it.

    I do not think The Long and Winding Road sounds like cats dying.
  17. LockOnRommy11


    I think the next Sonic 4 episode is going to be very promising. I'm not hoping, because I don't feel the need to. Genuinely think it's going to be a lot higher quality due to the way SEGA's heading Sonic lately.

    If it's the same quality as Sonic 4 Ep 1 I'll really be surprised. Surprised, but not disappointed, as I thought the first one was dead cheap and actually decent, if not a little queer.
  18. Rosie


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    I'm pretty sceptical about the idea of Episode 2 being any good. Mostly because SEGA thinks Episode 1 was GOOD, and if you were SEGA, you'd probably think so too. The game sold incredibly well and has got rave reviews from just about everyone, because apparently the only thing that ails Sonic is a 3D perspective. Plus I imagine it's going to be not all that different from Generations 3DS, and from the looks of it, that's not a good thing.

    In my opinion, Episode 2 isn't going to work out, because it has to continue on from the first episode. In order to actually make the game appealing, other than new levels and better stage design, there would have to be such a marked difference in both the physics and all-round aesthetic, that it would be a completely different game. I think SEGA should just forget Sonic 4 ever happened, can the whole thing, and produce Sonic 5 in house. Protip SEGA: If you're going to make a direct sequel to your biggest IP, don't outsource it to another company and give them fuck all budget.
  19. Tanks


    So how about that new Splash Hill intro from the Macy's parade this morning?
  20. Dark Sonic

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    Oh god you serious? I need video proof of this I forgot to watch.