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Sonic 4: Episode 1 Discussion

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Cinossu, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Cinossu


    London, UK
    Sonic the Hedgehog Extended Edition
    So, Sonic 4 just released on the Wii today and it's pretty cool to look at! Let's talk about it.

    There is one rule about this thread—speculation is banned. If you want to express an opinion on the game, do it either after you've played it or based solely on fact. Think before you post. Don't flood. Don't be a dick to each other. Be respectful. Make this a thread worth reading and posting in.

    Right! So the game has a ton of nice changes from the leak and I'm eager to see people talk about them. Let's try something like that. :U
  2. Brad


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    Here's some high quality WiiWare gameplay, with music and all:

    After watching that live stream, it shocked me to discover the transition to E.G.G. Station Zone. And that rocket was pretty awesome too. ;D
  3. Secret Bonus

    Secret Bonus

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    <a href="'" target="_blank">GameboyHero is streaming emerald collection</a>! I like how the new music is pretty much "we've got extra music channels and WE'RE GONNA USE THEM."
  4. amphobius


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    The music got changed radically for the Wii.

    Some changes are good (LLZ2), some changes are bad (MGZ3). The game's out for me on the Thursday, so I'll be picking it up and will give my views in further detail, but from a stream I'm currently watching the game looks rather fun.. sort of.
  5. Spanner


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    The Wii version has a lot of different music changes. The "orchestral masterpieces" that have been in most of the songs have been reduced and a lot of tracks have different instrumentation and enhanced channels. The boss track, 1UP and Results tracks seem to sound like MIDIs though and have different drums, but they sound good. Mad Gear Zone Act 2 sounds fucking awesome though.

    There is a transition to + - EGG Station Zone, complete with a red rocket that Sonic goes up in, with a Tails logo on it. The final boss has new moves and just before the final move is made, the siren from Sonic Adventure 2 plays. If you don't hit the boss, the floor breaks down.  

    The changes are actually impressive and blows the iPhone version to chunks. Now to wait for a rip of the soundtrack.
  6. I'm about to load up the Wii edition and will also buy the 360 edition on Wednesday. I'm very excited... Since this game was first announced I was excited, maybe the name Sonic 4 was a bit much but this looks like it'll be a lot of fun. I sure enjoyed the Summer of Sonic sampler I got so here goes!
  7. Azookara


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    I have the iPhone version so far (for free so I could judge if I'd want to waste $15 on it for the Xbox 360 or not), and it's only really the PartnerNet build from earlier.

    Still very very fun for what it is (knowing it's had a good bit of improvements since the delay). The game's physics aren't as bad as I heard people say they were (even though they could still use some fixing), and it doesn't feature all the polish of what the console version supposedly has. Minecart level isn't as bad as I thought, but the score attack level is pretty obnoxious. I'm bothered that I can't progress directly through the stages in order like we could on the console edition, but I'll live until I get that one on Xbox Live in the next two days. Also, homing attacks and dash panels are alright with me. They don't seem to invade the gameplay too much which is much more awesome than I thought.

    Also, relating to the physics issues after playing... running and spinning physics seem reversed. In the classics, running speed wasn't as highly affected by slopes and was somewhat capped, while rolling was heavily affected by slope steepness and has no cap. This is awkward in Sonic 4 because of how for some reason it's reversed where running has no speedcap and is affected by slope steepness, and rolling isn't either. :psyduck:

    Also, Special Stages = HARD.
  8. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Ugh, the wall walking.

    The Wii music is an odd ball. Splash Hill sounds a thousand times better and Mad Gear a thousand times worse. Whodda thunk, eh?
  9. Ch1pper


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    I went into this without terribly high hopes, yet I found that the momentum bothers me far more than I thought it would.

    I'm actually having trouble in Lost Labyrinth Act 2, specifically: + - lighting those torches in the right order   . And that + - Advance 2 styled boss in Mad Gear reminds me of that Underground Zone boss in Sonic 2 8-bit.  

    Overall I guess it's okay. If you can honestly enjoy it then more power to you.
  10. Vendettagainst


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    I got the iPhone version and might I say I was actually impressed. When I watched the videos I thought the physics were going to be horrible, especially the jumping, but I think they've really gotten me. The fact that you can just play straight through the game is a bit annoying,a nd I haven't been able to jump into any of the special stages yet but it's fun.

    Oh, also, minecart stage works perfectly with motion controls.
  11. Glaber


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    Working my way through now and updating my complaint sheet.

    So far I've already encountered too many Homing attack force points and that button press for going to the next stage, there is no way around it.

    Though with how things are done, are these models or prerenders?
  12. Hanoch


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    Music chnages? I wish I was updated.

    I haven't downloaded it yet, my stupid TV sucks ass and I need to buy a new one. I reserved 3000 Wii Points Nintendo Fake Money for both episodes 1 and 2, I might as well just buy both of them after e2 is released.

    There are a few Sonic 4 iPhone reviews around the internet but who cares if everyone already saw the leaked version? (Unless more stuff have changed other than music)

    Speaking of music, what changes are they? Insturmental or melody wise? + - I hope their longer than a 40 second looping thing  
  13. SegaLoco


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    Just bought it, played a few levels, and aside from a few tiny peves, it's a great game. My only complaints are the acceleration and some of the sound effects. I really like the game as a whole though, lots of fun concepts. The special stages certainly are interesting.
  14. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I got the game for the ipod touch when it came out. Honestly I love it. A couple things kinda irk me like the the pinball level in Casino Street Act 2, but that's been changed so I don't care. And I honestly found the minecart level fun on the ipod, I am glad the removed it for the console version though.

    But I really like it. Nice environments (couple too many pits for my taste in some parts though) and overall pretty good level design. Also Super Sonic and time attack :D One odd thing about Super Sonic though he can still have a shield and invincibility stars even though he doesn't need either. But I can't wait for the PS3 version to come out tomorrow, it's probably gonna blow this version out of the water

    Speaking of which someone should rip that Super Sonic icon used in the game. Now we have an official Super Sonic and Werehog icon in similar style to the Sonic Team Sonic head.
  15. Mr. Mash

    Mr. Mash

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    How are the other UK members here playing it on Wii? I thought it wasn't out here for another 4 days or so?
  16. GHNeko


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    Playing it right now on the Wii.

    It's not a bad game at all. Like it better than Sonic 1, as much as Sonic 2, and less than S3K.

    I do agree that there are quite a bit of "YOU MUST HA HERE" but I also don't find that many boosters, but I may be simply avoiding them via different paths.

    I'd stream myself, but I don't have all my equipment.

    EDIT: Fuck Special Stages. Fuck Long armed crab meat. Love the fact you can play the stages in any order. Needs more Classic Controller supportl
  17. Tweaker


    So apparently the music in the Wii version of the game is entirely sequenced. evilhamwizard has extracted all the sequences and Cinossu has taken them and converted them to MIDI (though anyone could do this on their own with the right program). I definitely plan on revamping the whole soundtrack at some point on my own with this very, very strong base.

    Most of you will also be pleased to know that the sequences are so ridiculously simple that they could probably be imported in a Mega Drive ROM with little to no effort. So for those of you who want your Sonic 4 on Genesis, never fear! Shouldn't be difficult at all.
  18. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    So we'll be seeing the entire soundtrack in the VGM topic in the creative forum within the week, basically? :P

    Looking forward to playing this, but I'm gonna hold out for the 360 release before offering any opinions.
  19. @Tweaker: Wow, that's actually really exciting to hear.

    I was going to get the Wii version, but apparently I gave away my only VGA Cable, and I'm not hooking my wii up in the living room with the dog. It's ate enough of my stuff already.

    The iPod Touch version is surprisingly fantastic. I'm amazed that on the second gen iPod Touch, it's really really well coded. Yes, that's right, the code is optimized. It's getting a better framerate at points than the iPhone game my brother and I are working on.

    It's really fun too. Holy cow. Can't wait until I can buy the 360 version on Wednesday.
  20. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Oh come on, isn't it obvious?

    Also, the physics sadly are a real nightmare. Rolling is useless, walking on walls happens all the time and the air inertia is just so jarring. The level design is quite fun though. They really could have done without a number of the boosters...