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Sonic 3D Tech Demo (Saturn) discussion

Discussion in 'Prototype Discussion' started by drx, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Nemesis


    Tech Member
    To be honest, I haven't used it recently. Looking at recent compatibility lists it sounds like it's come a long way. I might throw a few games at it and see how it goes. The system requirements don't bother me at all. In fact, my Mega Drive emulator is probably going to have higher system requirements than SSF.
  2. Metal Man88

    Metal Man88

    Time Traveller Oldbie
    I should try it out on my Celeron 533MHz to find out exactly how awful that is. :P

    Seriously, I have to wonder how many of these bugs are from the game, and how many are from the emulators. Has anyone checked them on the actual Saturn to be sure?
  3. Billy


    RIP Oderus Urungus Member
    Colorado, USA
    Indie games
    I have burned this and attempted to play it on my NTSC model 1 Saturn via disk swap; as with Tom, it just gives me a black screen.
    It wouldn't run at all, I believe.
  4. Meat Miracle

    Meat Miracle

    Related, I recently checked damn near every PAL game on SSF. Every PAL game from version 0.09 upwards was tested by me.

    Theres a set of bugs which cause problems in multiple games, and a few of them (VDP1 sprites blinking) are in fact regressions. The only real problem the emulator has to tackle is SCU DSP emulation, which is incredibly buggy currently, causing problems in Viruta Fighter 1/Remix and the music in Xmen/MSH vs SF. Other then that, it only needs some bugfixing for a few common issues.

    As for system requirements, a core 2 ruo runs it at absolute max speed even for the most demanding games.
  5. My 1.5 Ghz Centrino Duo seems to run it just fine. I'm assuming my graphics card gives it some acceleration though. nVidia 8600GS. If it didn't then, w/e ^.^; I guess my processor is more powerful then I though.

    So for the record - Does SSF take advantage of any graphics hardware you may have?
  6. Meat Miracle

    Meat Miracle

    Other then optional bilinear filtered scaling of low-res games, it does not use the videocard at all. It's running in all software.

    Centrino Duo is basically a Core 2 Duo so no wonder it runs fine. Sonic 3d isn't a demanding game though, try to see if Virtua Fighter 2 or Fighters Megamix run at fullspeed.
  7. Mecha Sally

    Mecha Sally

    I don't get any sound at all, and I'm using SSF 0.09 prototype.

    *goes to SSF page* Crap, I fell behind again. >.<
  8. Vlcice


    I don't get sound after the Sega logo either. It's probably broken or not implemented in this build.

    It's working all right for me. I got the black screen the first time I tried, but it's running fine every time since. (The game doesn't leave any save data in the system memory, so it's not that it always boots to a black screen the first time or something.) I have a model 1 I'm doing the swap trick on.
  9. Must've missed this post earlier. Yea, I get a very strange, annoying sound at the "E3 Demo" title screen. So either a couple of us are emulating it right (or at least emulating sound that's suppose to be there in SOME way), or most of us are emulating it right and SSF is producing sound where there shouldn't be any.

    I'll give that a try then and see how it runs. But I'm surprised the emulation runs so well on software only. Even with some simpler games. They did a good job with SSF, that's for sure.
  10. Billy


    RIP Oderus Urungus Member
    Colorado, USA
    Indie games
    Upon trying again, it only works every other time for me, strange. Well, here is what I observed with a quick runthrough:
    • The smaller flowers on the sides of the stage appear to be different.
    • The only sound I get is repeated ring loss sound effects on the title screen.
    • Pressing start doesn't pause, it skips the level. This actually froze it after doing it a couple times.
    • The control scheme is different, A is spindash, and B and C jump. On the final Saturn version, B is spindash, A and C jump.
    • The small watter pools appear... purple.
    • I gave 55 rings to knuckles and nothing happened.
    • One of the bridges in GG has water OVER it.
    • When I get the gold shield, it's green.
    Some of these might have been mentioned already, I haven't exactly had time to read through the entire thread.
  11. Mecha Sally

    Mecha Sally

    If you go into the little area at the start of Rusty Ruin Act 1 where the 1-Up is, the game will glitch and you'll be unable to move. You can get out of this by pressing start to go to the next level.

    I also found a monitor in Rusty Ruin Act 2 that had a 100 on it. I believe there was a shield of some sort here in the final. I forgot to open it, though. >.< Also around this time, whenever I got a shield, it would appear around the Flickies, but not around Sonic.

    EDIT: Yay for game crashy. I tried spindashing into a penguin enemy and hit one of those spiky ice things in Diamond Dust 1. The game suddenly slowed down and then I got an error message. Something about the SH2 thingy. Also, all the enemies are purple, and those gun things that freeze you look like giant purple rocks so you don't know that's what they are until it's too late.
  12. drx


    mfw Researcher
    Something really interesting that I found a while ago, is this CD-R burner script. It's SONIC.SCR and it's in the root directory of the disc:

    Code (Text):
    1. Disc "SONIC.DSK"
    2. Session CDROM
    3. LeadIn MODE1
    4. EndLeadIn
    5. SystemArea "c:\SONIC\IP.BIN"
    6. Track MODE1
    7. Volume ISO9660 "SONIC.PVD"
    8.     PrimaryVolume 0:2:16
    9.     SystemIdentifier            "SEGA SEGASATURN"
    10.     VolumeIdentifier            "SAMPLE_GAME_TITLE"
    11.     VolumeSetIdentifier      "SAMPLE_GAME_TITLE"
    12.     PublisherIdentifier      "SEGA ENTERPRISES,LTD."
    13.     DataPreparerIdentifier    "SEGA ENTERPRISES,LTD."
    14.     CopyrightFileIdentifier  "CPY.TXT"
    15.     AbstractFileIdentifier    "ABS.TXT"
    16.     BibliographicFileIdentifier "BIB.TXT"
    17.     EndPrimaryVolume
    18. EndVolume
    19.     Directory PICTURES
    20.     File TITLE.PIC;1
    21.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\PICTURES\TITLE.PIC"
    22.         EndFileSource
    23.     EndFile
    24.     File OPTIONS.PIC;1
    25.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\PICTURES\OPTIONS.PIC"
    26.         EndFileSource
    27.     EndFile
    28.     EndDirectory
    29.     Directory FONTS
    30.     File FONT16X8.BIN;1
    31.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\FONTS\FONT16X8.BIN"
    32.         EndFileSource
    33.     EndFile
    34.     EndDirectory
    35.     Directory PALETTES
    36.     File LEV1A.PAL;1
    37.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\PALETTES\LEV1A.PAL"
    38.         EndFileSource
    39.     EndFile
    40.     EndDirectory
    41.     Directory SOUND
    42.     File SDDRVS.BIN;1
    43.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\SOUND\SDDRVS.BIN"
    44.         EndFileSource
    45.     EndFile
    46.     File MAP.BIN;1
    47.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\SOUND\MAP.BIN"
    48.         EndFileSource
    49.     EndFile
    50.     File TONE.BIN;1
    51.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\SOUND\TONE.BIN"
    52.         EndFileSource
    53.     EndFile
    54.     EndDirectory
    55.     Directory PANEL
    56.     File BOXDATA.BIN;1
    57.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\PANEL\BOXDATA.BIN"
    58.         EndFileSource
    59.     EndFile
    60.     File START.BIN;1
    61.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\PANEL\START.BIN"
    62.         EndFileSource
    63.     EndFile
    64.     EndDirectory
    65.     Directory DATA
    66.     File DATAFILE.BIN;1
    67.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\DATA\DATAFILE.BIN"
    68.         EndFileSource
    69.     EndFile
    70.     File DATA2.BIN;1
    71.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\DATA\DATA2.BIN"
    72.         EndFileSource
    73.     EndFile
    74.     File VRAM.BIN;1
    75.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\DATA\VRAM.BIN"
    76.         EndFileSource
    77.     EndFile
    78.     File RANDOM.BIN;1
    79.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\DATA\RANDOM.BIN"
    80.         EndFileSource
    81.     EndFile
    82.     EndDirectory
    83.     Directory LEV1A
    84.     File GFX1A.BIN;1
    85.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV1A\GFX1A.BIN"
    86.         EndFileSource
    87.     EndFile
    88.     File MAP1A.BIN;1
    89.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV1A\MAP1A.BIN"
    90.         EndFileSource
    91.     EndFile
    92.     File OVL1A.BIN;1
    93.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV1A\OVL1A.BIN"
    94.         EndFileSource
    95.     EndFile
    96.     EndDirectory
    97.     Directory OVLSPRS
    98.     File WATER.BIN;1
    99.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\OVLSPRS\WATER.BIN"
    100.         EndFileSource
    101.     EndFile
    102.     File WATRBLOK.BIN;1
    103.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\OVLSPRS\WATRBLOK.BIN"
    104.         EndFileSource
    105.     EndFile
    106.     File FIRST.BIN;1
    107.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\OVLSPRS\FIRST.BIN"
    108.         EndFileSource
    109.     EndFile
    110.     File BRIDGE.BIN;1
    111.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\OVLSPRS\BRIDGE.BIN"
    112.         EndFileSource
    113.     EndFile
    114.     File BRDGESPR.BIN;1
    115.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\OVLSPRS\BRDGESPR.BIN"
    116.         EndFileSource
    117.     EndFile
    118.     File RAIN.BIN;1
    119.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\OVLSPRS\RAIN.BIN"
    120.         EndFileSource
    121.     EndFile
    122.     EndDirectory
    123.     Directory CDDA
    124.     File WARNING.RED;1
    125.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\CDDA\WARNING.RED"
    126.         EndFileSource
    127.     EndFile
    128.     EndDirectory
    129.     Directory LEV1B
    130.     File GFX1B.BIN;1
    131.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV1B\GFX1B.BIN"
    132.         EndFileSource
    133.     EndFile
    134.     File MAP1B.BIN;1
    135.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV1B\MAP1B.BIN"
    136.         EndFileSource
    137.     EndFile
    138.     File OVL1B.BIN;1
    139.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV1B\OVL1B.BIN"
    140.         EndFileSource
    141.     EndFile
    142.     EndDirectory
    143.     Directory LEV2A
    144.     File GFX2A.BIN;1
    145.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2A\GFX2A.BIN"
    146.         EndFileSource
    147.     EndFile
    148.     File MAP2A.BIN;1
    149.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2A\MAP2A.BIN"
    150.         EndFileSource
    151.     EndFile
    152.     File OVL2A.BIN;1
    153.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2A\OVL2A.BIN"
    154.         EndFileSource
    155.     EndFile
    156.     File SCR2A.BIN;1
    157.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2A\SCR2A.BIN"
    158.         EndFileSource
    159.     EndFile
    160.     File CHR2A.BIN;1
    161.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2A\CHR2A.BIN"
    162.         EndFileSource
    163.     EndFile
    164.     EndDirectory
    165.     Directory LEV2B
    166.     File GFX2B.BIN;1
    167.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2B\GFX2B.BIN"
    168.         EndFileSource
    169.     EndFile
    170.     File MAP2B.BIN;1
    171.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2B\MAP2B.BIN"
    172.         EndFileSource
    173.     EndFile
    174.     File OVL2B.BIN;1
    175.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2B\OVL2B.BIN"
    176.         EndFileSource
    177.     EndFile
    178.     File CHR2B.BIN;1
    179.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2B\CHR2B.BIN"
    180.         EndFileSource
    181.     EndFile
    182.     File SCR2B.BIN;1
    183.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV2B\SCR2B.BIN"
    184.         EndFileSource
    185.     EndFile
    186.     EndDirectory
    187.     Directory LEV3A
    188.     File GFX3A.BIN;1
    189.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV3A\GFX3A.BIN"
    190.         EndFileSource
    191.     EndFile
    192.     File MAP3A.BIN;1
    193.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV3A\MAP3A.BIN"
    194.         EndFileSource
    195.     EndFile
    196.     File OVL3A.BIN;1
    197.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV3A\OVL3A.BIN"
    198.         EndFileSource
    199.     EndFile
    200.     EndDirectory
    201.     Directory LEV3B
    202.     File GFX3B.BIN;1
    203.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV3B\GFX3B.BIN"
    204.         EndFileSource
    205.     EndFile
    206.     File MAP3B.BIN;1
    207.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV3B\MAP3B.BIN"
    208.         EndFileSource
    209.     EndFile
    210.     File OVL3B.BIN;1
    211.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV3B\OVL3B.BIN"
    212.         EndFileSource
    213.     EndFile
    214.     EndDirectory
    215.     Directory LEV5A
    216.     File GFX5A.BIN;1
    217.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV5A\GFX5A.BIN"
    218.         EndFileSource
    219.     EndFile
    220.     File MAP5A.BIN;1
    221.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV5A\MAP5A.BIN"
    222.         EndFileSource
    223.     EndFile
    224.     File OVL5A.BIN;1
    225.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV5A\OVL5A.BIN"
    226.         EndFileSource
    227.     EndFile
    228.     EndDirectory
    229.     Directory LEV6A
    230.     File GFX6A.BIN;1
    231.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV6A\GFX6A.BIN"
    232.         EndFileSource
    233.     EndFile
    234.     File MAP6A.BIN;1
    235.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV6A\MAP6A.BIN"
    236.         EndFileSource
    237.     EndFile
    238.     File OVL6A.BIN;1
    239.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV6A\OVL6A.BIN"
    240.         EndFileSource
    241.     EndFile
    242.     EndDirectory
    243.     Directory LEV6B
    244.     File GFX6B.BIN;1
    245.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV6B\GFX6B.BIN"
    246.         EndFileSource
    247.     EndFile
    248.     File MAP6B.BIN;1
    249.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV6B\MAP6B.BIN"
    250.         EndFileSource
    251.     EndFile
    252.     File OVL6B.BIN;1
    253.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV6B\OVL6B.BIN"
    254.         EndFileSource
    255.     EndFile
    256.     EndDirectory
    257.     Directory LEV7A
    258.     File GFX7A.BIN;1
    259.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV7A\GFX7A.BIN"
    260.         EndFileSource
    261.     EndFile
    262.     File MAP7A.BIN;1
    263.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV7A\MAP7A.BIN"
    264.         EndFileSource
    265.     EndFile
    266.     File OVL7A.BIN;1
    267.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV7A\OVL7A.BIN"
    268.         EndFileSource
    269.     EndFile
    270.     EndDirectory
    271.     Directory LEV7B
    272.     File GFX7B.BIN;1
    273.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV7B\GFX7B.BIN"
    274.         EndFileSource
    275.     EndFile
    276.     File MAP7B.BIN;1
    277.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV7B\MAP7B.BIN"
    278.         EndFileSource
    279.     EndFile
    280.     File OVL7B.BIN;1
    281.         FileSource "c:\SONIC\LEV7B\OVL7B.BIN"
    282.         EndFileSource
    283.     EndFile
    284.     EndDirectory
    285.     File BIB.TXT;1
    286.     FileSource "c:\SONIC\BIB.TXT"
    287.     EndFileSource
    288.     EndFile
    289.     File ABS.TXT;1
    290.     FileSource "c:\SONIC\ABS.TXT"
    291.     EndFileSource
    292.     EndFile
    293.     File CPY.TXT;1
    294.     FileSource "c:\SONIC\CPY.TXT"
    295.     EndFileSource
    296.     EndFile
    297.     File IP.BIN;1
    298.     FileSource "c:\SONIC\IP.BIN"
    299.     EndFileSource
    300.     EndFile
    301.     File 0.BIN;1
    302.     FileSource "c:\SONIC.BIN"
    303.     EndFileSource
    304.     EndFile
    305.     File SONIC.SCR;1
    306.     FileSource "c:\SONIC\SONIC.SCR"
    307.     EndFileSource
    308.     EndFile
    309.     PostGap 150
    310. EndTrack
    311. Track CDDA               ; At least 1 CDDA track required.
    312.     Pause 150
    313.     FileSource c:\SONIC\CDDA\WARNING.RED; <--- to be replaced.
    314.     EndFileSource
    315. EndTrack
    316. LeadOut CDDA
    317.     Empty 600
    318. EndLeadOut
    319. EndSession
    320. EndDisc
  13. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    Call me ignorant, but I didn't know Redbook audio consisted on files with a .RED extension, before being burnt into CDs...
  14. Meat Miracle

    Meat Miracle

    probably just a wav or a raw wave file with a "developer tool" file extension.

    funny thing: for many overseas saturn releases, they read in the cd audio with an audiograbber to wav files, and put them on the usa/pal releases as redbook... RAW redbook. If you have a saturn game with a short click at the start of the audio track, its because the file has an intact WAV header, burned onto the disc.

    Kinda makes you think about what kind of quality control they had.
  15. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    I'll have to check, but I think EarthWorm Jim Special Edition PAL does just that... And I also think the tracks were a bit shifted, so when the music started you could hear the end of the previous track.
  16. Meat Miracle

    Meat Miracle

    that's only strange if you own the original disc, some apps are known to fuck up track indexes (to a lesser degree: drives that lack subcode read, to a very serious degree: Alcohol 120)
  17. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    Well yeah, I mean the original disc running on a real Mega CD 2. That's the only game that did it to me, and I remember it also happening in my old CD player.
  18. Bibin


    New York City
    Ghost in the Machine
    What exactly is redbok? A file format? A company? A book cover?
  19. Meat Miracle

    Meat Miracle

    its the Compact Disc Digital Audio standard. It's named after the big red book that contains the description of the standard.

    Theres also white book, yellow book, etc, all belonging to a different CD standard (Video CD, CD-ROM, etc).

    edit: when talking about videogames, a redbook track often refers to a cd audio track.
  20. Phugolz


    quick question: Does this demo have any musical tracks? I booted it on my saturn, but no audio. Same thing for Sonic R. Also, the xtreme demo when booted and swapped a second time plays musical tracks too! =)