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    I didn't make this, but as soon as I heard that it existed, I knew I had to make a topic.
    This hack was entirely made by Jon Burton, who was the founder of Traveller's Tales back in 1989 and was the lead programmer on Sonic 3D and Sonic R. On October 12, Jon announced that he began work on an unofficial Director's Cut version of Sonic 3D. And that brings us to today, where the beta test version was released during SHC2017.

    SHC2017 Description:
    Sonic 3D Blast Director's Cut (BETA)

    A comprehensive rebalancing and reworking of Sonic 3D Blast


    Map Screen - Allows you to replay any level in various modes to collect all the hidden medals and emeralds
    Super Sonic Added - Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds and then 50 rings and a jump and spindash to toggle! Super Sonic has Power Sneakers, Homing attack and Invincibilty
    Time Challenge Mode - Race against the clock to finish the level. No Flickies to collect, just a dash to the exit
    Rebalanced Handling - tighter controls, faster turns, higher top speed, more accurate platforming - and a lot less slowing down on slopes and gettting snagged on edges
    Gamplay Overhaul - Only lose 1 Flicky on hit, bounce off enemies with Power Sneakers, and if you have no rings the Flickies take the hit for you. Plus much more...
    Password Save Game - Keep track of your attempts to get to 100% with a save game password
    Reworked HUD - Now includes Score and Time, as well as a Flicky Radar!
    Prototype Crab! - Original prototype creature remapped and re-instated into the game
    Level Editor - Play around with the level editor used to place all the objects in the game. Not for the faint-hearted
    Improved Collision - Enemies are easier to hit, and objects are generally easier to interact with
    Reworked Camera - Gives you much better anticipation especially at speed, and the Boss Fights are framed much better
    Palette Changes - The Bonus Stages now have palettes that match the level they are accessed from, and Green Grove and Sonic are closer to the Classic palette
    Bug Fixes - Snowman insta-death? Gone. Sliding through moving plaforms? Not anymore!

    Help Appreciated:
    - Please let me know about any bugs you find
    - I need Time Challenge times to code in to make it a challenge for others. At the moment, Level 1 is the only representative time.


    Download link (.xdelta):

    Download link (.bin): Sadly, my computer won't patch it. :argh: Can somebody patch the file onto a USA rom please? Thanks.
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    Sorry, my bad. Guess I haven't looked into the forums enough.
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