Sonic 3D Blast MD, 2017 and beyond!

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    Then, from that track list, only the "Casino Night Zone" track is left to be unveiled?
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    "Rejects" is a pretty strong word, isn't it? I can see it for what ended up as the Sonic 4 Boss song, since it indeed sounds like ass, but to my untrained ears this Knuckles Bonus Stage theme aka Adventure's Twinkle Park is pretty damn catchy. I can't imagine that the reason why it didn't make the cut was because it was deemed inferior. I think Senoue feeling like not enough people heard these due to the lack of a 3D Blast Japanese release gives a pretty satisfactory explanation for the "high" reuse incidence of this game. I would also believe it if these tapes were originally composed for something else and the fact that they made it to both to 3D Blast and to later titles was just the result of Senoue frantically looking for places to put his scrapped work to use somewhere, but who knows, there you can only speculate.

    It's not impossible that these were scrapped Sonic 3 tracks, but it can also be explained by a bunch of other things, there's not a whole lot of evidence for it so far.
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    Jun Senoue was hired by Sega in 1993 - it's not entirely outside the realms of possibility, but it seems a bit... unlikely that they'd have him score the entire soundtrack of Sonic 3, one of Sega's most important releases within his first year.

    Even if he'd been composing and playing music all his life, there's a learning curve when converting this to something that'll run on the Mega Drive.
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    I don't find it very likely that he was ever supposed to compose the whole of Sonic 3, but there is this quote from Iizuka that outlines the music selection process of Sonic 3&K:

    Given this, it seems there's a good chance that Senoue composed some tracks that were intended for use in Sonic 3, but didn't get picked for the final soundtrack. Whether or not those tracks were reused for other projects we'll most likely never know
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    This reminds me of that time it was discovered the Special Stage music from Sonic 3 was made earlier (namely, the SegaSonic Bros. prototype from 1991/92. The music used for Levels 40 to 49).

    Maybe it was also the case that Jun Senoue was hired to create stock music with particular themes. Then when the music was recorded, it was added to a repertoire of music. Then game producers could listen to the library of music and choose was sounded good for their game. And then later add the composer to the credits without having to have asked the composer to make music from scratch.