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Sonic 3D Blast MD, 2017 and beyond!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by ICEknight, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. People really need to stop dictating what other people should or shouldn't do with the stuff they paid for.

    In all seriousness, it's their hardware, they can do whatever they want with it. It's not like this stuff is being put to better use stuffed away in boxes or anything.
  2. Overlord


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    Yeah - to be fair, I'll be first in line to complain if an uncommon/rare system is gutted out, but VMUs are FAR from hard to find.
  3. Jason


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    Does John win SHC now?
  4. Spanner


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    No because it is a Hack Expo entry which is not judged. :v:
  5. Black Squirrel

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    Having played it, I think it's fair to say that it does make Sonic 3D a better game, and much like Sonic 3 Complete, is probably the go-to version of Sonic 3D now (at least, on the Mega Drive).

    But it's always going to be haunted by the fact that Sonic 3D just isn't all that good of a video game. This DX version is slightly less awkward, but Sonic 3D is awkward to its very core.
  6. TheOcelot


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    Played it, beat it and uploaded a playthrough:

    It's alright.

    Yeah, Sonic moves a bit faster which caught me out a few times and the controls feel slightly better at slow speed.

    Being able to only collect one emerald per zone is a real drag. Means you can't unlock Super Sonic until Puppet Panic. You can of course replay any level with Super Sonic after beating the game.

    Also, annoys me that the extra-life counter is still capped at 9. Should be changed to 99.

    Time attack mode is an okay addition, I guess.

    It's nothing amazing, to be honest.
  7. Blue Spikeball

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    Pretty much this.

    It's hard to get used to the tweaked controls at first, probably because I was used to the vanilla version's handling. It feels like Sonic starts running too fast now, but the controls are certainly less slippery.

    He still hasn't updated the sprites showing the rewards at the end of the special stages. So you have stuff such as the player apparently getting a Chaos Emerald, but then the results screen shows that you actually got just a life. Or getting a differently colored Emerald from the one shown in the results screen.

    It still feels largely like the same game. There were no game changer additions other than Super Sonic, and you can't even use this one until reaching the last full zone. Collecting Flickies around is no more fun than it was before, so I'm still labeling the game as mediocre. Still an improvement, though.
  8. Sable


    i played it, it's a wonderful improvement on the original but i got so excited for it that i forgot sonic 3d blast was still sonic 3d blast - not bad at all but not the best of the franchise by any means

    my favorite new feature is definitely time trials, i can't wait until the game is updated with proper times for every stage
  9. Yash


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    Curious what kind of reward there is for 100% completion, if that's even been implemented yet.
  10. Mr. Fox

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    Yeah, playing the actual hack seems kinda underwhelming.

    Maybe it's because of all those videos that hyped it to 11, everyone's expectations got so high and yet... it's just Super Sonic, Time Attack and a few minor gameplay tweaks. Out of these, Time Attack is the only new thing and I'm not particularly keen on speed running an isometric platformer.
  11. roachdaripper


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    Trying not to rage when porting SADX/SA2 models on PC.
    I mean nobody yet has played with the level editor, which y'know an entire video was uploaded on that.
    Based on what Burton said in his video, you're able to save changes to levels, so it's already better than most debug modes.
  12. Jason


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    I've run into a bug on real hardware with a password. When my Sega CD is connected, the game freezes. I let Jon know but he doesn't own a Sega CD to test. Can anyone corroborate my situation?
    Code is 67:QM8YX49/.
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    anyone has the exact rom needed to patch the game? all the ones I find online doesn't work with delta patcher
  14. EnderWaffle


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    It's the USA ROM. I know of at least two websites that have the correct version, they're at the top of Google search results for "sonic 3d blast genesis rom".

    I'm also having the same issue, but with a different step. Sadly, my computer won't let me patch the xdelta. :argh: Can someone please provide a download for the bin file post-patch? Thanks.
  15. Mr. Fox

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  16. Yash


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    Anyone else having issues with some of the later special stages? I'll get warped to a really glitchy version of the special stage where Sonic runs endlessly in nothing.

    In my experience, Tails in Diamond Dust 1, Volcano Valley 1 and Panic Puppet 2, as well as Knuckles in Gene Gadget 1 all do this. I didn't test it on literally every single Tails/Knuckles but those were the ones where I ran into this problem.

    Guessing it's impossible to 100% the game as-is - there are no Sonic medals in Gene Gadget or Panic Puppet, but the map screen still counts it against you. And since those were the only Tails/Knuckles locations I found in the last two zones, I couldn't get all the Emeralds.

    Edit: I see in the above playthrough there was no problem getting into the other special stages. I played the game by patching the Steam ROM through the community hub - I don't know if that makes any difference.
  17. Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox

    Just to clarify, my link above is the updated 0.2 version.
  18. Glaber


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    What about using the rom you can buy from steam? Does that one not work with it?
  19. Spanner


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    BETA Ver 0.3 patch now available to download from here

    Checksum - 8248

    This should fix all known issues.

    New features:

    - All Time Challenges now have a proper time to beat (thanks to SuperMoonKnight for suggesting the times!)
    - In Time Challenge, if you pause and then hold A+B+C at the same time you now exit the challenge.
    - Super Sonic now smashes ice spikes instead of just running through them