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    S3C Delta

    Sonic 3C Delta is a hack of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles). It is a compilation of early/unused content for Sonic The Hedgehog 3, including early music, layouts, graphics, concepts, and more. With a high focus on accuracy, Sonic 3C Delta uses many of the functions, behaviors, and features found in Sonic 3A 1103, Sonic 3C 0408, Sonic 3C 0517, and other prototypes.

    The hack currently includes all the zones from the first half of Sonic 3, including Flying Battery Zone in its original placement and the 3 Bonus Stages.

    General Changes:
    • Original zone order.
    • Improved prototype soundtrack.
    • Prototype inspired level layouts.
    • New title screen and menu art.
    • New cutscenes.
    • Prototype graphics and art.
    This hack was a huge undertaking, so I hope that you all enjoy playing it as much as we did creating it!

    Download + Notes:

    The current release (v1.0) can be download here:
    Keep in mind there may be some bugs that we missed during our testing. One such bug is a potential soft-lock in CNZ2. However, this can be remedied with the code RCNT-GJRA or 0399C0:2470. A future version of the hack will be released at some point addressing such concerns.

    • Programming: Chainspike, SyntaxTsundere, Rivet, Inferno, Zummone, Fred Bronze, vladikcomper, lavagaming1
    • Beta Testers: MechaKnuckles, Chainspike, sonic c32ttb1, Xebninmaj Sark, Zummone, Inferno, Volbby, JayKuriN, PhoniexVania, Sprite, EmmaNerd, SyntaxTsundere, Legobouwer9, Sumi, GigglyMan
    • Graphics: Chainspike, MechaKnuckles, Volbby,Trickster, SyntaxTsundere, BladeOfChaos, mcginnis03, Hexagonal, JoeyTheRabbit, EmmaNerd
    • Sound: Chainspike, MechaKnuckles, Inferno, Flamewing
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  2. I'm getting serious graphical corruptions trying to play this on real hardware, particularly once Knuckles appears at the start of a new game:


    And it only gets worse from there once I start doing things like the Spin Dash and Insta-shield:


    The hardware I tested this hack on is a Model 1 US Genesis running at 60Hz, with the game running off a Mega Everdrive Pro. I checked the hack again in BlastEm and the issues don't happen in there.
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    S3C Delta
    That is... very peculiar. I frequently tested this hack on a Model 1 Genesis VA3 myself. The current demo also runs fine for me. Does this occur every time you play? Did you use any special codes while playing?
  4. It's happened every time I try to play it on the particular flashcart, and I've made sure things like cheats and the in-game menu were disabled.
  5. I’ve played all the way up to Carnival Night Act 2 and I’ve reached the part of the level after Knuckles hits his button.. while proceeding I just go through the Metropolis springs/bumpers to reach the 2 barrels that are blocking me from going down but I just die after passing them (the camera doesn’t continue going down)

    Is this supposed to happen? Or am I missing a hidden path or something?

    EDIT: Just watched someone else’s playthrough and yeah it’s not supposed to happen.. looks like a camera lock or something
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    S3C Delta
    Yes, it's a possible soft-lock that may occur. We unfortunately missed it while testing. I supplied a cheat code that patches the bug in the initial post. RCNT-GJRA or 0399C0:2470
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    I really enjoyed this and all the little references here. One of my favorites is the Hydrocity Zone - Act 1 theme. I was not expecting that!

    I'm looking forward to future builds!
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    Gotta say, I absolutely love this hack! Really neat to have a fully playable version of the older concepts. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but I’m sure that can all be ironed out over time, and what’s accomplished already is incredible.

    Some feedback:
    1. Dunno if the title screen should really take place at night. I know this is probably a reference to the proto title having a black background, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to keep it that way. The Sonic art could use a little cleanup, too. I could tweak it if you’re interested.

    2. I feel like the direction signs should be removed from MGZ, seems like one of those things added last minute to make it easier, but they’re not actually necessary (or in any other zones for that matter) and are absent in the proto.

    3. I encountered a strange bug in AIZ 2 just before the boss. After leaving the tube leading to the air raid, I was permanently stuck in rolling mode (IIRC I was holding down as I exited and when hitting the ground). I was unable to jump, and Tails was stuck like this as well. I was only able to defeat the boss after Tails fell and died, came back normal, and was able to hit the boss and pop open the capsule using Tails. Once the victory pose and following cutscene triggered, Sonic acted normal.

    4. The water level in HCZ 2 didn’t match the 3D water background in the boss arena until the water lowered to its height. I’m wondering if there’s some way the 3D water background could actually change its height, though it would require shifting the vertical position of the chunks themselves (probably need some kind of dynamic layout stuff like S1 uses for LZ3’s passage, but on the background instead of the foreground).

    5. I’m wondering if it might not be a bad idea to use 3D water in the other zones/areas that lack it, such as CNZ 2 and Knuckles’ beginning in LBZ 2.

    6. Perhaps the water level should already start lower in the start of CNZ 2? It lowers partway through that section anyhow, and it’s odd that they have the electric enemies and an electric shield. I suspect it wasn’t originally designed for the final’s water height.
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    What? I can assure you that the direction signs are indeed in the prototype, and you can encounter one just a few seconds into Act 1 (coordinates 0668 x, 0720y for debug mode).