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Sonic 3 is 15 years old.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Sonic Warrior TJ, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. MKAmeX


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    I did a basic one sitting playthrough (all emeralds, super emeralds, Sonic and tails mode). My final score was barely off 1 million. I love perfect bonuses. I ended with 43 lives and I forget how many continues (I can't be bothered to turn it on and check. =P ). The only times I died was from glitches, all of them were in super/hyper mode. Man, I love this game. I feel accomplished.
  2. Toasty


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    I never understood the thing with the barrel. It probably took me....20 seconds, max to figure it out.

    Happy birthday, Sonic 3, you sexy thing. <3
  3. Sik


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    being an asshole =P
    Maybe it's that many of us is accustomed already. Considering I always had pirate carts which in turn means no savegames for me (which makes it no different from other Sonic games really >_>), I had to learn to complete it in a single run. Not like I actually cared - in fact the game has a "no save" option for that kind of runs, and I always use, it to be honest.
  4. Jeiku


    This was the second 2D Sonic game I've played, right after Sonic CD; I got it in the S&K Collection that was given away from Jack In The Box (I still have the CD; it's usable, though scratched to all hell). I remember always trying to play both this game and S3&K (I hardly ever touched S&K by itself, due to the lack of a save feature), and filling all save slots. I played this game to death - so much, that these days, I could easily get bored of it if I'm not moderate. But I can easily obtain all Chaos Emeralds without screwing up, but I've also come to hate the Special Stages due to playing them so much and nailing them down in my memory.

    Favorite zone is Hydrocity Zone. I normally don't like water levels in Sonic games, but this level got it completely right. Since I played the PC version, I wasn't exposed to the Genesis versions of the level tunes until much later (and I prefer the PC renditions, myself). I always loved Launch Base Zone and Angel Island Zone's music.
  5. djdocsonic


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    I did things backwards in 94, I had Sonic & Knuckles before I had Sonic 3...... then I borrowed S3 off a mate, locked it onto S&K and never looked back! I prefer some of the music in S3 alone. As someone mentioned earlier on the Knuckles theme was a lot more fitting in S3 than the one which replaced it in S3&K. I also prefered the Miniboss music with "COME ON!" :words:
  6. Ice Sonic

    Ice Sonic

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    No, I am not working on any hack, fanart, or website.
    I haven't beat the game (S3&K) since December, but I remember beating with Sonic and Tails and then with Knuckles. What I don't remember is the final score, lifes and contines because the save files were somehow ERASED.

    I've played this game many times and I still find new secrets in it. Definately my favourite Sonic game.
    Yesterday I played S3&K on my emulator, but......on my TV! It was great.
  7. tech3475


    S3&K is one my favourite games of all time which I still play quite regularly.

    I still believe that this game was the greatest sonic game to date.

    I still don't understand why Sega could make a new Sonic game similar to this in terms of....everything!

    BTW trying messing around in debug mode if you are bored one day.
  8. Diablohead


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    <!--quoteo(post=275729:date=Feb 3 2009, 08:54 AM:name=Toasty)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Toasty @ Feb 3 2009, 08:54 AM) [​IMG]
  9. Overlord


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    That pic is an awesome take on an old joke =P

    I'd say S3 is the easiest game of the core 4 to 100% complete, and certainly the quickest. Admittedly I've been playing this game since 1994 but even in mid-95 I had every save slot on S3 & S3&K full - two of each possible character run though each game, all with all Emeralds. Compare this to Sonic 2 (which I finally got all 7 emeralds for and finished the game in one run for the first time a little while back - I'd been able to beat the game for years but never bothered doing it all in one go), S&K Alone (which afaik I have never bothered to beat on it's own, always with S3 Locked-On), and Sonic 1 (that I have never got all the Emeralds on. Ever.)

    Also: Syxx, Vaiz - man, you two suck. It takes me a couple of goes to do it but every time I try I can do that level select. =P U U D D slow enough to be sure they registered, then just hammer U. Works a decent %age of the time.
  10. Nova


    Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the best game ever, if you disagree you're a loser~

    It was originally intended to be just Sonic 3 IIRC, but limitations of the storage media forced it to be released as two seperate games. I think that's how it goes.

    I play through S3K religiously at LEAST once a year. It's one of those games I can never get bored of.
  11. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    They can fit 4MB onto a ROM. They just wanted it out for Christmas.
  12. Vendettagainst


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    Nah, Sonic 1 is. :\
    Anyway, nice to see that one of the last great Sonic games is 15 today.
  13. sonicmario


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    I remember when I first beat Sonic 3 and that faux ending started. I ended up starting at the screen thinking, "What? Wait, what?!" It's over? Even though I was digging the ending music but still, "WHAT?!"

    Then S&K was announced and I thought "Sega, you sneaky, brilliant bastards... Why don't I just open my wallet and throw it at you, since you know you already have my money for this new game."
  14. SonarDragon


    Your both wrong. It's Sonic 2. ;)

    Yeah, Sonic 3 is great, a bit overrated, but great. I remember I got stuck on AIZ act 2's beginning. I didn't know you had to spindash through the rock. This was in 2004 even. :)
  15. Sik


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    being an asshole =P
    But the memory costs the double as a 2MB ROM =P

    But if I recall correctly, it was because Sonic 3 was way behind schedule so they released half the game just to release something. It wasn't for Christmas because it was released in February =P
  16. Spindash54


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    Happy Birthday to an incomplete game.

    I'll give the whole thing a real run-through on October 18.

  17. SlushBox


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    Sonic CD, foo.

    I got stuck on the exact same part on AIZ 2 when I started playing S3K on the Sonic And Knuckles collection. I didn't even know that the spindash existed. ;)
  18. Lizam


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    I haven't played any game more than Sonic 3. Highest replay value ever

    I can't remember the exact date and time I got Sonic 3, but it wasn't too long after I got Sonic 2 in 1994.

    This game had so many great memories. Being the first in School to beat it and get all the emeralds, finding out debug mode for the first time and forcing my brother to help me out as Tails to pass the Carinval Night barrel part (as I never had a clue about the Up-Down mechanic). I remember trying to get all the emeralds before Casino Night as it was much easier to pass the barrel part as Super Sonic.

    And when Sonic and Knuckles came out, where you would slap on one cartridge to another maybe just go "Wow". It was technology I had never seen before.

    There's too much to say about this game, and I'm sure we can all agree that Sonic 3 was the peek of Sonic's success along with Sonic 2.

    Happy birthday
  19. Copornocus


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    I'd like to have a word with you. :)

    I can't even begin to think of all the (literally) hundreds of times I've beaten all the combinations of S3 alone, S&K alone, and S3&K. This game WAS my childhood. I still play it often today, and I still enjoy it just as much as I did 15 years ago.

    Favorite game EVER.
  20. Malgra


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    Had a celebratory re-play of Sonic 3 today. I'm too good at the damn thing, so I thought I'd try completing the zones via new routes instead of taking the paths I usually take. Still managed to complete it pretty easily within a couple of hours (With Sonic). Something stupid like 40 lives (Didn't lose a single life), a score of 950,000 or therabouts, all emeralds collected by the end of Hydrocity, perfects on all special stages bar one (That bloody red and white one gets me every time).

    Was fun, but it's a shame it's over so quickly.
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