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Sonic 3 is 15 years old.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Sonic Warrior TJ, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Sik


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    being an asshole =P
    Because technically it isn't a complete game either. Sonic 3 is basically a prototype with as much debug code access removed as possible.
  2. muteKi


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    I didn't play it because I've been beating the everloving shit out of Unleashed. I've beaten the main game and got pretty much everything there is to get in Apotos minus maybe a medal or two in the second night stage. Only other stages I've S-ranked are the horribly cute Spagonia's Chao Hunt and Shamar's Night Stage 1 (because it throws a fuckton of enemies at you if you go up the stairs).

    It's incredible how far he's come.

    I remember picking up this game and not having a manual with it but a couple BradyGames guidebooks (which served exclusively that purpose) which were a godsend in figuring out all the changes they made to the game. A bit of a departure from the two earlier titles, but quite enjoyable.

    Just the fact that each act flowed into the next fairly smoothly (Zone transitions that make sense! YES!!) made this stand out well above Sonic 2, which was quite an enjoyable game for me. The additional fact that each one had a unique BGM and different art also did it.

    The first times I played it I had it locked on to Sonic & Knuckles. Other than the fact that I had both at the same time I'm not really sure why I thought to put them together like that, in that it would be the way to play the game as such -- though I think trying just the one or the other on its own tended not to work so well (oh cartridge slots, how finicky you can be).

    I remember spending many a Sunday playing through Marble Garden as Tails, only to proceed to get beaten by Robotnik at the end of the stage. Wish they let you pick up rings when you got hit in that one. At least the zone is the most fun one in the game with some damn cool music, also the best, I dare say.

    I know, I know, most of you prefer Ice Cap. For what it's worth, after not playing that song for about 3-5 years or so and forgetting most of the music, I went back to it on the PC S&K Collection. It still didn't have the Ice Cap BGM -- and I knew that ICZ, LBZ, and CNZ were all screwy music-wise (though the new tunes were nice) as they'd been totally re-done.

    So I opened up vGen and a ROM image, and then played the music. This would have Only needed to hear it twice after that and could remember it for a while. A couple of months later -- and mind you, I hadn't heard the song since then -- I sat down at the piano and somehow managed to play at least a very close arrangement of the song. The fact that these tunes weren't in the Sonic Screen Saver made me decide to use the four-track tape recorder we got recently to record them. I ended up recording Ice Cap, Mushroom Hill, Marble Garden, [Sonic 2] Death Egg, Green Hill, Stardust Speedway, Metropolis, Sonic Boom, Sonic 2 Special Stage, Sonic You Can Do Anything, and a few other tracks I can't think of at the moment in a bizarre ersatz manner, effectively a free-form jazz tape based on those songs. It's quite a tour-de-force, making Wesley Willis sound downright pedestrian.

    So yeah, Sonic 3 has shaped a lot of my interests now and whatnot. Game is awesome, though I rarely if ever play it on its own (and I really NEVER play Sonic and Knuckles on its own, as there's nothing you really gain from doing so -- it's an inferior experience, compared to how Sonic 3 on its own is a different experience). Had to go out and buy a S&K cart just because I lost the old one, and because I love playing it on hardware as the original version -- PC version is worth looking at every once in a while as well.
  3. Malgra


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    Sonic 3 is like Sonic 1, good to just pick up and play when you want a quick Sonic fix. I can usually complete it fully pretty quickly, but only because even after all these years I still know every route of every act of every zone like the back of my hand due to the sheer amount of times I've played the thing (I'd estimate it's my second-most played Sonic game after Sonic 2).

    I have to confess though I prefer S3 with S&K locked on, though the individual game itself isn't bad at all. I'm pretty sure I didn't get this game on the actual day it was released, because I can remember listening in awe at a friend explaining that there was a skiing section (Albeit 30 seconds long at the start of Ice Cap but nonetheless it was there). I can also remember finding the last boss the most impossible thing ever the first few times LOL, how times change.

    Oh, and I was also a victim of the Drum of Doom in Carnival Night. Many a joypad was thrown around because of that thing. In my defence, my mum couldn't do it either haha.

    Happy Birthday Sonic 3, and thanks for so many good times :eng101:
  4. Digiku


    Alright, you guys convinced me to play through Sonic 3 myself, and it was fun! I finished the final boss with 7 emeralds, score 296590 (+ whatever score the final boss is), 11 lives, and 5 continues. My thoughts and opinions:

    * In my younger days, Sonic 3 was the first Sonic game I beat w/ all emeralds -- and I only finished 'cause of the save feature! Playing it now reminded me of how I actually suck at video games XP (I can play a mean Mega Man though!)

    * Sonic 3's short -- my playthrough only took about an hour, but I really like that cause that makes Sonic 3 a pick-up-and-go title to me. Sonic 1's pretty similar. And, well, I've yet to beat Sonic 2 with all emeralds... I think I only played it beginning to end only once.

    * Sonic 3's on the easier side -- such that I find it more fun to purposefully pick harder routes and not use the elemental shields. Carnival Night Act 2's underwater portion is fun without the bubble shield.

    * In a regular playthrough, Super Sonic is ever-so-slightly cheap -- other than in Carnival Night, (which makes the level bearable.) However, it's always a pleasure to get to just get nuts on Eggman as Super Sonic ;)


    * Marble Garden may be my least favorite stage scenery-wise, but I think it has the best level design in the game. The steep hills are cringe-worthy, but there's real platforming where you least expect it! Jumping from one platform to the next -- maneuvering hills -- avoiding strategically-placed spikes and badniks... this is where Sonic 3 starts getting tough, and I love it!

    * Carnival Night is evil, period, but the scenery makes it kinda' fun. To me, it redeemed itself in Act 2, where you're running in total darkness. That was fun.

    * Icecap has some fun platforming elements. I really love Act 2, in which the top route is especially fun.

    * Launch Base is tricky, but the level gimmicks and rollercoaster-like slopes make it really fun (not to mention Act 2 takes place almost entirely on plumbing!) Act 1's long inclines, switch bridges, drum rotators (the big black drum Sonic rotates on), interconnecting 90-degree slopes (they lead right into each other), and especially the circly air pipes (e.g the set of three pipes right before the miniboss) are lots of fun to go on. Act 2 has winding slopes, and those are really fun. Plus, plumbing! Seriously!
    ** Thank God all this has platforming interwoven into it, but not as much as the previous levels...


    * The minibosses get particularly evil at Icecap and Launch Base. Thank God, because the first four were ridiculously easy.

    * I liked when Sonic rode Eggman's Egg Mobile to the final boss site. It gave character, in that Sonic -- the hero -- would nonchalantly use the enemy's -- Eggman's -- transportation craft. It's really small, but I like little things like that.

    * Most of the reason I was able to get all emeralds in my younger days is because the Special Stages were pretty easy. These are my favorites (this and Sonic CD.) In this playthrough, I got em all the first time, and if I weren't so rusty, I would've got Perfects in all but the red-and-white Special Stage 4 (God I hate that one.) They're fun, though, and I like 'em.

    * I didn't realize this til a few days ago, but "Icecap" in Sonic Adventure must refer to the exact same area as "Icecap Zone" in Sonic 3. Continuity's awesome! It's just a shame how Angel Island is nowhere near as detailed in Sonic Adventure as it is here...


    Just thoughts and opinions, but :words: in short, Sonic 3's a hell of a fun game. I'm glad I accomplished my yearly Sonic 3 playthrough now :)
  5. Andlabs


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    Well, I was unable to win the game; my brother had to go to sleep. I got Perfect and the emerald the first time through the first six emeralds. However, I lost the second three times, the second with a perfect. In Angel Island Zone, I got four of the seven emeralds, and got all 154 rings in the real Act 1. I used Sonic and Tails, and used a Colecovision controller to control Tails. It was annoying at first, but I got used to it. I had to go in the middle of Carnival Night Act 1. And I got 6:09 in MGZ2; I usually time out.

    :words: :) ;)

    Happy birthday, Sonic 3.
  6. SlushBox


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    How can so many of you just be able to pick up Sonic 3 and beat it in one sitting? I must really, really have a problem.

    I can't believe it's 15 years old. I can't remember what exactly was my first experience with this game. My first experiences with Sonic 2 are clearer actually. I did though, own this on the Sonic and Knuckles collection for PC. I actually only recently (January I think) got a Genesis.
  7. Namagem


    I never said I did it in one sitting :P

    When there are saves, I'mma use them.
  8. DTX


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    My favorite levels: AIZ, Act 1; HCZ, Act 2; MGZ, both Acts; CNZ, both Acts; ICZ, both Acts; and LBZ, Act 1.
    Favorite level music tracks: as above (with the exception of CNZ & LBZ,) plus the Save Select Screen music, Special Stage music, Boss music, Final Boss music, and Ending Credits music. And as for S&K Collection tracks: CNZ, Act 1; ICZ, both Acts*; and LBZ, Act 1.

    As for my comments on the Special Stage, I just want to point out that I was always annoyed by how your character would be standing and walking on (and all the spheres floating over) the borders and corners of the square-shaped tiles -- instead of the centers and sides of them. Another annoying thing was how you would lose after hitting only 1 red sphere (as opposed to maybe 3.) a final annoying aspect was that they would speed up at too much more frequent a rate than I would prefer -- I can't even get a Perfect Bonus on all of the S&K Special Stages, for they are hard enough without having to speed up to an insanely fast pace in a mere minute's time, time I spent trying to make sure I collected all the rings. All those complaints and qualms aside, I actually still love this Special Stage -- though the Sonic 3D Blast (PC version)'s Special Stage is my favorite, being a 3D version of the S2 one except less colorful (;)) and easier (:)).

    *I can't really tell the difference between the music tracks of each Act too well, though regardless both are good imho.

    <!--quoteo(post=275505:date=Feb 2 2009, 02:38 PM:name=16BT)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (16BT @ Feb 2 2009, 02:38 PM) [​IMG][/quote]
    I still can't believe so many people couldn't figure this thing out. Nobody could think that all you had to do was gain momentum on the damn thing with Up and Down? Seriously, bad community.

    Okay, first off: lol @ that picture!

    And second off: I actually struggled with that "puzzle" myself, but not because I didn't realize you had to push Up and Down (because that part I did realize); I struggled with it because I instantly realized upon jumping on it that it bobs up and down after you land on it, which made me think I had to keep jumping as well, timing my jumps with precision. And I would keep on getting almost low enough to jump out, but neither my older brother or I could manage to get through to the next part. Finally, a few years down the road (2002 or 2003, I think,) while I playing S3&K on Sonic & Knuckles Collection I decided to try it again. I decided to take my time figuring out when to jump, so until I was ready I patiently pushed the Up and Down Arrow Keys in a succession harmonious with the rising and descending of the cylinder. It was then that I realized I didn't need to jump and that jumping only impaired my successfulness, just barely to the point where I couldn't succeed.

    So long story short: yeah, I was just about as confused by this as everyone else. But looking back upon, it actually doesn't seem so ridiculously asinine a level gimmick as I originally thought it was back when I didn't know what to do. Kids can be so stupid and/or clueless sometimes about some pretty obvious things, but probably especially me. :words:
  9. Lyrica


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    Update: Just finished as Tails, all Emeralds (and Special Stage perfects) with 6 contines and 24 Lives :D
  10. c1owd


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    Wow!, Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is already 15 years old! I remember when I first saw Knuckles and kept on asking my big brother that I wanted to be him in the game... but he would always tell me "You can't be Knuckles in this game!" but then Sonic & Knuckles came out and I was so happy I nearly passed out! But my big brother never let me play... The only time I played was when he went to his friends house or when he's with my dad... but yea this game was the best... I actually beat the whole game... and used all the save files hehe...(With all characters with emeralds and without)... but yes I like the game but I like Sonic & Knuckles better though because you can actually BE Knuckles! But yea... Happy B-Day: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3!!!
  11. NintendoBrad


    I actually played Sonic & Knuckles before Sonic 3. My uncle brought S&K back from the pawn shop when I was around 7, and I was predictably floored by it. Later on my other uncle found Sonic 3 at the flea market complete with case and manual, and I was floored by it as well. When I connected the two games, I was awestruck, and my fondest memories of playing Sonic in my uncle's air-conditioned room came to light. Good times... =)

    Sonic CD will always be my favorite Sonic, but S3&K is still a good second. I'm glad I got into Sonic early on, such nice memories.
  12. muteKi


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    S3 on its own has some really big deal glitches though. I usually end up going Super Sonic by Hydrocity Act 2, and that screws up the boss events, and everything goes screwy, and I've always got a water shield so I can't restart. As a result I haven't been able to play it in a single sitting in my more recent playthroughs.
  13. Vaiz


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    I did the crazy Sonic 3 level select for the first time today.

    I nearly wept. Yes, I am proud.
  14. ^^^^ I only did the code twice out of the 200 times I trried it. Also I almost wept after doing it for the first and second time.
  15. OKei


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    Sonic 3 came out on my 4th birthday. But I didn't get it until I was 6 or 7-ish. It was a fun ass game, and I recall waking up in Saturday morning just to play the living shit out the game and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The fact that it was recently proven that Micheal Jackson (or at least his music/writing team) did the asskicking music, further values my memories and love for the game. Happy (late) Birthday Sonic 3.
  16. corneliab


    Sonic 3: The original unfinished, glitchy Sonic game. That's an interesting thought. The difference, luckily, is that it was eventually finished.

    I remember the slope physics being all screwy in the standalone version. After playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles first, Hydrocity Act 2 really through me for a loop. I seem to recall Marble Garden feeling rather strange as well.
  17. DTX


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    Well, it does have a lot of abruptly rather steep hills, if that's what you're thinking of (though it's probably not -- I just thought I'd throw that out there, just to be sure.)
  18. NintendoBrad



    You mean going past Hydrocity Act 2's Boss, right? That happened to me on my playthrough, I went straight to the Egg Capsule without a fight. It was pretty funny, actually, but the Capsule disappeared and I had to drown Sonic in order to move on. D:
  19. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

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    My first time playing Sonic 3 was when I spent the night with a friend in first grade. We spent all night playing video games, mainly Sonic 3. I will never forget the experience. Being able to fly with Tails, being able to carry Sonic, seeing Knuckles for the first time, and the fucking ship that drops bombs on you at the end of Angel Island Zone. I remember even playing with a turbo controller to fly as Tails, haha. Shit was excellent. We finally got to Marble Garden, and finally to Carnival Night. We never beat Carnival Night, and oddly enough it wasn't because of the up-down drum barrel. I think we just ran out of time (as in mom eventually came to pick me up) and never really went back to it.

    I also played a lot of Golden Axe while I was over there. Unfortunately Sonic wasn't his favorite, so we didn't play it too often...I eventually got a Genesis though. Or a Nomad rather, but it worked fine. Man, I mastered all the Special Stages on that tiny screen.
  20. Skyler


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    Because I'm so nonconformist (really just wanted to do this before midnight in my area :P) I decided to speedrun the little bastard. And 101200 points and 47 minutes later, I finished Sonic 3. No emeralds, though - I wanted to get this done before February 3rd comes.

    Man, fuck Chronicles. If you want real Sonic nostalgia, go back and play the games that gave it to you in the first place. I love it every single time. Happy birthday, Sonic 3. Here's to 15 more years of memories!
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