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Sonic 3 in 1

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by vladikcomper, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. vladikcomper


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    Today, I'm glad to present you my new project, which I've been working on for last months.

    It was just a while ago when I first saw Sonic Classics, aka Sonic Compilation (How could I miss it before?). So, I came up with the idea of uniting all three games of Sonic main series, something that Sega hadn't done back then.

    Besides that, it was a good opportunity for me to develop a SMD-project from the ground up. My goal was also to design a better menu than Sega did, which also was a great challenge for me in assembly programming.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Games included in this compilation were heavily modified to work in a bunch. But in terms of gameplay and features, changes are quite modest:

    Sonic 1:
    - Spin Dash added
    - Spike Bug fixed
    - Speed Cap removed
    - Special Stage Physics fixed
    - "PRESS START BUTTON" text on the Title screen

    Sonic 2:
    - EHZ deformation bug fixed
    - Air Speed Cap removed

    Sonic 3:
    - Regions support fixed, game now works on European/Japanese machines

  2. MarkeyJester


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    I said it once and I'll say it again, fantastic work, you've now done something that many people have wished for in the longest time, the SEGA screen and the menu themselves are brilliant and have unique style, and overall it's nicely polished and virtually bugless (or at least to say I've seen no bugs), congratulations!
  3. Sith


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    IIRC, nobody has done this before. Cool effort.
  4. This is sweet! I don't have to switch games anymore! :v:

    Great job with this! The credits are nice as well.

    The only thing left to do is squeeze Sonic & Knuckles in...

    Then we have all the main games together!
  5. Master3k


    Well, damn you. I was planning doing something like that...

    Anyways, great job! Now I can delete the 91238 ROMS I have here. :) But as said above, it would be nice to have SK in there too (although it would push the ROM size to far more than 4MB, wouldn't it?).

    EDIT: :eng101:
  6. You want a Wiki Page with this hack? I'll gladly make one for you. :)
  7. Very interesting, I want to use this to try to play through all the games now! The only suggestion I'd like to see if something to allow you to continue through all 3 games without having to switch. I'm not sure if that's possible, but it'd be awesome if it were.

    In any case, great work! Keep it up!
  8. Sith


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    I guess you mean to turn it all into a single game to have a huge classic Sonic marathon.
    That's a bit overkill for me, but if other ppl want such a hack, why not?

    Personally, I prefer the direction vladikcomper is taking right now. It looks great the way he intended it.

    Edit: and yes give this hack its own wikipage already.
  9. vladikcomper


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    Thank you for feedback!

    I just plan to do it. Although with S&K data inside, my ROM will go past 4 MB boundary, I have some ideas how to make it work correctly.

    But instead of just adding Sonic & Knuckles as a separate game, I would prefer to replace Sonic 3 with Sonic 3&K or Sonic 3 Complete. Otherwise, I would have to edit the menu to fit the fourth game and modify S&K ROM to make it work separately, which is really hard and exhausting work.

    Also, I think S3&K/S3C would be more interesting to play. =)

    Yes, that would be great =)
  10. That's what I'd like to see (I couldn't word it right, that's what I get for posting as soon as I wake up.) It gives new meaning to the name "Sonic Genesis." :specialed:
  11. ICEknight


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    Another great work, thanks for releasing it!

    Regarding the inclusion of Sonic & Knuckles, I'd rather have the option of having both Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles (Sonic 3 "episode 2") as separate selections, then having the option to select another game to lock-on once you select S&K, as both games had their own gameplay quirks... and it would feel more official, too. But yeah, ROM limitations are a bitch.

    A tiny nitpick for making it look more official would be to wait 2 seconds (or was it 3?) until the SEGA logo can be skipped, as I think that was the official word from SEGA to the developers.

    Small suggestions:

    • The logo would look even cooler if, before it started spinning, Sonic would appear and run through it.
    • Add the compilation's title on top of the "Game select" text.
    • Original music?
    • I think you should remove the "A - Play" message, as everybody is going to press Start anyway...

    Wiki'd! And Ice Knights suggestions are interesting, but if you do change the music, you should make it either the Competition Menu music from Sonic 3 or the Options music from Sonic 2.
  13. MathUser


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    Pretty nice idea for a hack. Would be handy having all the games in a single ROM.
  14. Azookara


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    I suggest Sonic Spinball's bonus stage music for the menu music. It'd be really rad.

    Also, I support the notion of putting S3C in place of vanilla Sonic 3, as well as supporting IceKnight's idea of making Sonic run through the Sega logo before it spins like that.
  15. Black Squirrel

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    I liked the way Sonic Jam did its menu, and it's not too dissimilar to this one:

    Of course, true greatness would be to squeeze Sonic & Knuckles in there too, but that'll probably be a challenge.
  16. Spanner


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    I'd prefer the actual S3&K ROM over a fan-made Sonic 3 combination. If people say that S3K counts as one game, then it should be the case in this collection.
  17. Covarr


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    Really cool so far, though I'm personally more excited for Sonic and Knuckles' addition. Sonic 3 alone just doesn't give the same warm, fuzzy feeling. :D
  18. Selbi


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    Actually, I'm wondering about something: Can't you put EVERY MegaDrive Sonic game ever created in the ROM? I mean sure, it won't work on many systems, but having the original line up, including the S&K lock-ons, plus S3D and Spinball would be supah dooper ameizink!
  19. steveswede


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    Can you also fix the Super Sonic glitch when he gets stuck in the air after the sign post but also can you add the ability to enable Super Sonic by double jumping?
  20. LordOfSquad


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    What I'd really like to see is the games homogenized in terms of style. It wouldn't even have to be full graphical overhauls, but making the characters sprites the same across all 3-4 games, remixing Sonic 1 and 2's music using Sonic 3K instruments, using one style of title cards, HUD, monitor styles and such. I can't imagine it being very hard, and it is the little things that count most sometimes.

    Looking forward to seeing what this project's revisions will bring to the table. You impress as always.