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Sonic 3 HD

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Relick, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Aerosol


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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    What "official artwork" is he looking at? Not to sound rude, but the muzzle looks completely off there. It makes Sonic look like he has a mega-jaw. When people say "official art", they're meaning the kind of artwork included with Sonic the Screensaver, or the artwork in the screensaver itself. It's a good start, but you guys have a way to go before reaching the level of quality expected of an HD remake of Sonic 3.
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    Not to sound rude towards you guys, but this is the Sonic 2 HD topic all over again. If you guys keep this up, this project will never get finished. It looked fine to me to start with, and honestly, in game, you're gonna be running most of the time and rarely standing still doing nothing, and even when you do, there being more frames that are animated may take away from any flaws. Not every single individual frame has to be perfect, it just has to look good in motion.

    Just (super) saiyan.

    Of course if the creators think they can and should improve things, that's their choice. I'm just saying that this shit got S2HD nowhere for a long time, with minor gripes being raised every time something was redone.
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Which is why S2HD went (mostly) closed to public input. Still, this project is going to instantly be compared to S2HD as long as it's around unless it either does something differently, or does it better. Right now, it's not doing either.
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    About the Sonic standing sprite. One of the things I'm not too keen about is the head. I'd imagine Sonic having a neutral expression, instead of being happy. Maybe somwhere along the lines of this, of course without the horrible editing lines, lol. Also, that looking up pose. Eh, not sure about that either, although I haven't tried the demo to see the implications:

    Aaand, maybe some color tuning:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Oh god, kill it, kill it with fire :v:

    Besides that, Aerosol is pretty much right in everything :V
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    I think the animator outline looks fine. :ohdear:
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    It does looks like an improvement, at least.
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    Well I'm the one drawing these outlines just because I thought I'd be good at the animation by itself.

    Anyway, I'm happy to change anything about it, look, I changed the muzzle (Which I admit was very wrong):

    Anything else anyone thinks is even slightly wrong with it? I want to get this right this time.
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    Nothing about this seems off, actually. Only thing bugging me here is the joint between the belly and the legs, but it might seem a little worse if they were connected, who knows.

    Also, instead of smooth shading this - has anyone thought about cell-shading? Somehow I get the feeling it'd be a lot more appropriate, especially if all the level art was adjusted to somewhat of the same style.
  10. FeliciaVal


    just giving my two cents on the muzzle issue:

    hope this helps...
  11. Aerosol


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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    His body still looks a little too tall, but it's a big improvement Sonica.
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    Not as much of an improvement as the one right above your post :O
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Wasn't really paying attention. Sonica, take notice.
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    It's looking much better. Evokes Sonic 1/Needlemouse-era concept art than Sonic 3 to me though, maybe it's just in the eyes/pissed off expression.

    Regardless it's in "I'd like to play as that" territory.
  15. Arique


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    So I guess this is the new hot shit since Sonic 2 HD is officially dead. With that said (And I'm sorry for bumping this), any progress on Sonic 3 HD?
  16. Yeah, I'm pretty curious as to how development is going on this myself. I'd love to see another beta with improvements going up soon.
  17. Retroman


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    /Sorry for off-topic

    I would like to volunteer in the Sonic 3 HD department since it's my favourite game on the Sega Genesis. Maybe ripping sounds or layouts, research, 2D drawings.
  18. winterhell


    Hi guys.
    So, we are still working on the game. There have been improvements to the engine. We've changed the art resolution to 500% of the 16bit game in order to fit for Full HD. That being said, the art style is now a bit less of a vector upscale but more of a reimagination.
    The sad part is we are short on artists. New members who show skills come from time to time, stay for like half a month(not even finishing the images they started) , and then leave permanently because LifeĀ­, work, school.
    Currently in that department we have only Corral Summer who is doing the character shading and game objects, and Sonica who is helping him with the animations.

    If we have more artists to join, especially in making the foreground(terrain)/ backgrounds we may be able to release a new version asap.
    Also the plan for the next release is both Mushroom Hill Zone and Angel Island Zone.

    @Retroman,thanks but we've already have everything ripped.
  19. CorralSummer


    Sonic 2 HD
    We've taken all the criticism he received here into account and totally revamped the art style. Everything now has a lot more contrast, and is more realistic. We're also going a different direction when it comes to creating assets, rather than just blindly creating them we take the zones theme into account.
    Mushroom Hill Zone is all about mushrooms, so how can we emphasize this in the rest of the art for MHZ?
    Since Sonica last posted here, me and him began to privately work on Sonic together, and after a month or so we finally got a completed Sonic. It looks more like the official art than more than it looks like any of the other Sonics posted here.
    All that needs to be made now is his animations. I would show him, but we made the decision not to randomly show art, so until we get a good amount done we probably won't be showing him to the public.

    Other than that, we went into a big stasis of nothing being done after we made the tech demo. And due to some confusion on the direction of the project one of our main artists left.
    So we're short on artists. Currently it's only me and Sonica. This doesn't really fit with the plan I made a while back to get things done in a timely manner.
    The plan was to have.
    An artist for the Foreground
    One for the backgrounds
    Animations (Sonica does this)
    Characters (I do this with Sonica)
    And badniks.

    If we had one more artist I would have more hope for us to get this done in a timely manner. We want to have a new demo by next winter, but at the rate we're going I don't think that will be possible. If we were to get one or two more artists then we would have a much better chance of doing this.
    Thankfully this is our biggest problem. Everything else is going fine.


    On another note. I'm quite surprise anyone thought about this after Sonic 2 HD was cancelled(I'm really disappointed by this, it was a big inspiration for me). Our tech demo didn't have the best of art in comparison to it.
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    So um, I hate to start another S2HD "ur hax0ring my megahurtz omgzzz" fiasco, but any reason why my Chrome is warning me that visiting page 1 of this topic "has content from which is known to distribute malware"? :tinfoil: