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    There are many scans on the Sonic Retro wiki that need replacing, but this one is pretty embarassing:

    Our Sonic 3 EU Mega Drive cover is fake garbage. We need a replacement.

    Fake covers are nothing new (look at them all), but this is Sonic Retro, and chances are you each own at least a dozen copies of this game. If we can't source a scan for Sonic 3, then what can we source?

    First person to upload... wins?
  2. BSonirachi


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    After detecting it was fake, I wanted to replace it with my own scan of it, but my copy is pretty unsuitable as not only has the spine been bleached a bit by sunlight, someone had scribbled over the barcode with a marker pen:


    So, I'll leave this task to someone else who has a less defaced scan.
  3. If you want, scan your cover at 600dpi and post it here, I'll see what I can do.
  4. Sir_mihael


    Wow, I never would have picked up on it being a fake without seeing/reading the actual key difference. once you notice it becomes really obvious! Yeah, best nip that in the (long overgrown) bud :V
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    I have a copy of the cover, it's in pretty good condition, except for a very small white section on the spine at the bottom under the letter E from "DRIVE".

    If someone hasn't scanned by tomorrow evening, and if I can get my scanner up and running, I'll scan it in for you.
  6. BSonirachi


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    Here you go:

    See if you can also do something about the slightly sun-bleached spine as well. If this scan isn't salvageable, we could use MarkeyJester's scan if he does it.
  7. Fred


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    Checked the date - we have had this since before I did a bunch of mass-scannings of EU Sonic boxes before I took on my previous job, a good chunk of the main-line EU Sonic box covers are ones I did. Somewhat stunning this has been missed for so long.
  9. Thanks for the scans, here's Fred's cover with some basic image treatment:
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  10. Nice color correction job! Fred's looks great, although it looks to be a bit more cropped compared SorachiJirachi's.

    If I have time after work I'll fiddle-fart with the scans a bit. Maybe even a good clean-up.

    However, what bothers me is that I don't know how anyone here feels about that since it is altering the image's original integrity. I'd personally like to see if a better scan shows up first anyway. Y'know, the whole preservation thing, the reason why we'd don't want a modified "fake" or UGC-sized scan in the first place.

    Also, has Knuckles always been this pink? I guess I never really noticed. Although, his in-game sprite can be a little bit on the pink-ish side. :P
  11. BSonirachi


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    I think Fred's scan combined with Master Emerald's cleanups looks fantastic and is a lot nicer and well-preserved than mine, but it appears to be cropped a little compared to my scan. I'm waiting to see how far things go with this before I go ahead and replace that fake cover.

    As for Knuckles being pink, the artist made him like that because of his NPC sprites having a pink palette and the artist may have only had those sprites as a reference (I'm not sure if the artist was provided any of those official style guides that made Knuckles pink).
  12. f2bnp


    I also have my copy of the game and scanner at the ready. Would it help in any way if I scanned it and uploaded it? Are there any other covers that I could help with?