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Sonic 3 Complete

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Tiddles, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. If you're playing Sonic 3 (Part One) and you use debug mode to drop a super monitor, you transform into Hyper Sonic, not Super Sonic as it *should* be for Sonic 3 alone.
  2. Techokami


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    Sorry man, didn't know that Competiton Mode was concentrated awfulness. :/
  3. BlazeHedgehog


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    Something I don't like: the Tails airlift modes.

    More specifically, I don't like that they modify the Marble Garden Boss - to my knowledge, if you are playing Sonic 3 in co-op, the Tails player airlifts Sonic much like they themselves fly (tapping the button), but in the Marble Garden Boss, the controls change to be directional. This is also what happens if you play as Tails alone - everywhere else, you tap the button, but during the Marble Garden Boss you have directional control over Tails.

    I think that should be preserved in Sonic 3 Complete. If I pick S1 2013 Tails Assist controls, I think it should still force directional control during the Marble Garden boss.

    (Unless it's really just been THAT long since I've paid attention to that aspect of Sonic 3...)
  4. dsrb


    That brings up a much more important point! Tiddles needs to write and program a new cutscene explaining where Tails gets the massive and temporary burst of extra energy that enables him to fly for about 100x longer than normal. [/totally_serious_really] :v:
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    This hack is amazing! It's the first time I've played all the way through Sonic3k in awhile and it felt totally fresh! I'm surprised how much the super-peel out and super-cancelling added.

    Do any of the sprite packs have a super-peel out animation? I'm using Sonic 2 right now.
    I just read that the figure 8 animations were added for all sprite packs for the latest version if in Sonic CD mode. I'm not seeing them with the sonic 2 sprite pack, FWIW.

    If we're going onto crazy suggestions...

    1. If the player is *really* fast with the spindash/super peel out at the start of Angel Island Zone, let them hit Knuckles and steal the emeralds back (wouldn't that feel good!)

    2. If the player is super during the marble garden boss fight, let them fly around doomsday style instead.

    3. A modified (properly colored?) Chaotix Sprite for Knuckles when using 'Classic' style sprites (sonic1/2)?

    4. Playable Professor Pickle

    5. Edit flying battery's palette in angel island zone (or it's own zone) to match

    6. Ability to kill the angel island midboss during its first cutscene and stop the island burn Someone already suggested this
  6. E-122-Psi


    The best superfluous change I can think of is giving Knuckles' boss more advanced AI, thus adding to the catharsis factor of actually kicking his ass. Something like the Advance remake where he can pull more advanced and random versions of that punch for example.

    Also, while this sounds greedy after adding a whole new soundtrack choice, I've always wanted to hear Megadrive remakes of the extended level themes heard in Howard Drossin's OST.
  7. Tiddles


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    I'm afraid it has been that long! If you're controlling Tails directly, whether as player 1 or player 2, you have always had to use button-tap flying, even in the MGZ boss. The only time you can use the direction buttons is if Sonic is controlling Tails in the MGZ boss, and even that stops working as soon as player 2 touches something, as it is part of Tails' AI routines. All I've done is reuse most of that routine when Tails picks up Sonic outside of MGZ; the only way the MGZ boss works any differently is if you swap in the S1 2013 controls, in which case you will have to tap-fly Tails as you do elsewhere (and down+jump to disembark).

    Just tried this on a fresh customiser build and they are showing up OK. Are you definitely using a version marked as "3C02/130602" in the options menu, and using Sonic CD 1993 or Sonic CD 2011 control modes? If so, and it's still not showing up, could I ask you to send your ROM and SRAM so I can work out what's causing it?
  8. Yarharhar


    Ok that's weird. I used the customizer yesterday and it turns out I got 130601 - now it correctly generated me 130602
    Thanks for the quick assist!
  9. MastaSys


    You always fixed the LBZ tower knuckles's bomb thing of leaving stuff behind, I always thought that such small thing wouldn't be bothered to be fixed, kudos for you to try to fix every bit of detail you can :)

    As I played I was thinking, what about fixing the biggest problem the game have?
    I mean this:


    The thing is so infamous, might be worth to thinker a bit with it, besides using up and down also giving the option to balancing it with jumps as any sensible plataform game, or somethig of the sort.

    Also other thing that you should consider if you want: The night FBZ shoudn't affect the standalone games (or a option to do so). In the full game it makes total sense, it was meant to be like that, but with the games divided, not so much, it's makes Sonic 3 way bigger than S&K and it's one of the reasons was moved was because of that.

    ( :specialed: Also if I might mention it again... Also giving us the option to make Sonic/Tails play the night version and Knuckles the da.... *shot*)

    EDIT: It might be my imagination but aren't some S&KC track in way lower volume that the other ones? The Super Sonic Theme and Lauch Base are giving me that impression, but again might be just my imagination.
  10. dsrb


    FWIW, although I doubt their likelihood, Yarharhar's suggestions are pretty cool. Numbers 2, 3, 5, and 6 seem the likeliest, I guess.
  11. Another prob: Attempt to do the SCD-style spindash on the floating platforms in FBZ and you end up getting hurt.
  12. Tanks


    Ok. These suggestions are getting insane. Stop it. If it ain't broke, and its only a "peeve" (or some retarded idea because your fantasies to come true in hack form) and not a legit fix, don't poke Tiddles about it. The game's fine as it is. We're lucky enough to even have this level of customization already. Let him fix the actual bugs (ie Competition Mode) and quit trying to get your fantasies shoved into a hack. Or at least be reasonable about it...

    Also I'm noticing this as well. That could stand for some slight tweaking imo...
  13. Fred


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    But... You can already do all of this. That's why the options menu is there, so you can customize the game to your preference. And so people who disagree with your opinion and want night FBZ in S3 standalone can enjoy that, as well. And if you want to play Night FBZ as Knuckles and Day FBZ as Sonic you can also do that right now.

    It's kind of disheartening to have such ridiculously intricate customization options that allow for each and every combination possible so EVERYONE is happy, but then having everybody complain that the default options aren't their personal favorite instead.
  14. MastaSys


    Well sugestions are just that, sugestions, they can go to the internet void or something to consider.

    And those don't exist to bash the existing work, it's just the oposite if there weren't any interest those woudn't exist, and if my posts lack any praise it's just because, there are too much of those already on this thread and I don't want to repeat myself like an parrot, my postive opinion still stands :)

    Yes those are redundant just to leave the game as desired to the players, and such thing already exist, for example make the subgames play the original tunes, it would be possible to change the other individual options to make S&K play the original tunes, but that option still exist after all.
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    Here's a bug for you: Playing 2P mode with my brother (he's Tails) at the end of Carnival Night, with Flying Battery in its moved position. Tails jumps in the cannon first, followed by Sonic, but Tails accidentally fires the cannon while it's aiming left. Sonic is now stuck autofiring the jump button (I assume that's how he's programmed to fire the cannon himself) and I can't control him. Airlifting Sonic will free him, though.
  16. Jason


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    If you beat the Mushroom Hill Valley Miniboss before it scrolls over to the edge of the level, which can be done with Hyper Sonic, Knuckles doesn't show up to throw the switch for Act 2. He shows up after I die via a Time Over, though.
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    Got a couple more things to add.
    If you defeat a miniboss in Sky Sanctuary, enter a bonus stage and back, then return to the miniboss area, the miniboss is revived.
    Anyone remember the hack that was done to Sonic 1 that improved gameplay in the special stages by introducing variable jump height? That same fix would be great for the slot machine bonus stage.
    Oh and also, mid air roll ala Triple Trouble/Megamix (if in the air and not spinning, pressing jump goes into spin state). I'd love for that to be added.
  18. Strife


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    This. Very much this. I have three suggestions that are hopefully easy enough to do:

    - Turn it into a standard elevator that constantly moves up and down on its own, and all the player needs to do is hop on it.
    - Lower the upper platform a bit so it's possible to reach it just by jumping up and down on the barrel.
    - Replace the barrel with a red spring.
  19. MastaSys


    Well there are more of those in the zone, and that one in particular is not on (Jam's) Easy and Normal mode, so people that are having problems with it can just do that.
    It's more of fixing it as a piece of plataforming itself really...
  20. That One Jig

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    I think you've confused this with the other "problem" barrel in CNZ2. Neither of these suggestions would help out at all with the one that otherwise blocks your path entirely right after you turn the lights back on.

    I'll share the same sentiments as Tanks and Neo on this. Yes, a lot of interesting things have happened with the latest update. FBZ after CNZ and S&KC music are things many people have been looking forward to, and now they're in. This doesn't mean that the hack is suddenly going to transform into a "Make my request come true!" project. If a change is meaningful and fitting enough, it'll be considered. Otherwise, keep all expectations in check. Looks like that's started to happen anyways, so that's good. :)