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Sonic 3 & Babylon Rogues

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by VMordecai, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. VMordecai


    Sonic 3 & Babylon Rogues
    An attempt to wait 10 years for someone to make it themselves was a failure, so I had to gather lots of patience and dive into a wonderful world of romhacking x)
    As a big fan of these birds, I couldn't just let them go without their own hack, I wanted to play one so badly, so I did one myself...

    The project is a WIP. I've only added Jet for now, and currently I am drawing little by little Storm's sprites. Hope he fits in Tails's place. Wave will replace Knuckles, because he has a separate color palette, and Wave has many shades of purple. Also because he can glide like she does in Riders. And Storm may use a jetpack to fly like Tails would.

    As a base for Jet I used this work of GabrielFrag. Very special thanks to him!

    I'm not planning on adding/changing stages or giving them special abilities, because, first of all, I love the game as it plays, just want different playable characters (even as skins), and second, it's too hard for me to make it properly yet.


    Alas, my knowledge is very limited here, and it doesn't really help that I started my journey with S3K, the most complicated one of all. I've encountered some bugs on my way, and I have no idea what to do with them yet.
    Like this sprite for special stage, that consists of two files. Second half doesn't read properly.
    Or the menu. When I try to swap Sonic for Jet, all menu graphics turn into a total chaos. Because Jet has more tiles in his sprite, thanks to his fab feathers.

    You can download it here

    Thank you for the opportunity, for the wonderful wiki and tutorials, for your time and please enjoy~

    Also, special thanks to Vosmy and Rondineviola.
  2. Very nice. Perhaps when all the characters sprites are completed you could donate them to Sonic Classic Heroes for a team?
  3. flamewing


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    I would be open to that, yes.
  4. MotorRoach


    I do hope you manage to get some programming help. These are some potential sprites that I personally think that they are worthy of some gameplay changes... plus I don't think Storm being the Tails replacement makes much sense, especially since Wave is the one to use gadgets, and I can't imagine Storm using a jetpack.
  5. VMordecai


    Sonic 3 & Babylon Rogues
    Thank you all!
    Yeah, I was already suggested that and that would be beyond awesome!

    Well, yeah, initially I planned that, Wave-Tails, Storm-Knuckles. But it soon appeared to me that Sonic and Tails share the same color palette, and Wave just won't fit in. She has so many shades of purple! While Stormy does, with his palette mostly matching Jet's, with all his greys and yellows. Besides, he's very loyal to his boss, I would totally see him willing to carry the boss around and help him as he could.
    And Knuckles can glide, which also can Wave, and I think she is agile enough to climb walls as he does. Like Rouge, excluding the emerald shards hunt hell x) Plus separate palette, all for herself, which is perfect. Besides she with her cunning and wits could fit the game route of a hardcore character Knux is. And is independent enough to go on her own.

    This was my reasoning behind this choice, but the main cause was mostly due to the technical restrictions with palettes I can't get past.

    And if not a jetpack, maybe Storm can use a magic carpet to fly around. After all, they got one from the Babylon Guardian. x)
  6. Jeffery Mewtamer

    Jeffery Mewtamer

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    I haven't played any of the Riders games, so maybe this would be obvious to those who have, but is there any reason Storm, being, if I remember correctly, an albatross, couldn't fly like a normal flying bird?
  7. Atendega


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    Birds can't fly, only foxes and rabbits can, silly
  8. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    They are a race of alien genies who made the extreme gear because they lost flight by angering the gods.
  9. Zeoinx


    Feel free to offer him rom hacking advice guys! I sent em here for help as you guys are the best of the best of Sonic Rom Hacks