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Sonic 3 A.I.R. Release Thread

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by 360, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. T.Q.


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    Here's another bug to report from me.

    BUG #5
    CLICK HERE FOR BIN FILE. Takes place in Mushroom Hill Zone, Act 2. This occurred as Hyper Sonic when flashing into the air near the main boss's introduction with the satellite dish transmitting data. Parts of the level layout went transparent.

    BUG #6
    CLICK HERE FOR BIN FILE. Takes place in Flying Battery Zone, Act 2. This occurred after the main boss fight. Sonic went quick to open up the animal prison/capsule that Robotnik's graphics glitched up temporarily as Robotnik was still leaving the screen.

    BUG #7 (or Unexpected Feature ?)
    CLICK HERE FOR BIN FILE. Takes place in Sky Sanctuary Zone, Act 2. This occurred after the last boss fight. The positioning of the Death Egg's lift off, when Sonic & Tails jump aboard the ship, went off further to the right side of the screen. Now...I don't know if it was intentional or not to have the position of the Death Egg varied when replaying the game at different times. If so...then great, not a bug.

    BUG #8
    CLICK HERE FOR BIN FILE. Takes place in Ice Cap Zone, Act 2. This occurs at a loop-de-loop near the end of the act. Sonic was rolled down the loop so quickly, then he got stuck at a particular position and made the level shake before falling off the loop.

    BUG #9
    CLICK HERE FOR BIN FILE. Takes place in Launch Base Zone, Act 2. There is a section of walkthrough tubing where the character can be seen from the outside rather than inside the tubing when entering a room.

    BUG #10
    CLICK HERE FOR BIN FILE. Takes place in Launch Base Zone, Act 2. This takes place at the boss area where Robotnik is supposed to jump in, sit in his spot, and launch canon balls at you. Sonic was in his Hyper transformation, and happened to jump so high up that he landed in the boss' area and easily destroyed the seating without Robotnik showing up.
  2. Moto Bug

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    After an hour of searching the rest of the level, I realized I was missing the capsule right under the end of the level. Just my luck :v:/>
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    "Not into the pit! It burns!" -- Seems if you're far to the right in AIZ1 that you can sometimes fall out of the level. I assume that's related to that part technically being blocked off in the original game (i.e., you can only get there because the screen is unlocked).

    "Look ma, no boundary!" -- A bug retained from the original game. Entering a giant ring or bonus stage in Act 2 produces this error, where you can go back past the starting point from Act 2 into Act 1.

    "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!" -- Transforming into super sonic, it would seem that I got stuck on the a rotating wheel in CNZ. Oops!?
  4. I played this for a bit last night, and I love it! The smooth-looking Special Stages are among my favourite improvements, and I like the small additions like the alternate bombing sequence in Angel Island. It's not a complete pace-breaker anymore.

    Super Sonic not having a complete sprite set did throw me off a bit, but like many people here, I was just spoiled by Sonic 3 Complete.

    Seems like I always have an excuse to replay this game. Congratulations to everyone involved in this excellent project!
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    Had a cool idea. Could someone with mad art skills produce a Steam image for Sonic 3 A.I.R.? Would love to add it to my Steam library and I'm sure many others would too.
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    Man, been a long while since I posted around here... But, I came here to express my gratitude for this insane project.(tbh I probably will never go back to the original ROM after this)

    With that said I've come across a lot of oddities in LRZ1. The entire level was acting strange, I had recordings but I overwrote them assuming the engine would make a new file and number them, so, heres some info on what I experienced.

    • I was playing through the entire level as Hyper Tails.
    • Some objects started spawning above their intended layers.
    • The top route at little past the middle of the level, where there is a spike crusher and a lightning monitor, the lightning monitor did not have it's platform under it(floating) and the spike crusher spawned twice.
    • The button that opens up the boss arena did not spawn and the game softlocked until I ran out of time.
    • The elevator at the end started to randomly shift places when offscreen.
    I do have a recording of the softlock at the end of the level, and the weird elevator shifting thing:

    You've created something special here, and I just gotta say Thank You for your hard work and running me through a remastered nostalgia trip of my favorite Sonic game.

    As for feature requests I don't really have any others haven't already said, I guess I myself would love to see more modding capability!
  7. Hez


    It'd so incredibly amazing if you could collaborate with the maker of Sonic 3 complete. Just throwing that out there. Both of these combined would be for the greater good.

    That being said. Exactly how much flexibility do you have with modifying the original game? I guess, what is your code and what is the games?
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    Released on my birthday and I didn't know about it? Gonna download and give it a play-through. I can't express enough gratitude for all of the work people put into these sort of projects.
  9. Played up to Marble Garden Zone, then played Angel Island Act 1 Time Attack for a bit to try out racing against the ghost recordings. Didn't get the Achievement, but it was pretty fun. I don't know why that isn't a standard feature in Sonic games, it totally should be!

    Do you intend on adding any other Achievements to the game, or more unlockables? "Developer Ghosts" would be an obvious one, and I'm sure that we can get some volunteers if you don't think that you can speed through a stage fast enough to warrant including it as a ghost. As far as Achievements go, I used to have the Sonic and Knuckles Collection on PC, and I could swear that I remember accidentally skipping the second Metal Sonic fight in Sky Sanctuary the first time I played through that level as a kid. If it helps any, I think that I used to play as Tails since I liked flying everywhere back then.

    Out of curiosity, since this is essentially just using the ROM as a starting point and runs off of it's own code, would it be possible to add in a Custom Level feature, and add them into additional level slots for Time Attack? Or remove the in-game cutscenes and stick everything together as an ever-expanding Marathon Mode? (Like, each time a Zone is completed, an unplayed Zone is chosen at random for the next level until all Zones as well as Custom Zones are played through?)
  10. Sid Starkiller

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    Yup, easily. On the rare occasion that I actually play as Tails, I'll usually skip the first and second Mecha Sonic fights.
  11. Eukaryot


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    Sonic 3 A.I.R.
    First, once again thank you all for bug reports, they are very much appreciated!

    Oh, that sounds really weird. I'll have a look at the recording, hope it also reveals if there was some general issue that happened in your LRZ run.

    Same for me :)
    However, right now it's not really high on my to-do list, other things have to come first.

    It's comparable to emulator code vs. emulated code from a ROM: The C++ engine provides graphics, audio, input functionality and some more (including most of the menus). The scripts are basically the executable 86K code, but converted to a more "coding-friendly" way than machine code or a disassembly.
    So smaller code changes are no problem at all, but larger gameplay extensions like e.g. adding a new boss fight or similar can mean a lot of work. I'd say these things are somewhat comparable to ROM hacking.

    Some new achievements will get added, probably also new secrets. Plus I'm thinking about maybe something like "real" secrets, i.e. eastereggs that are only unlocked by doing some very specific things in the game.
    On "developer ghosts": I thought about this already, but it's hard to tell what would be the right difficulty here. I'm not good at speedrunning at all, and I personally would like to have ghosts shipped with the game that I can still beat. Which in turn means, they would have to be quite bad. :D

    I guess the answer to Hex above somewhat answers this already. What you're suggesting certainly falls into the "larger gameplay extensions" category.
  12. SonicForMacOS



    Thanks so much for this. But are you – or anyone else – able to give clearer instructions? They seem to assume we're familiar with WINE/CrossOver/Windows and understand where we can find "Wine config" and what a "redist" is, and generally making things easier for idiots like me to understand what you're referring to.
  13. Black Squirrel

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    It's wiki time. There's no need to be afraid.
    The only thing this really needs (other than Knuckles' green socks I guess) are the extra animations for Super/Hyper Sonic which Sonic 3 Complete added.

    And maybe the Kega Fusion-style CVBS filter... but I guess that might defeat the purpose of some of this.

    But other than that it's a very good effort.
  14. Felik


    Came to this thread just to say Thank you so much, Eukaryot and everyone who assisted you with Sonic 3 AIR. I was looking for an excuse to replay my favorite game of all time and this was just the perfect occasion! Had a blast with it and having played in widescreen makes me want to never come back to regular 4:3 resolution. This feels just perfect.

    Sonic 3 AIR is the definitive version of the game for me now. Good luck on all the improvements and additions you've got planned for it.
    Again, thank you! This is something truly great!
  15. Eukaryot


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    Sonic 3 A.I.R.
    @T.Q.: I worked through the first bunch of bugs:

    Regard it as fixed. :)

    Yes, this was an intentional change. I thought it wasn't right to not reward a player who makes it to 300 rings with 3 lives - especially as someone who gets to 200, then loses them and gets back to 100 rings will receive 3 lives for that.

    Unfortunately, I can't download the bin file for some reason...

    Oh, that was a whole missing feature of the boss I just wasn't aware is even a thing. Will get corrected in the next update.
  16. Ravenfreak


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    I finally got the chance to install this and play it for a while yesterday. I didn't run into any glitches myself, aside from Tails being a bit derp in the glowing spheres bonus stage once, however other than that nothing too out of the ordinary happened. The updated graphics, music and layouts make it much better than the original. Thank you for making this project Eukaryot! ^_^
  17. T.Q.


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    Sorry about that the link was incorrectly typed in. Here's the file now:
  18. TheOcelot


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    I'd like to be able to play AIR with Sonic and Knuckles (AI) following. Could that be implemented?

    Also, it's probably worth documenting the changes Eukaryot has made in the "Sonic 3 AIR" level layouts option compared to the normal Sonic 3 and Sonic 3&Knuckles layouts. I'll make a note of all the changes I find. For example; the small push-able rock in Angel Island act1 (before the bombardment) has been replaced by a set of spikes. The only bottomless pit in Mushroom Hill Act2 in the Knuckles-only low route has been replaced with solid ground so that it's no longer a bottomless pit. Would be interesting to know why Eukaryot has decided to make these changes.


    So erm, this happened when I was playing AIR. Mecha/Silver Tails...XD

    I was using the xBRZ screen filter.

  19. Eukaryot


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    Sonic 3 A.I.R.
    I'd love to see that as well, but it would certainly be a large change. There's a surprisingly large amount of code in S3&K that only works correctly if the second player is really Tails and nobody else...

    So far, there's no public list of the level layout changes, so it's probably about time to change that. However, the following lists only the larger changes:

    Marble Garden Zone Act 1
    • Remember this annoying yellow diagonal spring after a gently downwards slope? I just had to do something about it, so now it's some spikes that will stop you - without pushing you back.
    • Similarly, I added some spikes in front of one of these swinging spikey balls in an indoors area. Can't give a good description where exactly it is without making a screenshot. (By the way, is there a possibility to attach screenshots without having to upload them elsewhere?)

    Carnival Night Zone Act 2
    • Above the area where the Knuckles path branches off in the short underwater section after the start. A bit more space was added behind the clamer so it's less frustrating to get to the invincibility monitor.
    • In the lights-out section, there's a longer room with water pools, islands in between, fans, barrels and moving groups of bumpers. An underwater shortcut tunnel was added there. I hate that section, wanted to bypass at least a bit of it.

    Launch Base Zone Act 2
    • Just below the start, the lowest part of the pipe is not solid, so you can go to the left and see what's there. Added mainly to counter some collision-related bugs that can happen in this area.
    • A small part of the level was altered so the "Fluffy fur must not get wet" achievement work. If you have that, you know what I'm talking about. ;)

    Mushroom Hill Act 2
    • The death pit there. Because it was the only one around and as such it always felt a bit out-of-place. Also, I'm not a fan of death pits at all, so this is probably also related to my hatred against those.

    Death Egg Zone Act 1
    • The formerly seemingly unfinished hidden Tails (or Knuckles?) path soon after you get the lightning shield on the lower path got completed.

    As said before, this list is not complete at all, and does not cover other, smaller changes.
  20. Sappharad


    @Eukaryot - You've said you have no plans to port to other platforms on Twitter.
    Can you at least comment on whether you'd be willing to let someone else do a port for you at some point? I'm assuming from the SDL2 and OpenGL DLLs that you made some kind of attempt at being ready for other platforms some day, although judging from the fact that I can't even get the game to run in a Windows 10 Virtual Machine without using fail safe mode there's some kind of mysterious physical windows dependency that you haven't mentioned. (I run the latest VMWare which supports DirectX 10.1 hardware acceleration)

    If you're open to a macOS port on your terms and believe it to be feasible without significant replacements, please let me know. Willing to grant you private access to code of equal value as collateral. Otherwise maybe consider looking into something like Emscripten to build a WebAssembly version and someone could build native electron apps for other platforms for you, that way you wouldn't have to share the code with anyone.
    That depends, are you using CrossOver or actual WINE? I use CrossOver, I could just export a pre-configured bottle for you to import into another copy of CrossOver. Then you wouldn't have to configure anything, you'd just tell CrossOver to run the game .EXE using the already-configured bottle I provide. Let me know if that would work for you.