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Sonic 3 A.I.R. Release Thread

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by 360, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Sappharad


    It's a valid entry. Nice and clean also. A lot of people have been going with that Japanese box art style to match Sonic 1 & 2.
    Most of the entries are being posted on Discord, but I will collect them in one place for the voting.
  2. Rrose80149


    I hope I picked the best one and win.
  3. RetroJordan91


    The REAL Blue Sphere Guy Member
    FC21D0DE-3B6F-4A97-BD81-C6D17E808C13.jpeg 9AC31FE4-2CC7-4328-A76B-45C553BA6BDC.jpg 9892E2B5-E692-4102-BE45-77D86CF5F53E.jpg

    I’ve been following the contest on Discord from afar (unfortunately I can’t leave messages atm lol) and there are a lot of cool entries.. I know my opinion might not play a role in the decision but these are my top 3 (so far). I don’t have the tools to edit these and I’m not an artist by any means, but I’ve also included some feedback for each one in case Sappharad or Eukaryot are reading:

    S&K (left)- I Love it (this is now my favorite lol) It’s faithful to the Japanese box art and it follows Euka’s requests on Discord

    S & K (middle)- I like it; as per Euka’s request, the TM would have to be removed and there’s just a bit too much going on in the background.. otherwise, another faithful icon

    S, T, & K (right)- my 2nd favorite of the three; as per Euka’s request, I would replace the SEGA logo with the AIR text, whether it’s the full name or the initials, it doesn’t matter (as long as it’s large enough to be visible)

    Again, just my take, but if I had to pick one of the three, I would go with the left one.

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out.. we still have time until the Friday night deadline so I’m sure the icons will be edited by then and my opinion will change
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  4. Sappharad


    A poll has been created to vote for an icon. 7 of the top submissions will now go head-to-head in a public vote to decide which icon will be used for the iOS port and possibly others if/where appropriate. To vote you will rank your favorites in order from 1st place onward.
    If you'd like to vote, vote here:
    Voting ends Monday at 8:59PM PST, 11:59PM EST. (4:59 AM Tuesday UTC) The results will be posted late on Tuesday.

    For those wondering, and ignore this if it confuses you, the ranking will work like a racing game where 1st place is allocated the most points.
    1st: 7 points
    2nd: 6 points
    3rd: 5 points
    4th: 4 points
    5th: 3 points
    6th: 2 points
    7th: 1 points
    The scores will be added up so the most points wins. If for some reason there ends up being a tie, 1st place will be bumped to 8 points and scores will be recalculated. I didn't want to mention how the scoring works in case it confuses someone. Just rank from 1st to last place and know your 1st place is your top pick.
  5. T.Q.


    The Sims 2, Tim Drake [Robin] Member
    Voted. My favorite was "E", although I think that would cause confusion over any officially released Sonic 3 games by SEGA. So maybe have "A.I.R." somewhere over the logo to distinguish it.

    And "G" has lots of potential to tap into, just needs to be a 1D image instead of a 2D image! No shading necessary, probably needs some soda to spill on it too for artistic effect.
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  6. Fadaway


    I voted. I prefer the three characters and just the number 3. That was E IIRC. I usually favor minimalism! But, definitely minimalism with all three characters.
  7. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Also voted E. T.Q. does make a point about potential confusion with an official port, but at this point I've given up hope for an official rerelease.
  8. Rrose80149


    I voted for A.
  9. Sappharad


    Contest results: contest_results.png
    Entry E wins. That entry was actually why I added the little disclaimer to the survey that we might make minor cleanups / fixes to whatever icon won, because its border is slightly thinner than the rest and might look different next to the other two games. I have not actually tested this icon yet to see if that's the case, but if there are some things that need tweaking I can mess with it or see if the creator wants to.

    Thanks to everyone who entered and voted!
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  10. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    The one that won is the best looking one.
  11. A was really good too to be honest, but yeah E deserved.
  12. Rrose80149


    A is my most favorite If I change the icon using "APK Editor".
  13. CheatFreak


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    I also made some icons for Sonic 3 AIR based on the 2013 mobile-art style, as well as Steam Library Assets. I did mine without the border, to match the old paid versions, not the SEGA Forever junk.

    Use these as you please, I also posted them on SteamGridDB.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Steam Capsule:

    Steam Cover:
    Steam Hero (Background):

    Steam Logo:
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  14. Rrose80149


    I assume it should be released this Saturday.
  15. RetroJordan91


    The REAL Blue Sphere Guy Member
    Haha at first I had no idea what this comment is about but low and behold, a public beta for the mobile version of AIR was just unveiled earlier today.. thank you kind mind reader!! :V
  16. farmerbb


    Been playing around with the newly released Android version, and I'm impressed! Seems to perform well on every device I've tested so far.

    I did run into an issue when installing the APK onto my Nvidia Shield. Basically, the Shield controller doesn't get recognized as player 1. I'm able to press start on the title screen, but the controller doesn't work in the menu. If I use a mouse to click the on-screen controls and start a game, the Shield controller ends up controlling Tails instead of Sonic.

    Is there any way to manually specify which controller to use for player 1? I couldn't find any way to do so inside the settings.json or settings_input.json, though I opened up the logfile.txt and noticed the following:

    Code (Text):
    1. Input initialization...
    2. Controller #1: "virtual-search"
    3. {
    4.     "Up": [ "Button11" ],
    5.     "Down": [ "Button12" ],
    6.     "Left": [ "Button13" ],
    7.     "Right": [ "Button14" ],
    8.     "A": [ "Button0" ],
    9.     "B": [ "Button4" ],
    10.     "X": [  ],
    11.     "Y": [  ],
    12.     "Start": [  ],
    13.     "Back": [  ]
    14. }
    16. Controller #2: "IPControl_UPnP_RemoteService"
    17. {
    18.     "Up": [ "Button11" ],
    19.     "Down": [ "Button12" ],
    20.     "Left": [ "Button13" ],
    21.     "Right": [ "Button14" ],
    22.     "A": [ "Button0" ],
    23.     "B": [ "Button4" ],
    24.     "X": [  ],
    25.     "Y": [  ],
    26.     "Start": [  ],
    27.     "Back": [  ]
    28. }
    30. Controller #3: "shield-ask-remote"
    31. {
    32.     "Up": [ "Button11" ],
    33.     "Down": [ "Button12" ],
    34.     "Left": [ "Button13" ],
    35.     "Right": [ "Button14" ],
    36.     "A": [ "Button0" ],
    37.     "B": [ "Button4" ],
    38.     "X": [  ],
    39.     "Y": [  ],
    40.     "Start": [  ],
    41.     "Back": [  ]
    42. }
    44. Controller #4: "NVIDIA Controller v01.04"
    45. {
    46.     "Up": [ "Axis2", "Button11" ],
    47.     "Down": [ "Axis3", "Button12" ],
    48.     "Left": [ "Axis0", "Button13" ],
    49.     "Right": [ "Axis1", "Button14" ],
    50.     "A": [ "Button0" ],
    51.     "B": [ "Button1" ],
    52.     "X": [ "Button2" ],
    53.     "Y": [ "Button3" ],
    54.     "Start": [ "Button6" ],
    55.     "Back": [ "Button4" ]
    56. }
    The first three are virtual input devices that the Shield creates for whatever reason, and the fourth one is the actual Shield controller. FWIW, the Android port of SRB2 detects the same virtual controllers as well, and I have to manually set the active controller to the Nvidia one. Might be worth it to put those three into an internal blacklist, or something.
  17. Eukaryot


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    Sonic 3 A.I.R.
    For everyone reading the recent comments and being somewhat confused:
    There was a (semi-)public Beta release for the iOS and Android version of Sonic 3 A.I.R. recently on Discord. I didn't make this public anywhere else yet, as it's basically a test release to get some first feedback from a slightly larger audience. The Beta itself still has its fair share of issues, and can't be considered a final release in any way.

    Nonetheless, for everyone wanting to give it a try, here's the links to both versions:
    But keep in mind, this is unfinished, and it already became quite clear that there's still a lot to do until it is.

    In the desktop versions, I would have told you to just press F4, but that obviously doesn't work well on Android. That is, unless you have an Android-compatible keyboard laying around somewhere.
    Other than that, you can try attaching another controller, if you have one, as the 5th controller (like all odd-numbered controllers) is assigned to player 1 again.
    Anyways, I've added it to the list of things to fix. Maybe it's a solution to blacklist these virtual controllers by their names.
  18. farmerbb


    Thanks for the reply. I can simulate a press of the F4 key over ADB, with the adb shell input keyevent 134 command. Running that without a second controller connected doesn't seem to do anything (though I can see the message printed at the bottom of the screen). However, if I connect a second controller, then press the key, it does indeed swap the Shield controller back to player 1!

    One oddity I noticed though is that, after swapping, I can press start on the Shield controller to pause the game but I have to use the extra controller to control the pause menu (as well as the other menus). Minor annoyance, but I can live with it until a proper fix is implemented.
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  19. REPO Man

    REPO Man

    The beta works like a dream on my Onn 10" tablet. Onn, for those who don't know, is basically Walmart's store brand for electronics. Haven't tried it on my phone yet.
  20. Tets


    one rude dude Oldbie
    Runs great on my Switch with the new switchroot Android 10 rom, super smooth and no controller issues. Even seems to handle changing resolution gracefully from 720p to 1080p when I dock it, which is something of a surprise. Seems like most Android apps just remain at 720p or crash outright.