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Sonic 3 30th Anniversary: AIR vs Origins

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by RetroJordan91, Feb 2, 2024.

  1. Jason


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    At this point, Sonic players should expect the best experience on PC via mods. It's been that way since Generations. Not to say Sega shouldn't be trying harder, but the proof is in the pudding.
  2. Mookey


    Ok, but I have absolutely no reason to buy Origins on PC. I've already bought the classics 3 or 4 times over in my life at this point and the PC as a platform to play them on has been long covered. Heck, Sonic 3 specifically I had covered over 20 years ago thanks to S&K collection, and as a modern option I think A.I.R. does it better. All I wish is that base Origins would be brought up to the same level as the mobile ports they're based on, but there's no point in hoping for that.
  3. Mr. Cornholio

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    PC is technically always going to have that slight advantage due to the much more open nature of the system compared to consoles, as that's been the case in a lot of scenarios I've observed outside of Sonic.

    It's great, but I'm always skeptical to include third party fixes as a reason as to why you should pick a game up. Mostly because I think a really casual PC user will not have much interest/be unsure on how to install the fixes, and I think it gives a lot of PC ports a 'free pass' in a way. 'Yeah this port out of the box lags behind the console releases, but if you grab this thing after installing the game you'll have a better time.' It's a difficult line to draw in the sand.

    Though considering AIR is an option in this poll and that requires a little bit of technical know-how to grab a 3K ROM (and the forum we're on!), I don't think a whole lot of people here will really object that heavily about having to use a third party fix.

    Yeah, that's sort of where I stand with Origins. I'm technically really glad this exists since the idea of a 'Retro Engine 3K port' was shot down twice if I have my timeline right (first with the iPhone Proof-Of-Concept pitch, the second time with Mania's original pitch). There's a lot of cute little details that suggest the team had some fun and Amy is a neato bonus. I still think the end result is something better than vanilla 3K in terms of content. However, in it's current state? Eh. I'd really just point someone to AIR if they're comfortable setting that up. I've bought the classic games a fair amount of times and Origins' high price point makes it a tough sell on PC.

    I'd really only recommend it if you want all the Retro Engine remakes in one convenient package instead of having to move between executables to play the titles.
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    idk man, S&K collection has my absolute favorite version of DoomsDay Zone when you use a correct soundfont or midi device. Something about it sounds so "spacey" if that makes sense.
    I apologize for the drums being too loud I forgot to adjust the channel volume.