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Sonic 3 '14 Project Release - Sonic 3 POC Remade in RSDKv4

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by The Weigman, May 8, 2023.

  1. The Weigman

    The Weigman

    Hello All,
    I'm here posting on behalf of all the friends I worked with in order to make this a reality for the last two years:

    This mod of Sonic 2 2013 we bring you today recreates what the 2014 Proof of Concept would have felt like, running on RSDKv4. Stealth's blog and resources from the Sonic Mania Decomp were referenced religiously, along with our own elbow grease and creative liberties to make it happen. Everything you can see and do in the POC Video has been painstakingly remade from scratch by our team of scripters. (plus some extras!)

    Go check it out now on Gamebanana at:
    To play, make sure you're using the most recent versions of the RSDKv4 Decomp and Sonic 1/2 Script Decomps.

    • Lead Developer
      • Rubberduckycooly
    • Scripters
      • Rubberduckycooly
      • Leonx254
      • MegAmi
      • Lave sIime
      • stxtic
      • Tails LP
      • Cosmic Eternity
    • 2D Artists & Asset Management
      • Leonx254
      • The Weigman
      • Skyeline
      • SoN1c2001
    • AIZ Music Remastered by
      • Hollie Taylor
    • Interpreters
      • Lave sIime
      • Dynamic Lemons
    • Special Thanks
      • ElspethThePict
      • MiaCDi
      • Storice
      • CheatFreak
      • Christian Whitehead
      • Simon Thomley
  2. Tiberious


    Yeah, I'm furry. Got a problem? Oldbie
    If this were just the start, you'd be on to something.

    but you've already said no more zones, and that development is done, so... just another mod, IMO.
  3. The Weigman

    The Weigman

    I'm sorry you see it that way. We started this project before much was really known about Sonic Origins, and intended to cover more zones up until the release date and other news for Origins came. Working with decomp devs, one of the main goals of ours was to respect and support Sega's Offical Release of Sonic 3, so yes this project kinda does fall into the stereotypical 1 zone tech demos you see a lot in the community. At the same time however, that's part of what makes it more authentic to what we're recreating, as there's no sign that the actual 2014 POC featured anything more than AIZ. Others are free to mod in more zones themselves.
    On the other hand, its not like RSDKv4 COULD have possibly been able to handle the entirety of S3&K... Many limitations with RSDKv4 were things we had to deal with and are mentioned in Stealths 20th Aniversary Blog, like getting the act transitions and inferno cutscene to function. For the other more technically impressive levels and features in the rest of Sonic 3, its easy to see why they ended up making RSDKv5 for Sonic Mania (Tailoring it more to better suit Sonic 3-like functionality) and later using it for Origins as well.

    Despite all of that, we were able to achieve some very impressive things in this project, like Rubberduckycooly literally porting Mania Blue Spheres into RSDKv4. And we remade the Lockout/No Way screen, so any Blue Spheres stage out there is now playable on RSDKv4. Who could say no to that? ;)
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  4. Only for viewing

    Only for viewing

    aka Superstarxalien Member
    Congratulations on the release. I remember joining the Discord server for this back when it just started.