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Sonic 2 VS (Coming Soon)

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by E-122-Psi, Aug 12, 2020.

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    After nearly three years, it's about time we showed off some of our progress. A lot of it is engine-related and thus invisible, but regardless, have a video:
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    This is dope as hell. I had no idea this was a thing. Excited to see it release and try it on hardware if possible.
  3. I'v waited so long for an update on this one! Glad to see its still alive and being worked on!!
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    It looks great, if only I had more than a near-zero chance of finding someone IRL that I won't just win by default against lol

    Have y'all been testing it with netplay?
  5. Xilla


    The longer title cards are a godsend for those of us playing on real hardware and having to deal with OSSC desyncs when the screen resolution changes!
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    On one hand, this'll definitely be fun to play with my brother or maybe even a friend via netplay, and a neat thing to dissect as a fellow rom hacker who's also working on 2P stuff, especially performance wise since there's two screens to render and the original game struggled with one. The near lagless MCZ put me at awe once I realized that's what you were showcasing. It's clear the long development time wasn't completely wasted, and that the fairly minimal, yet ever looming competition has encouraged at least a little motivation
    On the other hand, [uhh disregard this. The title cards only take like 3 seconds, still has that pause but stock sonic 2 had worse loading issues across the board. I likely just got triggered by the comment saying the loading times are a godsend to upscalers. Knowing full well that the sega screen completely tears that argument apart, that Sonic 2s loading screens can basically be instant even with Nemesis compression, and it being 2am when I posted this, I think I painted a false narative where its loading times rival megacd games. Sorry about that. Now that I'm thinking about it, this game completely disregards scalers in general. Quite ballsy of you guys honestly]
    the title cards bring me an indescribable rage. I could go in-depth as an earlier draft did, but basically it seems janky and unoptimized, and even as a fairly average observer, arguments regarding upscalers seem to completely fall apart in practice. It's clearly a weak point in this hack, though not the worst weakness to have compared to, well, most of s2coop right now. Oh don't worry though, we're catching up

    That said I eagerly wait for its release. Rushing the chef will lead to uncooked food, so take the time you need
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