Sonic 2 soned windows issue

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Rabid, Jun 26, 2010.

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    OK, here's the score, dusting off one of my old hacks from the shelf I decided to pospone finishing off the sprite redraw and work on some level tile editing and some new layout tests.
    So, I've modified a few tiles at the begining of EHZ and all worked fine, one test done but when I modified a few blocks of the tile artwork for some reason sonic 2 freezes at the sonic and tails presents screen before the title screen.

    Anybody know how to sort this, it's been years and years since I works on any major project and I can't belive how rusty I am but im tired of this rom sitting in my projects folder so totally unfinished and collecting dust.
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    Are you working with a disassembly? The title says soned and not soned 2, so I would assume you're altering the rom itself (which iirc editing sonic 2 was easier than sonic 1, due to sonic 1's being savestate editable (Would I be correct in saying it's because only the kos format was worked out at the time?)), so it's possible that soned may have fucked up the rom somehow upon saving.

    Again I'm only assuming...
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