Sonic 2 SMS enhanced remake

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    Remember the Sonic 1 SMS remake this team made? Well here's a Sonic 2 SMS remake. I say it's enhanced as it's loaded to the brim with non Sonic 2 SMS content including

    - Character teams. Play as Sonic & Tails, Amy & Knuckles, Mighty & Ray, or Shadow & Metal Sonic. You can switch between the 2 at any time and they all have their own abilities (Act 3 bosses and Special Stages restrict you to the team lead and beyond that they restrict you to Sonic 2 SMS's original move set). Essentially though each team has one Sonic esq character (Sonic, Amy, Mighty, Shadow) and one Tails esq character that can fly or traverse heights (Tails, Knuckles, Ray, Metal Sonic)
    - Special Stages (based off Sonic 1 SMS but designed to look like Casino Night)
    - Super and Hyper forms (All characters can go Super, I think only Sonic can go Hyper)
    - New stages - Oil Ocean and "Time Hill," which serves as a kind of conglomerate end game level including Green Hills with a pretty rotating palette (Act 1), Sky Chase (Act 2), the original Final Boss (Act 3), and the Doomsday clone (Act 4? Or the 2nd part of Act 3 couldn't really tell it doesn't have a title card).
    - 3 different endings
    - Other little quality of life improvements and standard Sonic features like animals coming out of Badniks, actual death pits rather than just spike pits, and check points, which the original seemed to lack.

    Full play through below:

    I played through the whole thing. Not a long experience, but I really liked it! Keep in mind when playing it, this is NOT the original Sonic 2 SMS in many ways, which could be good or bad depending on how you see it (I think it's a good thing, I don't like the original Sonic 2 SMS, prob because my main experience with it was the GG version... yikes). More than a few acts are completely redesigned, but the bosses are the same save for the new ones. Hell, technically the plot is different too, as due to the team system Tails is no longer kidnapped. Instead it's another good ol Robotnik steals the Master Emerald plot. But overall I recommend giving this a try.
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  2. Uh, why is this in general gaming?

    Game looks cool tho
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    Because I wasn't paying attention and thought this was the fan game forum :specialed:

    If someone would be a dear and move this to the fan gaming section it'd be appreciated lol
  4. Just finished playing this one and the recently-updated Sonic 1 remake.

    Regarding Sonic 1, I'm guessing that the extra characters are unlocked via Time Attack mode? I played through the game a second time using Tails, and using my save file from my first run-through where I got all of the Chaos Emeralds, and found out that every level starts you off next to a Giant Ring that instantly gives you the 50 needed to transform. Flight + Invincibility is pretty damned broken, and the only level that took me more than a single minute was Scrap Brain Act 2. Didn't get any characters unlocked, though. I did do a quick look into Time Attack with Sonic, and it looks like you get the Giant Rings there as well, so if things still count after collecting them, unlocking everything will be pretty trivial.

    As far as Sonic 2, I liked what they did with Oil Ocean Act 1. I got all of the Chaos Emeralds on my first run again, and unlocked Hyper forms. (If you play as Sonic + Tails, Tails gets a Hyper form as well. Didn't test the other character teams yet. Unless I missed something, it's just a cosmetic change for the Super Forms.) I was pretty disappointed that you can't replay the Doomsday Zone equivalent. Are there any unlockables here that I'm not noticing? There's supposedly 3 endings, but I'm not sure how you get them all. I finished with all Emeralds and assume that's a good ending, and I figure you get another ending if you finish without all the Chaos Emeralds. What would you do to unlock a third?

    I did like the other added gimmicks, and I love how the hang-gliders are now much easier to control. I could never get those to work in the original. Hopefully the next update comes out relatively soon, I would like to see what additional content the developer comes up with.
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    I think the unlockables in Sonic 1 are achieved via Emerald counts. It's been a bit since I played it though so I'm not 100% sure (Or I think Knuckles and Tails were Emerald unlocks, Mighty and Ray might have been something else)

    Doesn't seem to be many unlockables in Sonic 2, but there's enough content that I think it's fine. It's still in Alpha or Beta so it's not exactly done but most of the core game is there. And I think the endings are No Chaos Emeralds, Chaos Emeralds but ignore the final boss (just run off screen right), and Chaos Emeralds but fight the final boss (use the teleporter). I agree, Oil Ocean Act 1 was great, and that was a great 8-bit remix of Mania's Oil Ocean's Act 2. Oil Ocean Act 2 in this fit in nicely with the other levels as well. And agreed with the hang glider. I never really grasped that in the original (Also their implementation of Ray's flight is nice. Not as complex as Mania's interpretation but you descend a bit, press A, and ascend a bit more. I think it works).
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    Can't roll skip over water surfaces. Can't make birds fall out of the tree in Sky High Zone Act 1. Can't make the Gimmick Mountain boar boss retract its spikes by rolling into its face.

    Was Aqua Lake Zone reimagined as an ice zone for no other reason than its boss is a sea lion?
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    This one's straying a bit too far away from the original for my taste to be honest.
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    Ya this one is certainly a different beast. Sonic 2 SMS seems to have its fans so I can understand why people might not like this.

    I think that's why I liked this as much as I did, my only experience with this was the GG version and I wanted to like it i just couldn't get into it (plus the 1st boss on the gg version can go fuck itself). This pretty much changes the entire game.

    Which is weird because the Sonic 1 SMS remake they did was far more faithful to the original, I wonder what led them to making this almost a Sonic 2 SMS Mania?
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    @Dark Sonic Probably an attempt to appeal to a general audience more. Which is a bit stupid imo.
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    Well they definitely remade the 8-bit Sonic 2. They remade it as a different game.

    I won't rip into it too much but I have to be the guy who points out that Master System/Game Gear resolutions are not 4:3. The pixels are not square - Sonic is too thin.

    But hey, if you can get a full game out of the door, very well done.
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    Jesus, isn't this the gosh damn truth?

    tbh the *reason* I don't think I ended up with a Game Gear as a kid, even though my parents considered it for the many long car rides we used to have - was for some reason SEGA decided it would be a wise idea to have Sonic 2 GG as the in-store demo. I would've been 5-6 or so. I would play it for a while, and never ever ever ever got past that first boss; and as it was the pack-in game, it was just such a hard sell.

    It wasn't until I was about 15 that I got a cheap one from a garage sale, so about 15 years ago. I got it with Sonic 1, 2, Triple Trouble, Spinball, Jurassic Park, Aladdin, Columns, Castle of Illusion, etc...super great collection of games.

    My friends thought it was simultaneously *hilarious* yet awesome af in high school when I would come in with it and rock it between periods. Gosh *damn* I went through batteries for that thing...

    Anyway - it took me a full two years to get past that first boss in Sonic 2. After that, I beat I think all of the rest of it in one go. Why, why; why oh why did they put that boss first? Did they never have any testing on the game at all? :O

    I mean, I had beaten Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, Spinball and 3D Blast for Genesis, and CD for the PC, all of which I owned, it's not like I was an inexperienced Sonic's just simply way way too hard to be anything but a near final level boss.

    And don't tell me the SMS version is any better. I tried it. The screen is bigger; but you still need rings for that to be a valid first boss. What the hell, Sega. And that's your pack-in game? Fuck off. :P
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    Uh.. I was about the same age when I played both versions (can't remember which one first), and beat that boss on day 1 (getting the 1up on that act all the times to have endless tries, of course) in both cases. I had a worse time learning how to handle the hang glider, and the thing that took me more tries to accomplish was reaching the boss in GHZ3 because precision spring platforming over spike pits with no rings.
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    i loved both these games, only critisim i had is that the silver sonic fight can be made faster and bouncier. made up the difficuilty. it felt like fighting silver sonic on his off day while hes still asleep as oposed to the fast paced and hectic fight from the GG og