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  1. Edit:

    S2R Final:
    http://sonicsanctuary.digibase...S2RJuly4.rar (Please wait for the count down to complete)

    http://sonicsanctuary.digibase...S2RApril5.rar (Please wait for the count down to complete)

    The release. CPZ has been cut, other levels are completely scrapped and have remained in the releases.

    I've finally started a topic due to a few people urging me to do so.

    Let's cut to the chase shall we?

    This is an ASM hack, contains new features, characters, abilities, and music.


    Inlet Island Zone:


    WIP art. The BG is done though. (I started on the trees yesterday)

    Chemical Plant:


    WIP art.

    I'm going to have S2 Nick arcade's layout for act 1 (extended with my own). I decided to change up the art a little, have it more FBZ like

    Desolate Hills:


    WIP art.

    More of an 'enhanced EHZ' BG is WIP, it will be an all running stage, you jump to avoid things. (Sort of like sonic 06', except you won't be playing like you're being pulled by a rope tied to a car.)

    A youtube video of a few zones. They're not in order, but I'll get to sorting that out later. The video is a little older then the screens I just took, so not all of the things in my screens will be there. As you will notice there are new sound effects, shield and spring sounds were given to me by my dear friend 'Eduardo Knuckles'.


    Me > Starting this hack and working on it. Art, Music, you name it, I'm doing it.
    Nineko > Converting S3's shield sounds, and making xm3smps.
    Hitaxas > Most of the ASM work, he's my teacher =P
    Tweaker > Suggesting the hack name, I couldn't find a decent one and for his clone driver.
    Alriightyman > Misc things, he helped Hitaxas, but that helps me so he's on here.
    Master3k > Thanks a million for the FBZ music fix <3 and other things :)
    Eduardo Knuckles > For having the patience to teach me how to edit the basics of sound effects.
    STE > Art

    And anyone else I've missed, thanks a million.

    No release yet, things are still being a little gay.

  2. I need a download link.

  3. superstarCSB


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    Very very nice! I love your music choices. Nice to hear the new Sonic tunes with a 16-bit sound. I'm really looking forward to trying this out some day.

  4. At this point it itself is playing like sonic 06 =P Thanks for the interest, I really hope to get this project far.
  5. Thanks for making me not want this thing
  6. Hitaxas


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    He means it still has some bugs. =P
  7. Yeah well it's apparent that he didn't get that.

    What I meant by that is the new features caused slope resistance to get really retarded, especially when you're in your super form. Sonic can walk up the slopes in CPZ, and tails has a seizure while doing so. This is the biggest concern I have right now, which is preventing me from releasing a demo. I have to fix the music and such also (redoing it). A few features are lacking that I want to have in before the demo, that kind of stuff. It's not done :P
  8. Spanner


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    This is the rom complaining that you're using Sonic 06 stuff, so it's fucking stuff up for you.
    Anyway, I do have a few complaints with the hack, how you're using 06 stuff, ILZ's music is annoying at most parts, for the rest of the game please find better music other than 06.
  9. Just to let you know the IIZ MIDI is longer than Emerald Hill for sonic 2. I do plan on fixing the corrupted voice, and extending it to include more of the song. (Since I now know more of how the song is made, goes, etc.
  10. Well fuck you, because I pretty much did.
  11. Tenniru


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    This looks like it's going to be pretty awesome. If the homing attack in this works as smoothly as it did in Megamix, I'll probably love it. One concern: the "image trail behind Sonic" when he's moving extra fast just looks a bit sloppy. Maybe there's some flickering or movement that I'm just not seeing because of the YouTube framerate, but I'd kind of suggest that the "EXTRA FAST" sprite just be the peelout sprite (using the S3 sprite colors).

    Also, this is the opportunity for an awesome Genesis version of Dreams Of An Absolution.
  12. Overlord


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    Actually, the music of Sonic 06 was one of the game's highlights. Overall it's a nice score.
  13. Thanks everyone. I sprited running sprites ala sonic 06, but Hitaxas and I haven't been able to put them in yet.

    Seems a lot of people want to hear Silver's theme 16 bit =P I may do it as an ending, credits, or something of that nature.

    Edit: I'm spriting all of the characters, based off s3's sprites. Characters are:

    (Open for a suggestion)

    And my shadow sprites are going to be a tone better, seeing as my skills have improved since my last spriting project.


    I'm currently working on the wave ocean MIDI, from scratch. It's going to start at the beginning, and go all the way to the end, or near it. If anyone wants to see how or check on its progress feel free to IM me via msn or aim :v:

    Think of the frames behind sonic like sonic advance 3 did it. Using S3k's flashing frames, like it does for hyper sonic.
  14. Hitaxas


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    Nobody said anything about a homing attack. In his videos, He is simply using the Hyper Sonic jumpdash, and using the keys to angle the attack.

    Yes, you are missing tons of frames, the trails are the same as the hyper trails in S3k
  15. Funny how people jump to conclusions. In those videos I just control sonic's jump dash to look like homing attack. Hell, I can make sonic 06 look like sonic heaven if I wanted to =P
  16. Dark Sonic

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    How about instead of Shadow you have Metal Sonic, he's over 9000 times better than Shadow.
  17. I suppose I can have metal sonic as the last character....and no, I've always wanted Shadow in a hack of mine, and now I can =P
  18. *Bump*

    I got off my ass and put in a new song. I took full advantage of all the samples in my driver (I got creative =P).

    Edit: The bass voice needs to be raised and octave, I know :S.
  19. Tweaker


    Haha... I made an arrangement for that song once. Unfortunately, it wouldn't import due to timing issues or something. :v:

    Not bad, though! And yeah, I'd definitely suggest sorting out the bass.
  20. Yeah, the timing on the original midi was horrible. So I took the time to make one from scratch =P.
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