Sonic 2 Nick Arcade (partial) Split Disassembly

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    Hello, back in 2006, drx released the Sonic 2 Nick Arcade prototype alongside the decompiled source code; unfortunately, changes in Windows operating systems has made that version impossible to compile, which is why I'm releasing this to Sonic Retro:

    Inside the disassembly you'll find:
    • Better documentation (Green Hill Zone's level loading routine).
    • Sonic 2 Github labels.
    • ASM68K support, with the added bonus of an error log in case something goes horribly wrong.
    • Partially equated and decompiled crap.
    • Partial SonLVL support (except for Green Hill since it is very different).
    • Automatically aligned Sega sound.
    • Removed "CODE XREF" crap which makes it easier to read.
    Download here!