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Sonic 2 (Movie) Spoiler/Discussion Topic (Stay away if you don't want to be spoiled)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Sonic Warrior TJ, Mar 30, 2022.

  1. Flare


    I assumed Stone has feelings for Robotnik. And I am glad they fleshed his character out in this, the first film felt very 'we just need someone for Robotnik to talk to' at times.

    Maybe I am projecting haha BUT they even made it as a TV spot on valentines day... and I think (hope) they are implying more than just a gay joke.
  2. Fadaway


    It definitely has a Mr. Burns-Mr. Smithers feel to it (their dynamic) from old Simpsons episodes (can't comment on new as I haven't watched that series since the '90s).
    I, for one, love the fact that I love the addition of the Agent Stone character in spite of me thinking I'd hate it beforehand. I wasn't thrilled to have additional human characters in these movies but they have at least attempted to make them a bit entertaining. The other humans are really hit or miss but Agent Stone was always entertaining (at least in this one).
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  3. LockOnRommy11


    I think the dynamic between the two is great. It’s exactly like the Smithers / Mr Burns relationship and that’s really what it needs to be. Why else would another human take the time to be there for Dr Robotnik seeing as he’s willing to drop anyone at a moments notice, including, I feel, Stone; it’s clearly a real, but one-sided, love.

    I like the uncertainty of it all, it keeps Robotnik in an ever-shifting state of morality where you never know how he is going to react; whether it will be emotional(ish) or emotionless and that helps convey his craziness.
  4. Was just thinking recently...even though SA2's plot isn't really my thing and I'm not that interested in a movie version of it, if there were any medium for a full expansion of that lore perhaps this would be the most appropriate.

    SA2 already kind of is a bad sci-fi movie tacked onto a videogame. The writers just have to make the proper edits so that it seems more cohesive and then decide on the darker aspects of the plot like the Maria shooting. Actually, now I forget if she was shot in SA2 or Shadow 2005.

    Anyway, if the movie is a remixed version of SA2 it might do pretty well, the big screen is the one instance where the gameplay (which is where SA2 suffers the most in general) doesn't matter. I'm probably not going to be that interested in it but I can see a lot of fans from that era being pretty happy just as I was for Sonic movie 2. Even fans who typically make fun of the plot might see it just to see where it goes/the meme potential.

    I kind of expect Sonic, Tails, Knuckles vs Shadow, Robotnik, Rouge for Sonic movie 3.

    Have no idea where Amy fits in all of this. I'd be surprised if she didn't show up at all but I don't know how she is introduced into the movie franchise.
  5. Some quick scattered thoughts about what I think they might do in movie 3:

    The more I think about it, the more I think Metal Sonic will make sense as the big bad over Chaos or Biolizard. I think it'll be something like following the basic plot of SA1/SA2 for the first two-thirds, but then go with a mix of Sonic CD and Sonic Heroes for the last act... kinda similar to how this movie was mostly following Sonic 3K then used the Death Egg Robot from Sonic 2 for the last act.

    I feel like Amy Rose is a lock, and Rouge isn't outside the realm of possibility, although juggling all these characters plus all the humans sounds like a big challenge.

    I could also see them doing something like having Tom's father being involved in the takedown of Gerald Robotnik. What a big coincidence that would be! But it would help tie the humans into the story.
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  6. Linkabel


    I kind of feel like Shadow might tie into why the Echidnas wanted Sonic and Longclaw's origins.

    Maybe there's something special about certain hedgehogs and their ties to the emeralds' power and Shadow is a hedgehog that achieved "ultimate power" either with the Master Emerald or with help from Gerald. (Either with Shadow coming to earth, or Gerald finding Sonic's world through his research and finding a prophecy about Sonic that made him experiment on a hedgehog that became Shadow.)

    By tying it to a "hedgehog tribe" you can even bring Amy into the fold with her archeological background from Boom and helping the cast uncover the mystery of Shadow. (And still be Sonic fangirl with his exploits on earth becoming known in the universe)

    Honestly, you can even add Maria to the fold. I don't really see an issue with leaving that intact, it's not like other children movies haven't shown death before (Bambi, Lion King, Finding Nemo, Tarzan etc etc)
  7. SomeSortOfRobot


    Mid-Southern US
    If anything i think Rouge will show up in the Knuckles show.
  8. I should have said this when the StH3 was first confirmed, but I think this franchise is expanding way too rapidly. I really should have suspected from the start that Paramount were hellbent on developing this newly-formed franchise. Maybe it's because they're sorely "starved of cash" from the absence of a long running series. Friday the 13th is infamously in legal purgatory, Transformers stopped returning a respectable gross after the third movie, and the only thing left of their dealings was a SpongeBob movie that was delayed once or twice, and then underperformed because of the pandemic.

    My rating for the movie is 7/10, which is the same as the first. Most of my reasons for that are to be best understood in my replies to others in the thread.


    So on a random note...

    That sprite artwork at the end credits, while not a fully refined style 100% cohesive style, was a surprisingly decent blend of classic and modern Sonic. Lots of modern sonic looks fitting perfectly into classic poses.

    If Sega made a "Modern" 2D game that looked like that, I wouldn't complain.
  10. Fadaway


    Saw it a second time tonight because I had a few hours to kill. The second time around, I liked it even more for what it is worth.
  11. Fadaway


    One thing that doesn't get mentioned enough is the cinematography is actually really good in a few of these shots. That cannot be overstated or lost on people.
  12. Flare


    There is a small piece of music that appears in the film I can’t find in the soundtrack. It’s bothering me cause I’m sure I heard it. Haha.

    During the scene where Robotnik flosses there is a game like music bit of Robotnik’s theme that sounded cool. Hope there is some version of that somewhere.
  13. Ned Weasel

    Ned Weasel

    I noticed that, too, and I laughed out loud in the theater when I heard that. I assumed it was intentional, but yeah, it could have been coincidental.

    The worst part of this movie was the fact that Nack the Weasel isn't in it.
  14. TheInvisibleSun


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    I think that this probably is coincidence, but there were random little lines thrown in there that may or may not have been ad libbed by Jim (i.e. "there are good people on both sides").
  15. Ayu Tsukimiya

    Ayu Tsukimiya

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    It'll be a bit of a waste if Amy doesn't get introduced, imo. Not just because of what she adds to the main cast when written well or her big moment in SA2, but especially since I can see her interacting with human characters like Rachael so easily. Her brand of comedy would jell with the movie's almost perfectly. Plus they could use her to expand on hedgehog lore to explain why Shadow's also one.
  16. Mana


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    I think it's more that they did the numbers and realized the cost of licensing those songs wouldn't get more people into seats. It'd be nice but probably not worth the money for more than GHZ and using Emerald Hill in a trailer. However now that we're getting to adaptations of music that SEGA owns outright it might be a different story. There's even a chance they can use it for free.
  17. If they do add Amy (and I'm 60% sure they will), then I really hope the staff can brainstorm a way for her character to function in a modern context, without being as boring as she is presently.

    It feels like there hasn't been a writer who cares enough about Amy to do her justice, so her interpretations have been anywhere from "obnoxious comic relief who fawns over Sonic" to "Just another hero on the team" with no real in-between.

    She's not even my favorite character and I feel she's been done dirty.
  18. qwertysonic


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    I seriously doubt they'll put Amy in the next movie. She's not even a playable character in SA2. The only thing she really does plot-wise is convince Shadow to fight the Biolizard. Any character can do that - Chris does it in Sonic X. I'd expect Rouge to be announced before Amy.

    Also I don't think having maria would make the story too dark. Disney movies have characters die off screen all the time. And I don't think there's anything in SA2 that explicitly says maria was shot. just that she "was listed among those who died when the ARK was shut down." It's not until Shadow the hedgehog where we get the cut scene of a gun agent pointing a gun at her. maria would also tie into Robotnik saying he was an orphan in the first movie. If he were left on earth while his family was aboard the ARK and becaame the only survivor that would explain things.
  19. Yash


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    Yeah, you could easily have Tom and/or Maddie do that. I think I'd prefer it to be Maddie just because Tom has had so many moments of the "wiser father/older brother figure giving life-changing advice to a cartoon hedgehog" variety that Maddie deserves more of a pay-off to her character.

    I've long thought the movies will eventually get to a point where Tom and Maddie will want to start having children, and I think you could easily tie it into an arc there that Maddie has to be the one to ask Shadow to help Sonic (and the rest of humanity).

    Hadn't even considered this but the thought of pairing Amy up with Rachael just clicked in my brain instantly. Get one of these weird alien hedgehogs who can actually speak her language and connect to her as a gal pal rather than just being yet another thing she doesn't like about Tom.

    There's a lot of material to work with from SA2 specifically though that I hope they really try and think about how to distill it into something that works and doesn't feel bloated or padded. I did like this movie a lot but I did feel it getting a bit long in the tooth near the end, and even though I didn't mind like, the Siberian dance-off scene for example, it's a very hard argument to make for keeping it when the most common complaint about the movie as it is was that it's too long.
  20. Boxer Hockey

    Boxer Hockey

    Totally unintentional.
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