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Sonic 2 (Movie) Spoiler/Discussion Topic (Stay away if you don't want to be spoiled)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Sonic Warrior TJ, Mar 30, 2022.

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    Folks in the Sonic Cinematic Universe thread are voicing concerns about spoilers and suggesting we have a separate thread for that so they can stay in the main thread and avoid being spoiled. I guess after the movie's been out for a bit, we can either trash/lock this thread or merge it into the main one.

    So anyone who's seen the movie, or has seen spoilers, here you goooooo.

    All I've seen is something about a Super Sonic Happy Meal Toy, but that isn't all too surprising since Fowler said he was originally planning for Super Sonic to be in the first film, but ultimately wanted to save it for the sequel.
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  2. Welp, may as well come out and say it.

    Yea, Shadow's the headliner for Sonic 3. Would have been more surprising if they didn't utilize him tbh, but lawl. Hopefully Amy shows up too.

    But damn bro, we live in world where Shadow the fucking Hedgehog is considered a bigger priority than Amy or Metal Sonic, that's crazy.


    Metal is cool as hell and always has been, but like it or not, Shadow just has more cinematic potential as a character with dialogue and his own motivations, which makes him more appealing to show and film creators. To your average viewer, Metal is a weapon while Shadow is a character. That makes a big difference in picking what to focus on. (Obviously, I know of the many times Metal Sonic has been given dialogue and characterization. No need to remind me. I was making fan games about him in 1998, but I am referring to the average viewer's perspective).

    Shadow was on mainstream network television with Sonic X as well. He apes the same tropes and therefore fandoms as Vegeta.

    Plus SA2B is considered a modern classic, like it or not, to a huge generation of gamers. I still enjoy the game myself and consider it one of the better gameplay engines in the franchise, even if much about it was flawed in retrospect.

    There's also nothing saying Metal couldn't show as well at some point.

    Edit: Forgot to address Amy. She's more complicated due to her lack of traditional "super powers" compared to other characters. Writing for her to make her appeal to a western audience is also more complex. That's not to say she won't show up, but when she isn't really considered a "comic book hero" the same way S-T-K are, and she's rarely ever been playable, it's harder to give her that front and center marketing focus. Bringing her in just to side-line her and leave her as a cameo would also disappoint a lot of her fans, so it's tough.

    Her Pico-Pico hammer isn't the most appealing power either, and she has been written best when things like Boom make her a comedic self-aware social media nut. I think most American audiences want a Sally Acorn like fem character on the big screen (more of a black widow spy type), but that's not really who Amy is. (And no, I don't think we'll get SATAM cast members in the films, though I wouldn't entirely mind that.)

    Still, I'd be surprised if she never shows up.
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    Slice of life visual novel, coming soon...?
    Warning: I'm about to spoil more than what was leaked I believe, so read at your own risk.

    That post credit scene, man. To be honest, the movie kinda spoils the surprise : GUN shows up near the middle of it, and you can't have GUN without Shadow, so...yeah.
    I knew it was coming but I still wasn't ready, I squealed like a kid haha. Shadow the motherfucking hedgehog on the big screen, what a time to be alive. I hope they make him the most edgelord he's ever been in Sonic 3, wouldn't feel right otherwise :V
    Tbh overall I just want Sonic 3 to be SA2. Give me that edgy anime bullshit baby I'm ready for it

    I also love the implications that the olive garden army guy is the movie's interpretation of the general from StH lol. That's a reinterpretation I can get behind.
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    I couldn't wait either and watched the post-credit scene. It's giving me the wrong vibes and I think it's going to suck. The grim expression on his face, the design of his gear, duh, I don't know.

    (Oh, I know. It's Shadow Android! By the end of the movie he'll be turned into Metal! Two birds, one stone.)

    Anyway, excited for Sonic 2! Going to watch it tomorrow!
  6. Josh


    Welp, assuming it's true (and I have no reason to doubt you guys), that's the one thing I wanted to be spoiled on in regards to the movie, so at least I know now. It makes perfect sense, like HEDGESMFG said, but I still can't help but be disappointed for reasons that, I fully recognize, are entirely personal. This post is going to be, probably, *too* personal, but it's something I feel the need to get off my chest.

    The worst thing a property can do is disappoint you, and not following up on Mania is the single most disappointing gaming-related thing that could happen to me. So it's hard for the time being not to be bitter about that, and hard not to hold that against anything else the series does. I recognize it, I own that it's my problem, and I'm sure in time I'll be able to judge whatever comes out instead on its own merits, but I'm not gonna be there for a while. That's why I've broken away from here, and from everywhere else that discusses this series. I find that I'm much, much happier right now not thinking about Sonic the Hedgehog.

    (And to anyone else feeling disappointed about the lack of a Mania follow-up, something that's been bringing me a measure of comfort is something Tim Rogers said: "Corporations don't make video games. People do." In other words, whatever Christian Whitehead, Jared Kasl, Brad Flick, and the rest of the team are working on, that *will be* the Sonic Mania follow-up, whether a blue hedgehog is in it or not.)

    But, I think I also relied on my Sonic fandom as "comfort food" during the pandemic/lockdown. I sought refuge in it to what became an unhealthy degree, and maybe now that association exists where I focus on Sonic and feel sad and apprehensive. I relate more than I ever thought I could to what ShayMay talked about here, I think detaching myself is healthy.

    In addition to that, I increasingly feel like the whole focus of the series is moving away from the aspects that most resonate with me, and turning instead toward things that, uh, don't. And Shadow is basically the hedgehog-ification of the *last* time that happened, like we're re-treading the path that caused me to feel so alienated from the series back in the 2000s. So the thought of being in the theater for that... it'd be like when I'd go to WWE house shows circa 2007, and my friends and I would be surrounded by kids losing their minds over John Cena. It made us feel like, "I don't think this product is really interested in appealing to us, anymore." So yeah, I don't even know if I'm gonna see the movie in theaters, when it was something I was genuinely excited for. It's a bummer, and I'm sure I'll see it eventually, but it may be what's best for me right now.

    I should be clear, I'm not *criticizing* the filmmakers for this decision, it makes perfect sense, and I'm happy for those who are excited about it. I've gotten quite a bit of what I'd been longing for out of Sonic, and I'd like to keep getting it, but not every era has to appeal to me. This feeling is just a function of where I am in my own fandom, and how unsure I am if it's gonna be worth sticking around for now. Every "two worlds" has its end, right? :yousay:

    But hey, even in the worst-case scenario, I at least know this has happened before. The wheel always turns eventually, y'know? Even if I may be getting to a point where I need to say, "Farewell, Sonic," I know it'll always be punctuated with a "for now," never with a "forever." I'm getting that Tails Build-a-Bear no matter what. :V
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    Great, SA2 in film form. Because the game wasn't bad enough. Guess the recovery of 2010-2016 is finally confirmed over, huh.

    in b4 "you havent even watched it!!!11" - why would I voluntarily consume media I know I'm going to hate?
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    I guess I must have very bad taste in media, or haven't matured, because I'm just as excited for the next movie as I was excited every day for the next Sonic X episode when I was a kid.
  9. RDNexus


    Same here. I hope the producers do the potential SA2 content justice in Sonic3.
  10. Don't sound too excited guys :V

    I'm in a very weird position where I've witnessed disillusionment from fans for literally two entire decades, from the same groups. Saw how jaded classic fans got through the 2000's and now I'm potentially watching it again in the 2020's. Life is weird.

    See you guys in the Mania resonance in the 2030's.

    On a serious note, yea yea, I know the fallout from this is going to be a huge of contention (because what isn't at this point in this fucking series) and cause yet another huge split in this fanbase.

    I don't care, it is what is at this point. I've just got to accept that Sonic is an inherently controversial existence that divides people for whatever reason. Enjoy the good, endure the bad is all that I can say.

    Now speaking personally, Shadow being on the big screen is all the validation I needed for my 2000's nostalgia and I'm gonna ride that high for a bit. Feels good man.
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    As long as there's no Black Doom bullshit involved I'm all for it.

    (*psst* can amy be in it too though)
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    I saw it yesterday, it's good. Even better than the first one IMO. Tails is adorable, Knuckles is GOOD, strong and gullible at the same time. A very nice surprise. Loved Agent Stone too, and the human supporting cast had enough story for them without stealing the spotlight from the main characters. Carrey as Robotnik was hilarious, sometimes slightly over the top, but he was fun and menacing at the same time. I wasn't fan of the couple fart jokes, it made my eyes rolling. Do kids still laugh at those ?

    I've already loved the new lore behind the emeralds and the war between the echidnas and the owls. Nice touch seeing Knuckles' father and a pseudo-Enerjak. (Penders will RAGE)

    I still wonder who are the warriors who came through the portal before Knuckles on Planet Mushroom. At first I though they were the lizards from the concept-arts of the first movie, but they seemed to have a beak ?

    Super Sonic was a given. You have emeralds, a giant Eggman robot... it was logical, especially after the producer said he wanted Super Sonic in the first movie but kept him for the sequel.


    The mid credits scene was not that surprising. Shadow was the obvious choice. He's a more recognizable, and bankable, character than Amy Rose and Metal Sonic. I can't wait to see Sonic 3.

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    You know what's weird is that I grew up with this franchise in the early 2000's and I've kinda already reached this point too.

    I'm not really into the Sonic movies at all. All I ever wanted from a Sonic Film is something fully animated like Spider-verse. Sonic would really shine in that style instead of this weird live action hybrid Happy Feet-ass artstyle the movies have been going with.

    But it's for kids so whatever. I'm happy people are enjoying it.

    When they announced that they're turning this into a "cinematic universe" (translation: "we're making a shit-ton of sequels") and I saw all the hype that got, that was the moment I realized that the things I value and want out of the franchise are just way different from what a lot of other fans want lol

    I'm putting a lot of faith in this Netflix Sonic Prime series to scratch this itch for me. Hopefully it inspires faith that a fully animated Sonic movie will work.

    But my fear is that, because this live-action universe is established, that's all we're ever getting from Sonic films from now on, until they inevitably drive this franchise into the ground and its reputation/profitability has diminished completely.
  14. My interest in these films is less from a fan perspective and more as a period piece.

    Like how are these films going to be remembered going forward and if they impact the overall trajectory of the franchise.
  15. Zephyr


    A someone who is ambivalent to both "Sonic the Hedgehog" as a vehicle for storytelling in general, and the film versions of these characters and this story in particular, I couldn't care less about what era they go into or who they do or do not introduce. It's all whatever to me; that this is even getting a series of films at all is simply a strange novelty to me. Granted, up until about 2007, I was very interested in Sonic's world/setting/characters; 2007 Zephyr would have been fine with them introducing Shadow, but even if he wasn't, he wouldn't have enjoyed the film version of this universe enough for it to have been a very big deal (granted I haven't seen the 2nd film yet).

    As a neutral observer, I say: give us Black Doom and guns. Go all in. That's the nature of the beast. In the same way I feel like getting Shadow is part and parcel with "Sonic in an extended storytelling medium", getting elements of Shadow's backstory is part and parcel with "Shadow in an extended storytelling medium". Sleeping in the bed that's been made, and all that.

    Now, all that said, I'm confused as to why people think Shadow being the credits-scene pull would preclude Amy and/or Metal Sonic from appearing as well. If Knuckles can debut in the same film as Tails, then other characters can and probably will debut in the same film as Shadow. These characters aren't mutually exclusive, and the film universe's sequence of events is demonstrably out of sync with how it went in the games.
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    yeah, Tails and Knuckles are a decent contrast of characters in movie 2 so they could introduce Amy in movie 3 as a contrast to Shadow's brooding edginess lol.
  17. Well, to be fair, even if Amy was introduced, you know they'd just just snub her from the marketing and focus on Shadow like they did with Tails in regards to Knuckles.

    Sidekicks get no respect, its all about the tough guy rivals.
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    Slice of life visual novel, coming soon...?
    Just something I thought about today: do we even know if Carrey signed for a 3rd movie?
    I mean it would make sense for him to be here, but the post credit scene doesn't show Eggman whatsoever (it just mentions him being "definitely dead", for what it's worth), and instead shows agent Stone being alive and well...and he appears to be eavesdropping on the whole "project Shadow" conversation.

    Kinda wondering if they're setting him up to be the one finding Shadow in Sonic 3, and acting as a secondary antagonist along with our favourite edgelord.
  19. NyaNyaLily


    I saw the movie today.
    This feels much more like a Sonic film than the first one. That extends to the pacing as well, which is pretty quick. There aren't that many slow moments and the locale changes pretty often. It's kind of like you're zipping through zones.
    The film really feels like it respects the franchise in general, there's plenty of references to the games and the characters' backstories also resemble what was previously established (though there are some changes, but they fit into the plot imo).

    I don't really have any complaints, this film really delivered on my expectations. It's a fast-paced, action-packed adventure with loads of destruction.


    I wonder how they're going to handle Shadow's backstory though. Will the ARK be in the third movie? And are we going to see Maria getting killed?
    Because if so, then I quite wonder how the audience is going to react to a little girl getting shot in a Sonic movie xddd
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    Quite the highlight of the week. Can recommend one hundred percent, except you're allergic to blue arms. =P I've even met two other Sonic fans with whom I exchanged friend codes. Truly good fun. However, it's still a bit of a mixed bag and I'm not sure if everybody will like it. Sonic 2 doubles down on the action. I mean, the message is still there, but for some this might not be enough. Make it for everyone! Some pros and cons:

    + Great action, neat effects
    + A likable cast
    + Locations change quite often
    + Jim Carrey's performance as Robotnik improved
    - Too many fight scenes
    - Knuckles character needs more focus
    - The size of the Chaos Emeralds
    - Unfortunately, the human cast felt tacked on this time. They did great!

    Anyway, looking forward to the next movie. :thumbsup: