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Sonic 2 HD

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Canned Karma, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Ritz


    Subhedgehog Member
    Okay, check it: You're blocking in shapes and colors with the pen tool and stroking the edges with the healing brush. Gotcha, right?

    Why did it take me so long to figure that out.
  2. Tiranno


    Steveosaurus Rex Member
    Copy-pasta from Stadium:

    So I played this a few times last night and then booted it up when I got home on my 37" and I have to say it was an extreme pleasure to play this.

    The animations were wonderfully fluid and I loved that everything was alive and bouncy. The music was well done as well but I thought that the boss theme blended in too well with EHZ.

    I only issue is that Sonic feels a little heavy. I tried speed running it like on Genesis and I could not make most of my jumps properly. The spindash also seems very off because when I rev it up all the way I get very little speed.

    I understand this is an alpha so I will let my nitpicking slide. I had a grin on my face the entire time and I can't believe you guys smoked Sega in every way possible and you're just guys who do this in your spare time.
  3. Cerulean Nights

    Cerulean Nights

    Sonic 2 HD Sprite Artist Member
    You didn't figure it out. Like I said, no brushes are involved. At all. That's the last thing I'll say on the issue, sorry.
  4. Ultima


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    London, England
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    Not bad. For some reason I got uber chug every 5 seconds or so (almost as if the framerate cuts itself to about 15 fps for a few seconds), then it'd go back to silky smooth 60fps. Really jarring - specs are Windows 7 64 bit, 8gb RAM, Phenom II 655 Black 3.9ghz and AMD Radeon HD 5850. I tried both the 64 bit exe and the normal one and they both did the same thing. It was kinda like Chemical Plant in Sonic Generations PC...
  5. GamingMisfit


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    North Carolina, USA
    Review for Sonic CD (2011 Edition)
    Demo's pretty impressive, but I have to say the physics need lots of work. Sonic feels almost like a heavy marble.

    Still, this is awesome.
  6. I don't understand why you made that a priority. You honestly pushed out an inferior product. In my mind, its kind of tarnished the image of Sonic 2 HD in my mind.

    There are some things you did very well. The title sequence is amazing. Most of the art looks very good. The music is great.

    But then you have the physics which are just feel way off. I had issues getting up to that cluster of rings with the star post next to it because the spring wasn't launching me as high as it would on the Genesis. Sonic felt very slow to gain momentum like he'd been spending his time eating too many jelly donuts. Sonic's walk animation looks kind of goofy. The game harasses you for modifying files. It doesn't support my gamepad out of the box, I have to put in extra effort with a frankly bizarre menu system to get it working. There is no fullscreen from what I can tell (This could be my fault for not looking hard enough but its your guys' fault for not making it easily accessible) The exe is packed like a virus. And the king of all the problems is you cut the community support. Even if it was only a superficial relationship where you took feedback and considered fixing it, its better to maintain that relationship with your playerbase than it is to say "Well now we're gonna provide the content for you and that's that."

    Take more time with the fine details and have some pride in your work. Its sad to see something like this have a release that feels so half baked, even if a lot of my compalints are nitpicky.
  7. Volpino


    Things are looking up! Member
    A secret. >:3
    I'm guessing the reason I never get any feedback on my repeated question is either because the developers don't want to spoil anything or they don't want to say no and have people lose interest... :(
  8. Aesculapius Piranha

    Aesculapius Piranha

    つづく Oldbie
    Off topic, but there is another very niche example I can think of. People programming the Potato Fools Portal 2 pre-launch puzzle trail last year noted that code obfuscation is helpful when trying to keep gamers from cheating and hacking answers out of their games, which some of the developers involved did not do.

    That said, this is obviously not part of a viral campaign or ARG. =P

    Edit: Nevermind, you were talking about executables. So I guess I'm off topic and being dumb. =P
  9. Luckett


    Just thought I'd stop by and say great work on the animations and Sonic sprites gentlemen. Much better now, infinitely so, and who am I to resist a 'told you so' to Vincent from 2008 on the topic of Sonic's flesh colours and perhaps even eyes. GLORY TO THE LUCKETT EMPIRE :british:

    In a way that is the antithesis to the project, it'd be better if the background art and more was 'scruffier', rather than these clinical recreations, but probably too far gone now and I'd rather see efforts on original projects than redoing this over and over until we're all dead.
  10. Miles3298


    The art is great, and the music is nice. Pretty fun, I like it.

    That said, he who made the code involved in loading and handling stuff needs a nasty slap in the wenis. It loaded once, and then never again no matter what I did or where I extracted the game; and the one time it did load, it took 3 minutes from screen to screen and in the act transition.
  11. LockOnRommy11


    Good game. A bit underwhelmed by certain aspects because it took so long for the demo to come out and I think it has been way overhyped, but good nonetheless. You took some own artistic choices which I didn't see any point in but it was very fun to play through- after reloading the game 15 times in 64bit, because loading the other version scared my computer TWICE. Still can't get it to work properly again to try Tails, so someone needs a slap.
  12. scanline99


    Passing By Member
    I am definitely no authority on the subject, but unless you have some solid evidence to say that this was a "design decision" as if to imply this was a straight up aesthetic choice, I think you will find that the purple hue was most likely chosen to offset the greenish tint that you typically will get when playing the game on an NTSC CRT screen making Sonic appear closer to the hue we're more familiar with on other systems/off the screen.
  13. Cerulean Nights

    Cerulean Nights

    Sonic 2 HD Sprite Artist Member
    You want to know the reason? It's because we'd give a certain programmer a little bit of freedom to add a necessary feature, and then he'd come back 6 months later with something completely unrelated in the game (such as stupid security, shader effects which aren't even in the game, etc) and then not even complete the initial task given to him. Imagine this happening time and time again. I worked close to 8 hours a day for a year, on top of a full time job, in preparation for the January 15th launch of last year, and any assets you see in the game were done at that time. No, they weren't perfect, but we basically had one chance to add assets into the game until that un-named programmer would lock them down "because it's too hard to swap out assets" ie "I don't feel like it, you had your one chance. We were promised a release by January 15th, and when that time came and went with no word it was pretty demoralizing to the whole art staff, and most didn't want to continue work on a project which may never come to fruition.

    Said programmer basically held the Alpha release for ransom, I'm not going to say much more on that particular subject but be rest assured that the whole story will be coming out soon enough. Frankly I'm just happy to finally see my hard work out there to the public, it's just a shame it had to be sullied by certain people's egos.
  14. Vinchenz


    Yo! Hustle! Hustle! Member
    Not bad. Pretty much played like Sonic 2.

    Animation is great. Very smooth. The title art honestly blew me away. Act transitions like Sonic 3 was a pleasant surprise. Overall a very nice visual experience. In fact I said to myself that the game looks like an animated sequence based on the original artwork while playing it. Gameplay-wise its pretty much Sonic 2.

    But yeah... I'm not hyped up for further releases at all. I know I'd have to wait for at least another year for another teaser. Don't want to bring things up that I don't have a full grasp on but you guys should really plan things better and not focus so much on perfection at each step.

    Edit: Just seen the post before mine. I'm glad you guys understand the problem. Hopefully you'll get it sorted out. Maybe then I'd be excited.
  15. Guess Who

    Guess Who

    It's a miracle! Oldbie
    Time to come out and say what I've been thinking then.

    LOst is holding this project back, the engine has been a mess from the start, and you're all better off seeking out another programmer.
  16. Volpino


    Things are looking up! Member
    A secret. >:3
    I think CN's post above gives me a pretty good idea of why the project takes a while. Not sure entirely how it relates to the code thing but I'm not a programmer, so... :V
  17. HeartAttack


    is a smug hipster, brah! Member
    I don't get what people mean when they say the physics are "way off". Um, no the hell they're not. Slightly, yes. A DIMPS game is what you'd call "way off". S2HD is not "way off".
  18. Wait. FileFactory and 2shared? What do you have an own website for if you don't even host the game? Fuck Freehosters. Guess I'm downloading the torrent then.
  19. PicklePower


    Wiki Sysop
    There is a heck of a lot of polish in this alpha. It shows. Some things that stood out to me, in list form:

    • I like the art style. It fits with the music too. It's kind of a cartooney/charming style when you put the two together. It doesn't replicate Sonic 2 1:1; it's an evolution of it. I believe this is what the project is aiming for anyway.
    • There's lots of little subtle touches in the game, like the "TOTAL" line flashing at the end of a stage. The title screen reveal animation was neat too. It seems to me like some effort was made to synchronize the music with certain things happening on screen (like these two animations).
    • The transition between acts was very Sonic 3-esque (EHZ appears as one continuous zone). Nice touch.
    • I do like the soundtrack. It's interesting to hear how EHZ in the game differs from Tee Lopes's version back in 2009. It seems like he redid it to conform more to the OSV and keep with the fast pace of the game. Something that I thought would be a nice touch and add a bit of variety to the EHZ soundtrack would be to have a "bridge" of sorts in the music where the melody cuts out for half the length of an A part but returns immediately after that. The only example of this that comes to mind at the moment is what Jacques does here in Sonic Generations. (But I totally understand the concept of keeping things simple and somewhat close to the original game.)
    • Fading out using Genesis-style palette switches was also a nice nostalgic touch.
    • Microsoft Security Essentials flagged the main .exe as a virus at first, so I had tried running the x64 version of the exe. It worked, except I couldn't enable scaling (the option to do that was disabled). After I unblocked the other exe from MSE, I ran it and was able to do scaling there.
    • I appreciate that my original title screen art still made it into the project up to this point. :) At one point a statement was made that all the contributors up to a certain time would be recognized in the credits (since, without the interest and contributions of all those original artists, the project would not have gotten off the ground). Are there plans to still do that?
    • The physics were spot on. You can even do that trick where you jump mid-loop to increase your speed. I don't know where the complaints are coming from about physics. Maybe it's because certain people aren't getting full FPS, so it appears sluggish? The game was very smooth for me on my Mac Mini and full quality settings (AMD Radeon HD 6630M; Intel i5 @ 2.50 GHz; 4 GB ram). The only time I noticed a stutter was the moment after I had gotten an invincibility monitor (I assume it had something to do with loading the music for invincibility).
    • What was the point of spending time implementing some kind of DRM?
  20. Candescence


    Sydney, Australia
    3D Indie Stuff
    Tossing my two cents in with Sonic's colours - I think the current version of the sprite is perfect as it is, 'depth' be damned, the colours make the sprites look much more natural.

    Sonic 2 is my least favourite Classic game, but I can ignore that when the production values on this remake are astounding. Fantastic animation, the stages are full of life, and the art style being based on the artwork rather than the original sprites is a fantastic idea. Physics are near-perfect. Music remixes are decent, and, well... Yeah, not much to complain about, here.

    It just pisses me off to hear about the sheer arrogance of the the programmer that Cerulean Nights mentioned (LOst, I believe). Doing pointless bullshit and not his assigned task is one thing, but basically holding the whole damn alpha to ransom? Unbelievable.

    Guess Who has it right, LOst is holding the project back, methinks. :/
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