Sonic 2 Censor Prototype Disassembly

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    Ok folks, I've been sitting on this thing for like 2 months now or so, and I haven't bothered to finish the fucker. As such, the code itself isn't buildable, more than likely it has a lot of hardcoded stuff that is shifting around during the disassembling processes. Either way, y'all Retro goers do what you want with it. I am including the asm file, the IDA pro file, assembler I was using to test the thing. Go nuts.

    Sonic 2 Censor Prototype Disassembly

    I've labeled a good number of things in the disassembly, of course some of the tables for obj, ring, collision positions, ect; use my own nomenclature, so bear that in mind if y'all are looking for something or want to split out data from it. Feel free to ask questions about things if you are lost. I have some relevant HPZ data points information, just in case y'all were interested in looking at stuff.

    Sonic 2 Beta 3.85 (Censor) Notes

    HPZ Tile Offset 3E3D8
    HPZ Block Offset 3E3DC
    HPZ Chunk Offset 3E3E0
    HPZ Collision Offset 05400
    HPZ Layou Offset 4BB0A

    HPZ Collision location 499EA
    HPZ Layout Location? 4D46E