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Sonic 2 Blasted

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Painto, May 3, 2016.

  1. Painto


    Hi guys! I wasn't sure if I should put this in minihacks thread or in a new thread, but with a possibility of continuing this, I post it here.

    Anyway, I would like to show you my hack of Sonic 2 - Sonic 2(D) Blast.
    This hack has only EHZ playable at the moment, but I may add more zones some time later.

    Sonic saw that nobody cares about hacks storylines, so he just decided to run & fight against Eggman once again on the Westside Island. This time with a twist...

    Screenshots (with descriptions):
    Time for some images so you know what you download.
    Tails isn't playable in this hack so he isn't featured on the title screen. The menu was also unneeded.

    My hack features new layouts and... this shield which basically makes Sonic OP. You can do Homing Attack and Stomp with it.

    To don't make this a simplastic hack, I decided to do a new boss for my EHZ.

    Future plans:
    If I'll continue this project one day, I may edit the Special Stages, do more bosses, etc.

    Painto (me) - layouts, new coding (shield moves etc.), boss
    Abyssal Leopard, presto, Bakayote, EditChris - testing
    Sonic Team - original game
    Persons who worked on the Sonic 2 disassembly.

    The most awaited part of this thread. After reading all these useful informations, you would like to try it, yeah? It's possible! Just click on this blue text or on this one (Tails). Have fun. I hope you'll enjoy this as much as we did.

    C&C, as always, it's welcome.

    inb4, Scorched Quest isn't cancelled, I just did this because I got that idea.
  2. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Jesus H Christ you just made Sonic 2D Blast.

    Good fuck. Never saw that one coming.
  3. Azookara


    yup Member
    This was so much fun that I kinda wish it was a complete game. lol

    Seriously, a Sonic 2 with a full version of this plus the original game would be a thing to make me never go back to the vanilla version.
  4. RazoZen


    This needs to be a complete game. Much more fun than actual 3D Blast.
  5. Painto


    I'm glad you liked it. I got some opinions on SSRG as well and I would like to explain some things.

    Tails isn't here because palette issues and plans related to him and Special Stages (entry like in S3D). After a day however I found a solution for both palette and Special Stage entry issues. In Tails gameplay, Sonic will be the one to transport you, and palette... Sonic Boom made for me an altered version of the icons so they fit the original palette. Very big thanks.

    The hack was rather meant not to be a Sonic 3D direct port to 2D, but rather a Sonic 2 with 3D Blast elements - flickies, shield, boss, etc. so I'll keep the original Sonic 2 zones, however I may select and edit only these zones that correspond to these found in 3D (unless you want me to cover all the zones). The probable level order in this may be EHZ > ARZ > CNZ > MCZ > HTZ > CPZ or MZ > MZ or DEZ. That said, once again I'm glad you liked it and I'll surely work on it later. You may expect it on SHC.

    That's all. I updated the OP with ROM with Tails playable. Once again, thanks to Sonic Boom for his Flicky icon edit. To play as Tails, press B on title screen (ring sound will play) or go to Level Select and select PLAYER MODE*02*.

    I'm sorry that I had to use something different that the big ring, but I don't know much about managing art and it's locations/usage (for example DPLC's) so I used the existing art instead without overwriting anything. If you want Sonic 1 elements however, there's actually one. The LevSel cheat :p

    Have fun.
  6. winterhell


    I was a bit disapponted and relieved at the same time that it ended with EHZ.

    Nice work.
  7. rata


    Trying to be useful somehow.
    If I fits, I sits... oh no, I got stuck!!

  8. Sith


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    This concept is so much fun. I hope you will make a complete hack of this in the future and can spice things up even more with new elements.

    I also hope you will continue work on Burned Edition as I also find that a great work in progress. Please fix the text on the intro story though; it got some typos and weird English.
    I hope you won't delete the intro as it sets the mood for the hack. People who are impatient can just skip it.

    But back on topic; I say a big YES to your Sonic 2D blast hack. I love the layout too, it makes you have to try harder to find them but eventually you do.
    Some exploration without frustration. I love it.
  9. redhotsonic


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    United Kingdom
    I haven't tried this yet, but from what everyone is saying and going by, it's definitely worth checking out.

    I was going to do a video if this (yes, I've gained permission from Painto), but I think I might do a live Stream instead on Friday 6th May 7pm BST.
  10. Sith


    The molotov bitch Member
    Congrats on your 1337th post, RHS. :p

    Edit: I was there on the stream and that was fun seeing you play while chatting with the other guys. You should do that again sometime!

    I do, but only if it is implemented into the hack as an introduction like you did for Burned Edition.
    Stories for the manuals don't interest me though, they are not truly part of the game itself.
  11. Painto


    After doing few things in my RL, I've finally found some time for my projects, so I started fixing various reported issues and some requested features. I still have2 things to do (Flickies & layout fixing) but I think that hat I have now is enough to show. When I do these 2 things, there likely will be a video. Anyway, to the pictures:
    I edited the title screen a bit so it has the "BLASTED" text on it. It slides from below to the screen after Sonic appears.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    After title screen, you get transported to Main Menu (topleft image) which I made basing on other S2 menus. In it you can start playing the game (from save), see your progress (bottomleft image), change options (topright image), erase your data (you'll be warned before), play the tutorial stage (it will be either The Main Zone from my earlier hacks or Marble Zone from S1), play the unlockables (these will be likely zones I'm not going to use & maybe S1 zones) and see the credits (after beating the game). Pressing C in progress menu will reveal level times screen (bottomright image) which allows you to see best time in each act. Soundtrack selection will change the menus BG as well.

    I've edited the boss according to your notes - SYZ spikeball + 5 hits. Also no score & time on the HUD, like S3D.

    Also like S3D, I moved the results to separate screen. Special Bonus is the same thing as Tails/Knuckles bonuses. Not sure about Perfect Bonus though. I'll probably change it to Flicky Bonus or keep them both.

    That's all atm. I have left to do the things which I've mentioned at the beginning.
    C&C as always welcome.