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Sonic 2 Beta Pirate carts - Dumped

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by egel, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. egel


    May start a small page about my MD collection.
    Hey all. So I managed to buy a Super magic drive this week (with FDD woohoow!), and finally got around to making a fresh dump from the Sonic 2 beta pirate cart and the other S2 Pirate cart for you guys. In case anyone's forgotten, these 2 carts:


    Also made a dump of my Crackers cart... just in case. You can download all 3 .SMD files included in a .zip here:

    You can view the video of me dumping the S2 beta pirate cart here:

    I tested the dumps in various emus however I can't seem to get the beta running (except in Ages, in which it works only partially). Do me a favor and tell me this is exactly the same as the Wai ROM... or make me happy and tell me it's actually a different version :v:/>
  2. Clownacy


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    The beta seems identical. The one on the wiki is padded to 1MB, though.

    The S2 final pirate's fun. It expects the checksum to be wrong (leading to a red screen if your emulator corrects it). It also skips straight to the title screen (in a way that's infinitely better than the beta pirate, BTW) while dummying out a bsr to the fade-out subroutine. The copyright is blanked out, too. Hex comparing doesn't indicate any other hidden changes. The ROM's also REV01.

    Crackers is identical.