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Sonic 2: Archives

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Nik Pi, Dec 31, 2022.

  1. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Hi everybody!
    Today I want to present my hack on Sonic 2 that restores some of proto conceptions!
    In this demo presented 2,5 zones: Emerald hill, Desert level (at this moment- untitled), and first act of Metropolis. After it begins EHZ and game starts again.
    Were realized wall recoil, some unused animations, and few unused conceptions.

    Bad lava collisions on MTZ
    Problems with loops on Desert level.

    Main programming: Me
    Help with coding: TheBlad768
    Metropolis music: Toxic Foxtrot
    Metropolis bg: Pacca the satyr
    Desert zone assets: E-122-Psi
    Music programming: EpsilionDubwool

    Special thanks to EddyTF, Dark Shamil Khan, lavagaming1, and Rrose80149. Oh, and Clownacy for Clonedriver :)
    Sonic 2 Archives_000.png

    Happy new year!!!

    Download (say me, if link is doesn't work)
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  2. Rrose80149


    I think you forgot to credit me for the smps conversion.
  3. E-122-Psi


    This has potential though there's several glitches at the moment and level design could use a bit of refinement.

    If you need helping giving the sand proper collision in the Desert zone I can help with that too.

    I find myself loving the new percussion set by the way, didn't know the Megadrive could do that.
  4. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Thanks for responding!
    It would be nice, but I don't want to strain you too much. You shouldn't to do it just because it's your art. Anyway thanks
    What do you mean?
    If you about MTZ- it's a couple of samples, that plays. You know, something like Toy Story's title screen bgm, but more simple.
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  5. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Little mockup for Ocean Wind zone
  6. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    So, I reread the first post here, and I noticed that I didn't tell you about my plans at all! (oops)

    Well, the Sonic 2: Archives project aims to restore discarded concepts that were used in the early stages of game development. This is music that in many cases will be remixes of demo recordings by Masato Nakamura, it will be graphics from prototypes, or concept art. Or invented from scratch. Also enemies, and some abilities, like wall recoil.

    How far will this hack go?
    Well, I don't want to immediately set a goal to restore all 18+ zones, to begin with - I want to restore zones from the "present", that is, this
    Emerald Hill
    Ocean Wind
    Wood/Secret Jungle
    Sand Shower/Dust Hill/Desert World

    If I manage to restore them, then I will work on other levels.

    Now I have a large team, and I think this task is feasible. Who knows, maybe we'll even make it to shc! ^_^

    I hasn't new demo, but I have a few screenshots for this thread :)
    s2built_009.png s2built_010.png s2built_2_000.png
    What do you everybody think about Tails' flight? Should it be in game?
  7. That One Guy Josh

    That One Guy Josh

    AKA JoshtheHedgehog647. Member
    Teresina, PI
    Sonic Lost World 2 (???????????)
    Wait... isn't that animation for Tails on the second picture based on Sonic's "wall-bump" animation?
  8. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Yup, it's wall recoil for Tails. By me (:
  9. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Some news everybody!
    First of all: now Sand Shower has parralax!
    (made by lavagaming1)

    And here is little level select editing: