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    Sonic 2.5 is a project my brother and I always daydreamed about. Today I was looking at my old projects to later make a video of my game-making journey, and some of the oldest files I still have are from this concept, back from August 2011.

    When it came to deciding which classic game was the best, there was no argument, it was both Sonic 2 and 3. To us, Sonic 2 had the best music, levels, and nostalgia, while 3 had more characters, power-ups, transformations, cutscenes, level transitions and it's overall an evolved form of its predecessor. So if we made a Sonic fan game it had to be a mix of the two.

    Unfortunately, at the time we didn't have too much experience in making games, so we moved on to other projects and Sonic 2.5 ended up being shelved indefinitely.

    Still, I feel the few stuff that we did make seems to have aged just fine even though we had no idea what we were doing.


    Sprites from Sonic 3 and 2 on the sides and 2.5 in the middle. The only difference between the middle ones is the eyes. Not sure what looks better... Pupils 1.5 pixels wide is not an option :)

    For the stages, our approach would not be to create something completely from scratch but use the backgrounds of the Sonic 2 stages as inspiration. As if Sonic was revisiting the same island, but different places only previously seen from afar.

    For example, stage 5 would be Red Mountain Zone, a stage with metal highways that linked the cliffs seen in HTZ backgrounds.

    I made this mockup for the stage a few years later as a pixel art exercise. It's clearly out of proportion compared to Sonic 2, because I had no image as a reference while drawing. The hot weather would probably need to be changed into something more akin to HTZ.

    Other ideas for stages, from my spreadsheet:

    1 - Emerald Hill turns into Grey Hill, as some of the land has been covered with metal plating similar to CPZ. The animal friends you usually rescue from inside the badniks are being captured as you traverse the level (again you are seeing a familiar story but from a new perspective).
    2 - IronFalls - Tubes carry all sorts of materials that are seen on other stages (Robotnik uses this network of tubes to feed materials between stages).
    3 - Mud Temple - Flammable mud (Sonic Mania stealing our ideas :V).
    4 - Midnight City - Gimmicks turn on and off with blackouts.
    6 - Haunted Mine - Has 2 planes, warps horizontally (like Metropolis, but in the other orientation).

    As for overall gameplay, we wanted to explore the in-between of Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic, as each was introduced in one of the source materials. From that came the idea of each emerald giving a special temporary power from Super/Hyper Sonic, until eventually Sonic collected all 7 and completed the transformation.

    But having 7 transformations would be too much, so we decided that instead of transformations the game should have a new shield, the Emerald Shield™, with 7 color variations. So if you get the red shield and you have the red emerald, you have access to new abilities (and some visual effects indicating the shield is active), otherwise it's essentially a regular shield, like in Sonic 2.

    From the spreadsheet:
    Red Haste- Increases acceleration. Move: Diagonal air dash (up or down).
    Yellow Rise - Faster when going uphill. Move: Double Jump.
    Green Magnet - Attracts rings (weaker than Thunder Shield). Move: Insta-Shield (increases magnet range).
    Cyan Spin - Less friction when rolling, invulnerable roll (Mighty in Mania ;)). Move: Downward Dash (like the Water Shield, but instead of bouncing, dashes forward when you touch the ground [I'm looking at you, Drop Dash]).
    Blue Dash - Instant Spin Dash, higher speed cap. Move: Air dash (same as Fire Shield).
    Purple Flash - Move: Flash (destroys small enemies full screen, like Hyper Sonic).
    Grey Strike - Move: Homming Attack - a bit different from Modern Sonic's. You don't bounce off of enemies with this move and you can use it on enemies that are above you.

    It can look like a bit too much having all these power-ups... Only after playtesting on actual levels we would be sure it's not too overwhelming, but that never happened :)

    Anyways, thanks for reading if you got this far. Maybe someday we come back to this project, who knows :)