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Sonic 2 (2013 - iOS/Android) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by D.A. Garden, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Dissent


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    It most certainly didn't in the original.
  2. D.A. Garden

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    After some further testing you are right. I wrote that after my first playthrough and subsequent encounter so I assumed it was Super Sonic related.

    I'm also going to add a few more things that need to be looked into at some point. (Android Version):

    • The main menu can be easily soft locked if you attempt to press a button as the screen fades in. For example, when I complete a level on time trial and want to try again, I press where the "Play" button would be before it's fully faded in and the app locks all input. I have to close the app from the android's app menu in order to get rid of the issue. Even closing and opening the app does nothing as all input is ignored. This is also a problem in Sonic 1 2013.
    • Spindash sound still doesn't change in pitch when revving up. A small issue that was also present in Sonic 1 2013.
    • The oil in Oil Ocean Zone is odd in that you can't spindash in it (maybe intentional?) and you can't jump when you immediately land in it but, you can repeatedly jump while submerged making breaking level sections easy. The kill area in the oil is a lot lower as well.
    • The 2 ride elevator at the end of Casino Night Zone 2 has some strange collision in that I have fallen through it a few times instead of riding on it up to the next flooring level.
    • Pressure springs in Casino Night Zone are slightly off in that I have to hold them down for longer in order to go the height I'm expecting.
    • Mentioned before but the switch handles in Mystic Cave Zone are harder to jump off of without landing back on them.
    • One of the wall chunks in Emerald Hill 2 is missing collision. On the top path, after the 2 loops but just before the double diagonal spring combo; the wall to the right of the first diagonal spring is non solid.

    Some of the other main issues I encountered have already been noted in this thread so far so I've not re-mentioned them for that purpose.


    A few more I just experienced:

    • Going through the double s-tunnel at the end of Hill Top Zone 1 adds a single point to the score counter.
    • There's also a stray ceiling chunk in the high greenery (top of the level) in Aquatic Ruin Zone 2 at debug coordinates X:04400, Y:00530.
    • If Tails flies along the ceiling of Aquatic Ruin Zone 2 and is high enough near the boss, the camera extends upwards, showing the bottom of the background above you. The camera limit stays like this until the level ends. Subsequently, as mentioned before, you can land after the boss arena this away if you keep going right and can also hit the capsule without evening going into the boss fight.
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    You know... I only just discovered that path recently... thanks to a fellow member posting a clip from the official Sonic 2 guide, highlighting said shortcut. Speaking of hidden paths... I must say I was fairly pleased with some of the hidden path work put into this. Especially Hill Top Zone. I admit I cheated and looked through all the layout in Debug mode to find it all... but it is just well done. I can honestly say I enjoy that zone a lot more now with the new expansions to the zones.

    Anyway... a suggestion. I'm all for the Boss Attack, but it seems a tad odd that Death Egg Zone by itself is NOT in Time Attack... IMO it should be.

    P.S. My method of skipping the water is more fun!!! [​IMG]
  4. Ashura96


    I'll admit that this was more satisfying to pull off way back in the day, before I ever discovered the shortcut in the wall (thanks debug mode!)
    Hell, I had fun showing that off to my friends at the time, since I knew exactly one person who back then who could run through CPZ2 "properly"


    Anyway - I noticed that version 3.0.1 hasn't rolled out to every iTunes store...notably Japan.
  5. ICEknight


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    -I just got some rings right when Super Sonic was going to transform back into Sonic, and the Super music kept playing for the rest of the act even if I was just regular Sonic.

    By the way, can somebody confirm/deny if the Coconuts and Oil Ocean's seahorses are more agressive than usual? I really don't remember ever getting hit so many times by their projectiles...
  6. doc eggfan

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    Did anyone else find the special stages strangely unfamiliar. Even though they are the same and I'm intimately familiar with the originals, the new smooth scrolling and hd graphics really distracted me and I made more mistakes than usual. It was a strange but enjoyable experience, like playing it for the first time all over again.

    Possibly the 16:9 widescreen triggers their attack patterns sooner?

    Also, was it a design decision to move the Tornado closer to the start at the beginning of WFZ, or was it always that close and I didn't realise due to the old 4:3 screen resolution.

    I would also like to see the Balkiry landing gear in action somehow too (mostly because I discovered the unused tiles not long after Nemesis compression was cracked, and I want to feel like I left my stamp indirectly in the update)
  7. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    The Super Sonic music always keeps playing when transforming back to normal. I've run out of rings numerous times, and each time it's continued to play.
  8. Ranger


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    A friend of mine came across some pretty game-breaking bugs, so we figured it's probably best to post them here. Forgive me if someone's already said something about these! (These are in the Android version of the game if that matters)
    Getting crushed by these pillars as Super Sonic froze the game :x

    Also during the ending Sonic fell off the Tornado???
    The ending continued as normal, just without Sonic
    what a depressing ending, rest in peace sonic

    Also, even after finding and completing it, Hidden Palace won't show up in Time Attack

    (sorry for the huge pictures too)
  9. ICEknight


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    Okay, there must be something really wrong with the Death Egg Robot's collision box or something, because I used to be able to hit him without problems as Knuckles and now I'm lucky if I can land one single hit on it.
  10. jmr


    Just triggerred a glitch in 2P VS Emerald Hill Zone Act 2. I triggered a teleport monitor just before falling into a pit and dying. The teleport animation happened just before the death animation would have occurred, but the teleport never actually happened resulting in me being stuck in this perma-death state and having to wait for the timer to run out.
  11. Techokami


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    Okay, so the recent update fixed my gamepad problem! Awesome, now the game is far more playable to me.
    Though I did have an interesting issue with 2P VS mode. I was pitted against some mystery person who was a bit more skilled than me, and in the end he did win... but as soon as the final results screen popped up, the game crashed. Maybe people aren't ragequitting? :/
  12. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I don't recall, but did every 2p stage in the original Sonic 2 end with a special stage or did it only do so in a tie breaker?

    Also fun about 2p, I didn't know you could be the same character. I was in a match with me and the opponent both playing as Tails last night. Interesting at least, made the special stage kind of confusing though. I was happy to see one opponent pick up my special stage habit of running around in a circle during dull/ringless parts though :v:
  13. Montblanc


    I found several tiles acting different, but for good. The only negative thing I found is that you can be killed by standing here:


    As for suggestions... the only thing I can think of is adding some way to play HPZ with track 10. For example playing the song from the sound test and then accesing the level. Also I tought the organ was going to do something, since the rest of the bosses doesn't have any decoration on the background (well, silver sonic has Eggman's face). It would be nice if the tubes glowed or something (another crazy idea I had is the organ playing alone track 10 after Eggman is defeated, like a possessed instrument).

    Yeah, I really want to see that song being used somewhere, and not being forgotten, like HPZ. :v:
  14. I've got a weird game complete level select too. Most of the time when I pick a level (Mystic Cave or Hidden Palace) I just get taken to Death Egg instead.
  15. ICEknight


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    Yeah, I must admit that it was a little odd. It would have made sense if the bombs were thrown from the organ pipes or something, but being just a one-time decoration it felt more like a Sparkster thing...
  16. The ParadoxX

    The ParadoxX

    A spider caught me and I kept on the floor with this animation frame, then the spider exploded, and I kept there forever, had to restart to keep playing.
  17. Graxer


    The cannon above the on-screen one in the picture fired me downwards, but as it did so it shifted me instantaneously slightly to the left and I missed the on-screen cannon and landed in the oil as shown.

    Here a cannon fired me out the top of the screen, but I never came back down again and the controls became unresponsive. I had to pause and restart the level.

    Also, I once completed EHZ1 on time attack, and when it returned to the level select/records screen I was unable to make any selections on the touch screen and had to force-close the app before it would respond to my touches again.

    All of these problems were encountered on iOS.
  18. TheKazeblade


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    On Android:
    Like others mentioned, when Super Sonic ends, the music continues. Also with Super Sonic, when trying to ride the air burst into the cannon in Oil Ocean, instead of blasting me straight up, I was pushed to the left, stuck in a permanent spin-dash, and had to restart.

    Also, like S1, occasionally jump sfx becomes static. Force quitting the app fixes the problem, but I don't know what causes it.
  19. Jimmy Hedgehog

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    Same for spindash charge sound too at times.
  20. Finishing a stage in Time Attack causes the screen to lock up if it's not a new record.