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Sonic 2 (2013 - iOS/Android) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by D.A. Garden, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    But what is the problem in adding an option? Everybody is happy ;P

    It doesn't fit with the new hidden palace because now it's full of rockets, water jets and CPz-y hi speed sections with loops, though.
  2. corneliab


    You are underestimating these guys to a really weird degree if you could possibly think that was an oversight.

    Having that music play was unexpected initially, but I could totally see why it was chosen as the stage continued. That tweet mentioned the stage having a "prehistoric feel"- this is EXACTLY what I picked up on as well. You have little dino bots running around, I mean really.
  3. Skyler


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    The next audtion
    I glided into Shellcracker, bounced off it into the tube, clung to the wall, and then this happened.

  4. Dan Lioneye

    Dan Lioneye

    I've done that in the original S2&K too.
  5. Diablohead


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    So far this version is brilliant just like sonic 1 and cd, great work guys yet again!

    I am also happy that you kept in 2 player and made it work over the internet and with more stages, I have always loved how sonic 2 had some of the best multiplayer on the megadrive and you kept it alive again in this version.

    A few glitches I have bumped into and other little things:

    -OOZ2 has a broken set of those shooting balls, about half way into the stage there is one which will start fine but then launch you into the sky forever off screen.
    -Coming out of a special stage in EHZ1 I dropped down from the star post up high and was hit by nothing, I believe it was an invisible buzz bomber which did not load in correctly, running away and returning made him appear as normal.
    -Playing online, when another user quits the game seems to give you no heads up and will return to the menu instantly, this is fine but to actually get the achievement or see final results you have to get to that final page yourself before the other user quits, I would suggest maybe having it so if the other player quits out of the game while you are not in an actual level the game keeps you where you are until you try to play the next match. So far only one random game online has reached the very end, too many people rage quit.
    - No HTZ boss but I'm sure everyone has said that.

    That's all, again great work! love it.
  6. ICEknight


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    I've just tried the 2 Player mode and weird stuff happened.

    The other player must have had a really poor connection, so he was always stuttering and going really slow. The problems:
    -Once I finished the level, he didn't get killed after 60 seconds. Tails "death" sprite could be seen for a brief time while stuttering, then he continued his spastic adventure offscreen.
    -After two zones and one Special Stage the final results were shown, then I oressed the screen and the "Waiting for 2P" message appeared again, for very long minutes, before the game sent me back to the menu with a disconnection message. Then I went to the "No save" mode, selected Knuckles, Title Screen and.... "Waiting for 2P" screen. Oops!

    Perhaps the original devs didn't really want to accentuate the prehistoric feel in the end, hence why they removed the triceratops in favor of the waterfall objects and, well, replaced the music track.

    Also, whatever the feel and pace and whatnot, now there's two different levels with the same background music, which at the very least is an odd thing to have.

    Why not add a soundtrack option, with Final/Prototype to choose from? There's other prototype tracks that people might find better suited than the final versions, and since once again this is only about oppinions, having that option would be the best thing for everybody... just like in Sonic CD.
  7. Lanzer


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    I was chatting with "Wonchop" with Kotaku and he'd like to give a little feedback, I'll post on his behalf:

  8. Jimmy Hedgehog

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    Dunno if it's been mentioned, but I was on Metropolis Act 2 and when I ran out of rings as Super Sonic, music carried on while I was normal. Until end-level fade out of course.
  9. Josh


    In Boss Attack's fight against Submarine Eggman (Hill Top Zone), you can go through the sides of the lava pit and die to a pit. It's REALLY easy to do if you fall into the lava and get knocked into it. Don't know if it happens in the main game, too.
  10. ICEknight


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    It's cute that the Egg Prison's button now has some pressure sensitivity, but it's annoying that it won't work until it's completely pressed (a case of visuals over functionality?).

    It's easy to miss on the first try if you're passing by as a Super form (or just going fast, trying to achieve a new record).
  11. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    Well Sonic CD shipped with two separate soundtracks, which is a world of difference between a prototype and a final game.

    idk if you start introducing switches like that you open it up for more - swirly run! Casino Night! EHZ Snails! - and it gets... tedious, to say the least. It's not a "pure" rendition of Hidden Palace Zone so even if it ends up that the music is "wrong" (I'm in the MCZ 2 camp btw) it shouldn't matter. It's not "the" Hidden Palace, it's a "different" Hidden Palace, etc.

    Alternatively a second run of trying to contact the developers and get a definitive answer
  12. ICEknight


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    It worked fine in Sonic CD. No need to add anything else.

    But Hidden Palace is using the prototype music here, so it would make as much sense. Also, every other music had its own small changes here and there, so it would be neat to have either way.
  13. RetroKoH


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    The first 2 images are definitely true... the third image... NO, I disagree, I recall getting crushed in that underwater section like that in the original. To explain the former, it's a simple matter of having modded the crushing routine so that Sonic can now be crushed between solid objects and the ceiling tiles. This wasn't possible in the original engine, unless an invisible solid block object was placed to compensate. I've managed this also in the WFZ boss... LOL. You can do this by using the first platform to hit the laser, and if done right it will rebound you onto the second one where you are fucked...

    This crushing routine has actually been an issue I've noticed in ALL of the Taxman re-releases... especially in CD. It really should be addressed IMO.

    On the topic of that WFZ boss, This boss also fucks you over big... the laser is supposed to stop just before hitting you IF are up against the wall. Doesn't happen here, and you can lose all your rings much quicker if it catches you on the left side (with the direction that lost rings always go in.)

    Some other stuff, dunno if it was all reported. I'll edit it out if it was:
    - I may have to double check this one... but it feels like you can destroy enemies while in the bubble animation, IF you were spinning before obtaining said bubble. Again, not 100% sure on that.
    - MCZ boxes... they either move a little too quickly OR Sonic's aforementioned crushing routine allows him to get crushed too easily.
    - Speaking of those boxes, one set in Act 1 moves the opposite direction as it's supposed to... the one right after the invincibility box.
    - In MTZ, the Asteron badnik's detection range is further out than it should be... proof of this can be seen in Act 3 when going to the boss on that platform. They should only detect you if you jump.
    - Not really a bug, but a timing issue. When you approach the long crushers going full speed, they are UP. Typically they should be down in the original game, only seen going up if you are dumb enough to stick around to watch it... or are going slowly by.
    - Sky Chase Zone has the ol' spindash off the plane bug.
    - Was fighting Silver Sonic when I noticed, spinning to the left of the screen quickly results in Sonic hitting the screen and rebounding slightly to the right, while retaining his roll.
    - Aforementioned BG issue with Special Stages when resetting. I can confirm that it also occurs with the iOS version too.
  14. ICEknight


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    Do other platforms/objects in the remakes have the same timing as in the originals, though? This might be a bigger problem than expected.
  15. Indigo Rush

    Indigo Rush

    Couple things, first one having to do with 2P mode.

    I was in a few online races and most of them I passed the finish line first, but the win was always awarded to the opposing player. For that matter, I was considered to be the second player, as opposed to being the first player from my perspective, which I found to be pretty odd. Cheated me out of an achievement nonetheless.

    Also, this has been happening with Sonic 1 Android as well; I have 2 mobile devices where I play these ports. One is a tablet which runs perfectly... then there's my mobile phone. When I play either Sonic 1 or 2 on my Android phone, the game seems to be locked into an overclocked speed. It's as if you're running an emulator on turbo mode; the time counter goes twice as fast, for example. I haven't tried Sonic CD on my phone yet, but I imagine there might be the same issue.

    It's odd, because I'd expect my lower end device to run slowly, not too fast. For the record, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim 720C, and I believe it's running at least Gingerbread (2.3.6).

    And I want to second those comments about the strict collision detection. Never before have I lost so many lives in Aquatic Ruin Zone.

    EDIT: Same thing happens with Sonic CD. What gives?!
  16. ICEknight


    Researcher Researcher
    Do you mean the "Time" win or the total win?
  17. Indigo Rush

    Indigo Rush

    I forgot about that detail; I should double check that.
  18. RetroKoH


    Project Sonic 8x16
    Off the top of my head, none come to mind... just those ones stuck out to me... I'd imagine there are though, and it having everything to do with the fact that due to the widescreen output, more objects can be visible sooner... thus the objects get activated sooner. There isn't much that can be done about that... one of the few, if any drawbacks to the widescreen output.

    That said, increasing the time that it takes to make the object move is wrong... because then it'd be inconsistent. One other possiblity is that it could actually be set to be UP when activated... but given that I have just enough time to jump out from underneath it before certain death... I'm not so sure that's the case.

    ALSO found another 2 bugs:
    Playing HPZ as Tails and there is a section where you can walk behind the tube tunnel. Flying up that shaft results in Tails dropping to the floor, locked in spin mode.
    Also in MTZ (I forget which act...) There is a spinning cylinder, underneath it a monitor. To the right of both is a gap, with a platform that one can use to jump up to the landing, and proceed onward. Anyway, I'm almost positive this particular platform is supposed to fall, when landed on. It does not.
  19. Effexor


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    The bugs come from the andoid version.

    - Sometimes after picking a level from a completed save file, the game takes you to Death Egg instead.
    - In 2P races, the game sometimes either goes to the special stage tie breaker when there is no tie, or doesn't go to it when there is a tie.
    - In one of my 2P races in Hill Top Act 1, the opponent seemed to have disconnected, but his character just kept walking to the right. After a time over, the game would just sit at the "waiting for 1p" screen.
  20. ICEknight


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    I might be wrong on this, but I thought that at least some of the objects in the original games (like the swinging platforms) were synchronized with a running counter, rather than just being started when appearing on screen.

    If the remakes don't ever do that, then that might be the answer to this problem.