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Sonic 2 (2013 - iOS/Android) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by D.A. Garden, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. BlazeHedgehog


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    I participated in a Game Jam where there were judges and prizes and I won an Acer Iconia One 7. Having the exact same problem on that device. Just installed Sonic 2 from my Amazon app library, the game's running at roughly 125% speed for me. I'll need to dig deeper, but I think it's running on Android 5

    My two-year-old Asus Memopad 7, also running Android 5, runs the game at normal speed. It's a bummer, because the Asus Memopad 7 won't pair with any bluetooth controllers I have, but the Acer Iconia does, so I'd rather use the Iconia to play something like Sonic 2.

    Edit: I notice the version of Sonic 2 on Google Play says it's v3.1.5, whereas the one I downloaded off Amazon identifies as 3.0.7. The one on Google specifically mentions fixes for Lollipop. Did Amazon just never update to the latest version?
  2. D.A. Garden

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    I have just realised that I forgot to mention, but I have Sonic 2 v3.1.5 for the Google Play Store (latest version), my Sony Xperia XA with the speed problem is running Android Marshmallow (6.0) and my old Sony Xperia E3 (that could play it with no issues) was running Android Kitkat (4.4).

    Also, yes, it's running at about 125% speed (same as BlazeHedgehog) and is noticeable if you go into a Zone in Time Attack and compare the Time in the top left corner to an actual clock/timer. It should be almost the same, whereas it's quite noticeably off.
  3. big smile

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    I figured this out:
    -Both players need to have a save file in 1P mode (Otherwise the game will crash in 2P).
    -It IS possible for players on different versions of Android to invite each other.
    -Invites work better if the players are friends on Google Plus.
    -The invite system is very buggy. On many occasions, when selecting 2P the game will skip straight to the online mode where you play against a stranger, so the option to invite a friend is missing. The only solution is to restart the device.

    Taxman and Stealth did an awesome job of expanding the 2-player competition mode. Playing in the extra levels really enhances the game, although it's too bad that Hidden Palace isn't available.

    Sadly, it's not possible to play as Super Sonic in 2P mode. In the Mega Drive version, this was a great little addition, as Tails could use a teleporter to steal the Super Sonic powers from Sonic. Then Sonic could try and find a teleporter to steal the powers back.

    It was like playing ‘Super Sonic Tag’ and it enriched the game greatly.

    If these games ever get ported to consoles, it would be nice if Super Sonic could be restored to 2P mode. (Although, it was a bug in the original, so I appreciate why it was left out of the port).
  4. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I know, mega bump, but is there any chance that the debug/level select codes will ever work again in Sonic 1 or 2 (Android)? I can't get them to work with the touch screen at all.
  5. ICEknight


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    Bumping this because the latest, "Sega Forever" branded version seems to have introduced an important bug that makes the d-pad to stop being held sometimes. I have uninstalled it already due to the annoying notifications, but I think it happens when you:
    -Hold jump
    -Hold direction
    -Release jump
    ...Or something similar to that.

    It happened to me quite a few times, then I went back to the original release and didn't happen once. Many other people seem to be experiencing this, judging by the comments at the Android store.
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    Speaking of the Sega Forever re-release, (NOTE: i was using 2015 Bluestacks) when ethier Sonic or Tails move on the ground, they act like their NOT on the ground.
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    Is that a riddle.
  8. OssieTheOstrich


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    It's sometimes hard to explain something.
    And it's an actual bug in the game.
  9. Zycor


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    Beats me.
    So I was playing Sonic 2 recently on iOS, and I couldn't help but notice the game doesn't feel as polished in this SEGA FOREVER release.

    It is odd that the path seems to have gotten confused. I imagine this could also happen in the Genesis versions. It's my first time encountering it, considering I've cleared the game several times on Android. I just have it on iOS because it was free. I don't know what my next phone will be, so I don't know if I want to double dip or not.

    There was sound in the recording until an ad played, then there was no sound.

    This didn't make the stage unbeatable, but I was wanting to go back in the stage. So this kind of ruined that from this particular pathway.

    Not sure if general collision and path swapping problems are documented, but I figured it would make more sense to post this here. My iPhone is a 6s running the latest iOS version 11.3.