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Sonic 2 (2013 - iOS/Android) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by D.A. Garden, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. When can we at least see these games elsewhere AWAY from Mobile, it's crazy that it's not even safe on Mobile, some weird update here or there and these games just crash or refuse to load for a week or so. Come on SEGA, just throw these on Steam already, or at least knock out some console versions, it is an anniversary year after all.
  2. Just to back up my previous message, apparently Sonic 2 Mobile is THAT unknown, major gaming websites don't even know about the content it has:

    That video states that Hidden Palace Zone isn't playable at all in ANY version of Sonic 2. :v:
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    Super late, but:
    The fact that it's even asking for a PIN means it's not going to work. Wii Remotes claim to use the HID profile, but they actually use a proprietary protocol. Bluetooth stacks that handle the Wii Remote protocol also implement the non-standard PIN, so the PIN screen should never appear.

    EDIT: Apparently there were some 'apps' for older versions of Android that were able to make use of Wii Remotes even if the Bluetooth stack itself didn't support it, so manual pairing may have worked. Whatever the case, you have to pair it using 6 raw bytes, which I assume have to be translated into ASCII and copy/pasted into the PIN dialog in order to work.

    Some noob in the comments posted a video of "Genocide City Zone" from a hack as if it's the real thing. Brillant.
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    In light of that misinformation, I just can't help but wonder...what's the point of greenlighting these remasters if you're not going to make them known, let alone available, to a wide audience? Especially given the pedigree of the two responsible for making them and the resulting very high quality that the remasters have. If you're only going to make them available to a very circumcised group of people (hardcore old-school Sonic fans and the occasional mobile gamer who likes having full Sonic games available on his phone), you're pretty much guaranteeing them to sit in obscurity. (Not saying this to knock on Taxman and Stealth's work or interest/passion in making it, far from it--if anything, I'm just feeling that the results should had garnered more accessibility and acclaim.)

    Then again, I think it's been said a different group of people than the ones Taxman and Stealth approached for the remasters is now in place, so presumably they (along with the Nintendo exclusive partnership) just happened to throw a spanner in the works in how things were previously strolling along. In which that's understandable, not everything goes to plan, things change. Disappointing, but it happens.
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    It also says "Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic" which is something I wish would just die.
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    Slight bump here, but I found a glitch in Mystic Caves. If you stick to the top route in Act 1, you come to this swinging platform with spikes on its sides. If you stay on the platform, it brings you into the ceiling, which can leave you stuck, but most times you can just walk to the right and fall back into the level.

    Here are two pictures of the area I am talking about.

    ...Actually, I loaded up the original, and it happens there too, so I'm not really sure what to make of this.
  7. JcFerggy


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    Sorry to double post, but I ran into another bug.

    After beating the final boss with Tails and running off screen to the right, I continued to hold right. After the transition to the ending cutscene, Tails continued to move to the right as he fell while I was still holding right. He slowly moved off screen and stayed that way even after Sonic showed up with the Tornado. It wasn't until the final frames of him jumping towards the screen did he reappear. Not really game breaking, but still unintended behavior.
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    Is there any way to disable the virtual controls? I got an Android emulator so I could get the game and play it full screen on my PC, but if there's a way to turn off the virtual controls, I can't find it. There was in Sonic CD, but the key combination doesn't work.

    Scoured the internet for details; but no one seems to even know that was possible in Sonic CD (with the keyboard, hold spacebar and press any action (non d-pad) button); I only found it by accident because I was searching for a keyboard key for Pause in that game. (Which Sonic 1 and 2 actually DO have.)
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    ^ What are you using? In BlueStacks 2, setting the D-pad opacity to 0 in the settings cleared the screen and the keyboard worked just fine once I was in the game proper: arrow keys oir WASD for movement, P for pausing, and J/K/L/Space for jumping and confirming options in the level select. In the menus outside of the game, WASD and J/K/L work. I haven't used Andyroid in a while, but I seem to recall that using the same controls.
  10. Harmony Friends

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    I'm using AMIDuOS. I don't know where the d-pad opacity option is?
    Is that like a special BlueStacks thing? BlueStacks never performed great on my computer and installs bloatware, so I'd really rather not.

    (Keyboard controls aren't the issue; I can't pause in Sonic CD and trying stuff all over my keyboard is how I found Sonic CD's command to disable the virtual controls from ingame. But Sonic 2 doesn't have that control. But you can pause with P.)
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    It's in the settings in the game, not in BlueStacks. You can access it from Help & Options or from the Pause menu.

    (EDIT: Quoted previous post for new page.)
  12. Jenuall


    Just upgraded to a Galaxy S7 and it's not letting me download Sonic 1 or 2, apparently they aren't compatible with my device? Any thoughts on this, is there a way I can bypass the compatibility check on the Play Store?
  13. muteKi


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    Crashes every time I try to run a 2P game. Matches me up with an opponent, goes to the stage select screen, and then almost immediately gives me the "unfortunately it stopped" message. Android version.
  14. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    Same for me. I'm just sort of hoping they'll eventually be compatible.
  15. big smile

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    Has anyone been able to get the 2 player match on this to work on Android? I can get it fine to work if I play with a stranger, but if I invite with a friend, it always crashes. I've tried a multitude of different Android devices, but it is the same result. Do both devices need to be running the same version of Android? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
  16. Linkabel


    I was actually going to get them again for my S7 and I have the same problem. I honestly can't believe I can get Sonic 4 Episode 2 on it but not the remasters.
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    I also upgraded to S7 a month ago. I guess with Taxman & Stealth busy with Mania any hopes of them making compatible builds for the S7 are either a long way off or extremely unlikely. It's a shame.

    Sonic CD has still not been put back on Google Play and the Sonic 1 updated brought to iOS at the start of year (which fixed the sound test issue) has still not come to Google Play either, which sucks.

    So I downloaded Sonic CD, Sonic 2 and Sonic 4 Ep1 & Ep2 from Amazon.UK, which play fine. I think S4 Ep1 was free on Amazon and there was an earlier build of Sonic CD which was free (the most up-to-date version of CD you have to pay for). Sonic 1 on Amazon isn't compatible with my S7 so I used an apk.
  18. Strange, I also have the Samsung Galaxy S7 (European version with Exynos soc) and Sonic 1, 2 and CD downloaded without any problem and play fine. Maybe you have the American version with Qualcomm soc and that's the reason it doesn't work?
  19. So I picked this up earlier...I have a few nitpicks about it, but mainly, that you tend to get crushed by things that don't actually crush you in the original. You could be standing beside something, and then get crushed as if you were standing underneath it. It's like Sonic's hitbox is too big. Another issue occurred when going into the OOZ cannon things. I jumped in, Tails walked in, and then it somehow managed to shift me 64 pixels to the right, where I bounced off an enemy, then shot back up into the blocks. I had to reset as a result.

    Another nitpick is that the high hat is very fatiguing to listen to after a while. My ears! Overall I had a good time with this. Runs well and plays well.
  20. D.A. Garden

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    I recently got a new phone (Sony Xperia XA) and while this still works great, there's a bit of a problem (with this and Sonic 1 for android also) on this device: It plays too fast. 10 seconds in real time is equal to about 11 seconds in game, and so Sonic moves slightly too fast (in fact, the whole game appears to be sped up slightly), and sound effects clip into each other as well. The music plays at the correct speed though, so I'm not too sure what the issue is, or how to fix it (a timing/sync issue, maybe?). All I know is, the game played fine on my previous device (Sony Xperia E3) and so at the moment, I can't play Sonic 1 or 2 properly. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.