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Sonic 2 (2013 - iOS/Android) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by D.A. Garden, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. I think that bug was present in the remastered version from the beginning. In fact, I'm wondering if it wasn't an intentional 'fix'.
  2. Maybe it's intentional when you stand, but when you crouch or spindash you shouldn't get killed because there is enough room for Sonic. Now when you crouch or spindash you get killed just before the second block is all the way up. So I think there is a bug with the collision detection.
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    So celebrating Sonic 2sday I decided to play and LP Sonic 2 on Android.

    Skip to 39:54 to see a nice little Casino Night Zone glitch in act 1, because I'm sure no one wants to watch this in full in one go. I get bounced back into bumpers and get stuck, forced to restart the game. A similar glitch happens in the same zone barely 1 minute later, but this time I escaped.

    PS: Sorry if this was already reported, I just didn't search all 21 pages of this topic...
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    Here's an interesting proposition: use Windows Bridge for iOS to turn the iOS version of Sonic 2 (and Sonic 1, and Sonic CD) into Universal Windows Apps. In doing so, this will allow SEGA to release the Retro Engine ports for Windows 10 Mobile devices, Windows 10 PCs, and Xbox One consoles (the last one you'll need to wait for the Windows/Xbox store merger, though). Would be a nice thing for Sonic's 25th Anniversary next year.
  5. Isn't this and Sonic 1 still considered shaky ground since they were released during the Nintendo exclusive period? Though to be fair we did get Lost World on PC, would have preferred these.
  6. Mastered Realm

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    There's a Windows Bridge for Android too so he can go either way :D
  7. I doubt "making" these ports is the hard part, it's the legal work, I'm pretty sure Taxman and Stealth have proto versions of these games already running on across the board, I mean we have seen that Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remaster which they can play (but unfinished last we heard) on iOS/Android already, it's just the legal side of things which prevented that from going further.
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    No, that got killed. Only the iOS flavor still exists.
    The iOS one is Windows fully supporting the Objective-C programming language, and providing an iOS API adapter to make the code mostly work as-is on Windows. The Android one was just the entire Android runtime running as a Windows service, but apparently Microsoft saw what happened to RIM when they did that with BlackBerry 10, and realized it was a horrible mistake.
    As for legality, well yeah, it's up to SEGA whether or not to go through with it, which is why I provided the basis of a good pitch that Taxman/Stealth can give to SEGA: low difficulty, targets three platforms at once, large potential for returns. And it fits in with their focus on digital platforms, too.
  9. big smile

    big smile

    Does the 2 player mode on Android work when sending invites? Whenever I send an invite to someone and they accept, the Sonic 2 app quits. Do they need to be using the same version of Android OS as me?

    If I don't use the invite feature, then it works fine (e.g. if I play against a random player). But I would like to play against certain people. Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered.
  10. KingOfBunnies


    So I have a complete save on my iPhone 6 Plus. Whenever I beat Wing Fortress and quit when I get to Death Egg, my save reverts to a Death Egg Zone save. It's no longer complete. Why is this? It's annoying as hell.
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    Most likely because the transition from Wing Fortress to Death Egg Zone is a unique event (it doesn't use the "Sonic Got Through Act X" sequence), and since the completed save feature was added as an update, we forgot to add a save comparison check to that event, just the standard one.
  12. Taxman, last year I posted the logcat for Sonic 2 on the Amazon Fire TV because the game crashes when you get an achievement. Did you have time to look into that?
    I would very much like to get this bug fixed and I think a lot of people would. Thanks in advance!
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    Thanks for the logcat, it confirmed what I had suspected. The crash is indeed coming from the GameCircle object used to trigger the achievements. Since the code is identical to Sonic 1's, which doesn't crash, it may be a problem on the server side where the achievement data is stored. Unfortunately, I don't have access to that stuff currently so that's about as far as I can go for now.
  14. Thanks for looking into it! I really appreciate it! Would it be possible for you to send your findings to Amazon so that they can fix it?
  15. Not sure where to post this but I noticed the soundtest for Sonic 1's remaster on Android doesn't work anymore so I can't do the All Emeralds or Debug cheat. Wheever I press Play it just skips ahead by ten songs going from 01 to 11 for example.
  16. This may sound really dumb, but is there a way to play my Wiimote on my "Android" tablet? It picks it but, but it needs a PIN #. I have lollipop.
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    Everything I'm reading says either leave it blank or do this:

    Code (Text):
    1. Lets assume the Wiimote has the bluetooth address "00:1E:35:3B:7E:6D". If you want the PIN for bluetooth pairing in a simple string, do the following:
    3. char pin[6];
    4. pin[0] = 0x6D;
    5. pin[1] = 0x7E;
    6. pin[2] = 0x3B;
    7. pin[3] = 0x35;
    8. pin[4] = 0x1E;
    9. pin[5] = 0x00;
    11. Now "pin" contains your bluetooth pin that should be used for pairing your devices.
  18. I've tried leaving it blank but it won't let me bypass it. I have no pin. Thank you for the array code, though. I understand most of it (not the hexadecimal stuff).

    Also, the Wiimote app won't work on lollipop due to Bluetooth issues.
  19. Travelsonic


    In the boss time attack, I've noticed that destroying the final boss (the Death Egg Robot) doesn't always stop the timer, and when entering the final tunnel before the goal post, sometimes if you are running or spindashing, you'll get slowed down. These really can mess with a good time attack run. >_<
  20. Taxman, I tried to contact Amazon support about the issue (with your findings, I hope you don't mind), but they think it's an issue with my Fire TV and only suggested a factory reset which doesn't fix the issue. Can you contact someone at Amazon to fix the issue? Because from my understanding this issue is not related to a single device, but a server side issue which affects multiple devices/users.