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Sonic 2 (2013 - iOS/Android) Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by D.A. Garden, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. I think the dream is dead, if we look at Sonic CD, the PC version was a port of the Xbox 360 version, at this point in time, why would SEGA even bother to port Sonic 1 or 2 to PS3 or Xbox 360, whatever chance they had was fleeting and now it's just a pipe dream, we just have to face facts that the best versions of Sonic 1 and 2 are stuck on Mobile Devices.
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    Not only that but aren't the patches still stuck in limbo? I heard that theres still no update to the patch that Taxman sent to Apple for approval for the iPhone 6 screen fix.
  3. I have a small problem with the Amazon Fire TV version of Sonic 2. When I open achievements from the menu I get the error "unable to connect". It has worked before, but now for some reason it doesn't work anymore. I copied my save file from my Android Phone to the Amazon Fire TV, but I don't think this is the problem, because I did the same for Sonic 1 and the achievements in Sonic 1 work. I also tried uninstalling and installing Sonic 2, but this doesn't fix the problem. Even tried to factory reset my Fire TV, but to no avail.
    What's worse, Sonic 2 crashes whenever I "get" an achievement and returns me to the Fire TV home screen. For example, in Chemical Plant Zone act 2 when I continuously hit the boss, the game crashes because I should get an achievement. I did get all the achievements on my Android Phone, but with my Google Play account. On the Fire TV I have a GameCircle account that is separate (and different) from the Google Play account.
    I also tried deleting the cache and save file of Sonic 2, but the game still gives me the "unable to connect" error. Is this some sort of bug? Maybe someone has a solution or work around?
    Maybe Taxman can shed some light on my problem? I would greatly appreciate it.
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    I really can't be bothered checking the whole topic to see if this has been mentioned but was playing on iOS earlier on Oil Ocean Zone. Sonic somehow ended up trapped underneath (and behind, sprite wise) the launcher with the breakable block. Thought I'd taken a screenshot of it but alas I hadn't.
  5. I discovered I'm not the only one with this problem and that it's actually a bug with the GameCircle library. ( Taxman, would it be possible for you to fix this bug anytime soon?
    It's weird because Sonic 1 doesn't have this bug with the GameCircle library. I was able to get all the achievements for Sonic 1 without any crash or problem.
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    This is a Bluestacks isue and not an inherent issue with Sonic 2, or Sonic 1 I'm sure.

    In the intro for both titles, at the same place, a "Unfortunately, Sonic 1/2 has stopped." error appears. It's near the end of the nice intros these games sport. I uninstalled and reinstalled Bluestacks but the same thing happens. Should I hunt down an older version of BS or is this a known issue?
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    I had the same issue; luckily I had an old installer from mid-2013 lying around, which once reinstalled fixed the issue. Unfortunately I somehow deleted all my save data during the uninstall/reinstall process - still haven't got round to recompleting Sonic 1/2/CD since! (On that note, am still hoping for a patch to CD which allows the virtual controls to be turned off like in Sonic 1/2 = P)

    If you can't find any older versions floating around online, let me know where I can upload the installer I have and I'll get on it for you. = )
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    If you could do that, or tell me your version number that'd be appreciated. :)/> I've tried a few different installs, one from April 2013 and one from November 2013 but both gave me an error that installing BlueStacks had failed. From there I can figure out whether it's the download or my laptop messing me up.

    EDIT: Never mind, I found a working version. Thanks for giving me a good direction version-wise to look to, McAleeCh :) Doing an HDMI out with my laptop and seeing Sonic 1 on my TV is so bad ass. I can finally enjoy these games to the fullest extent!!
  9. D.A. Garden

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    For the last few days, I've been unable to play Sonic 2. Any time I click the icon to start the app, it immediately crashes with a very 'helpful' "Sonic 2 has stopped working" message.
    Upon further inspection of the error log, I find "JavaIllegalArguementException" as the cause. This is very strange as the app has been working perfectly fine since I purchased it on day one and now, out of the blue, this happens. Anyone have any recommendations?
  10. Have you tried uninstalling Sonic 2 (make a back-up of your save file) and reinstalling again?
  11. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden

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    That's the only thing I haven't tried. I would happily attempt this... if I only knew where the save file was located first.
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    It's the SGame.bin file located at /Android/data/com.sega.sonic2/files/
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    D.A. Garden

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    Sorry for the late reply. I backed up the save file and uninstalled Sonic 2. I then reinstalled Sonic 2 and, without even putting my save file back, tried to start the game again and I still get the same issue. I really don't know what's causing this. I have a theory it's with regard to the online features (such as the multiplayer), as I usually get a message on start-up telling me that there is no online connection when my WiFi is off. Switching the WiFi on/off on my device, before starting the app however, no longer has an effect. This is so strange.

    EDIT: So, the app is working, but behind the error message that says "Unfortunately, Sonic 2 has stopped". I know this because I saw the SEGA logo briefly and the title screen music played after a while of leaving the phone on the error screen. It appears to be an issue with my phone and not the app itself. Now I've just got to figure out what is happening and why.
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    If you got it through Amazon like I did (it was a free app for the day I got it =P), you might need to re-sign in on the Amazon app in order for it to start working again - I had an issue with 2 crashing until I did this.
  15. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden

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    I got it through the Google Play Store, like all my other apps. Still, that's another strange oddity in itself.

    What I don't understand though, is how it is still playing in the background (behind the error message) and continues to play until I close the error message. If only I could stop the error message from loading. This would only hide the issue, however. I'm led to believe it's an issue with the Google Play Store App, as that also crashes sometimes after I try to run Sonic 2. All other apps (Sonic 1, Sonic CD and Sonic Jump) that I play have no issues.
  16. Try uninstalling the updates of the Google Play Services app and then go to the Google Play Store to update the app again. You can uninstall app updates by opening the settings menu -> apps -> select the app you're looking for -> uninstall/remove updates
    If that doesn't fix the problem, maybe try a factory reset.
  17. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden

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    I've uninstalled and then subsequently reinstalled the Google Play Store App, including un-registering and then re-registering my account, and it's still an issue.
    I've looked at the latest reviews for the Sonic 2 app and it appears I'm not the only one with this issue:
    (Random user names and avatars removed for identity purposes)
  18. MartiusR


    I was recently thinking about playing in android's version of Sonic 2 (after knowing about all these cool additional features ;)/>), I'm watching every day for google play for some discount, but there is one tiny problem...

    I don't have smarthphone (or any other android device). So, if I would use some of these emulating programs, would this allow me to buy Sonic 2 on Google Play and play in it* (on keyboard)? And if it is possible - which program (there is a couple of them) should I choose (probably the best would be the one with smallest requirements and the most easy to configure).

    *To be more precise with it - I'm asking if someone tried such thing and what were the results
  19. D.A. Garden

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    I hate to post again in here, but it seems that more people have been having the same issue judging by the comments in the review section on Google Play:

    This feedback can be seen here:, in case you were wondering.

    I'm worried that this may have an adverse affect on the current Sonic 3 push as well, if it becomes more of an issue.
    Is anyone else here on Retro having the same problem?

    (I was going to edit my previous post but seeing as it might get lost, I thought it made sense to post again).
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    Yeah this Sonic 2 Android crashing just started happening to me too. Doesn't happen with Sonic 1 or CD. Any progress on this?