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Sonic 1 SS Oddities

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TweeterMan, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. I'm not sure if this has been noticed before. I've never seen it anywhere, so maybe some of you haven't seen it either. If it's old, then kill me.

    In any Sonic 1 SS, if you go into debug, other than the rings there are some garbled objects. The first that you see is larger than the rest of them, and when placed, it just makes a garbled graphic where you placed it. The rest of them are smaller garbled sprites that seem to move away upon placing them, and all vary in how fast they move or in what direction they move. Sometimes placing the larger, stationary object and then some of the smaller, moving ones on top of it causes them to interact, usually with the smallers "bouncing" on top of the larger still one. I also noticed that in the Sonic 1 ROM with the spike bug fix, the garbled objects are removed from debug, and there are only two objects: a ring, and an object with no graphics but is a ring when placed.

    Again, sorry if this has been mentioned before.

    *waits to hear OLD'D*

    EDIT: Added comment about Sonic 1 with spike bug fix.
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    The garbled objects are actually from the ending sequence, the small objects are animals from the ending, and the bouncy thing you are talking about is also in the ending, even though its acutally the star bumper from SYZ. The Special stages debug list is reading from the ending sequence.
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    SYZ bumpers are actually used in the Special Stage, although the SS doesn't load objects in quite the same way as levels. The SS and ending sequence share a debug list.
  4. Hmm, then I wonder why they decided to change the SS's debug listing in the S1 bug fix.
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    Nicely spotted man. I've never noticed the interaction before definitely. My possible theory [and this is probably way off], is that I wonder if it's the left over code from the sonic balancing on the big ball (a la sonic 1 alpha screenshots)...... I'm sure that someone here will prove/disprove in the very near future ;)
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