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Sonic 1 REV01 BG effects

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by jman2050, Jun 21, 2006.

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    I believe revision is the correct term for us to use, even if Sega used the "version" terminology. Revision is usually used for lesser changes that don't warrant being called a major overhaul, and version is used for major changes. For example, I would consider the engines found in each successive game to be new versions, as there were major changes and rewrites. But, within each game, there are the different revisions, which aren't enough to denote a major version.

    But, that's just my opinion. I'll still be calling it revision no matter what you guys do - it's not too hard to tell what someone's talking about.
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    I apologize for the huge bump, but further information has come to my attention when porting the effects.

    When porting the effects of the Japanese ROM into the World ROM, SYZ has a background error, and doesn't repeat right. Ordos suggested it, and after he found locations in the Japanese ROM for the backgrounds, I ported it to the US ROM, and viola! It works.

    So... here's the list of layout locations in the Japanese ROM.

    Code (Text):
    1. Sonic the Hedgehog (J) Level layout Locations
    3. 0x68C3E-0x68D33 - Green Hill Zone act 1 FG
    4. 0x68D34-0x68DFF - Green Hill Zone act 2 FG
    5. 0x68E00-0x68F21 - Green Hill Zone act 3 FG
    6. 0x68F22-0x68F4B - Green Hill Zone (including Ending) BG
    7. 0x68F4C-0x6904D - Labyrinth Zone act 1 FG
    8. 0x6904E-0x69153 - Labyrinth Zone & Scrap Brain Zone act 3 BG
    9. 0x69154-0x691F1 - Labyrinth Zone act 2 FG
    10. 0x691F2-0x6930F - Labyrinth Zone act 3 FG
    11. 0x69310-0x693CD - Scrap Brain Zone act 3 FG
    12. 0x693CE-0x6946B - Marble Zone act 1 FG
    13. 0x6946C-0x694E5 - Marble Zone act 1 BG
    14. 0x694E6-0x69589 - Marble Zone act 2 FG
    15. 0x6958A-0x6961F - Marble Zone act 2 BG
    16. 0x69620-0x69701 - Marble Zone act 3 FG
    17. 0x69702-0x697AD - Marble Zone act 3 BG
    18. 0x697AE-0x698BF - Star Light Zone act 1 FG
    19. 0x698C0-0x69939 - Star Light Zone BG
    20. 0x6993A-0x69A29 - Star Light Zone act 2 FG
    21. 0x69A2A-0x69B47 - Star Light Zone act 3 FG
    22. 0x69B48-0x69C03 - Spring Yard Zone act 1 FG
    23. 0x69C04-0x69C41 - Spring Yard Zone BG
    24. 0x69C42-0x69D49 - Spring Yard Zone act 2 FG
    25. 0x69D4A-0x69EAB - Spring Yard Zone act 3 FG
    26. 0x69EAC-0x69FCD - Scrap Brain Zone act 1 FG
    27. 0x69FCE-0x6A00B - Scrap Brain Zone act 1 BG
    28. 0x6A00C-0x6A14D - Scrap Brain Zone act 2 and Final Zone FG
    29. 0x6A14E-0x6A2BF - Scrap Brain Zone act 2 and Final Zone FG
    30. 0x6A2C0-0x6A2DF - Ending FG
    When copying, include the end offset. Example... when copying 0x68C3E-0x68D33, include 0x68D33. Copy it and overwrite the data in the file you're changing. The files are located in the "levels" folder.

    Credit to this guide goes to OrdosAlpha.

    EDIT: Fuckin' bad English. I hate the language.
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    Yup, you're right! The Japanese ROM has some background layout bug fixes... The affected levels are SYZ, MZ, and SBZ, if I remember right from talking to Stealth about it. MZ's fixes the clouds, SYZ's fixes that mountain bug, and SBZ's fixes something that I don't remember (but I know there was need for it at one point :P).

    Thanks for the locations, by the way. I'll be sure to apply the bugfix right away. :(
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    I might actually port the effects over now. =P

    EDIT: scratch that, it screws up my background for Carnie Night Zone, and kills LZ. =P