Sonic 1 prototype Video (FAKE)

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Andrew75, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Arique


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    Found the scans from Sega Visions Magazine that showed off Sonic 1 for the very first time:
    Basically, the screenshots that are shown off are not what we're looking at here with these videos. Here these screens look like they're from an almost-final build, even though the UFOs in Marble Zone are still present.
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    So its fake. And the guy who signed up really has nothing to do with the youtube account the video was posted on? Am I missing anything else?
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    You may want to think twice about buying it :v:

    I'm giving this thing the benefit of the doubt myself; it's probably fake, but I can't quite tell 100%. The physics and the collision showcased don't look that much off to me, it's not entirely impossible they could come from an early build imo.
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    I think the key to finding out the truth here is to stop talking about it. Lock this thread and ban all new threads mentioning it.

    If it's a fake then they're only after attention which they're getting.

    If it's real then in time the uploader will no doubt contact someone privately about it.

    Time will reveal all, arguing and nitpicking will not.
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    I like the above post quite frankly =)

    In my mind, no ROM, no WIN.

    I require a ROM for analysis personally.

    EDIT: as a precaution, I'm ripping the video from YouTube just in-case it does happen to be real, but the uploader gets so pissy that they end up removing it, thus we have a copy...
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    He made something that reminded Yuji Naka of the process of making a twenty year old game. What are the chances he just assumed the video was true, or just thought it was because his memory is sketchy at this point?

    So what? If that's the standard of success trolls are going for nowadays, I'm pretty disappointed. I've seen better April Fools jokes in communities with one tenth of Sonic Retro's size. Are we going to remember this shit at all after the topic is closed?
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    That's how all prototype claims should go, but instead we get page after page of people posting analysis and fighting for their belief it's real or not. Just all plays into the trolls hands exactly as they wants. Reminds me of the multiple times a fake RE1.5 comes along. No matter how much evidence points specifically towards something being a fake, it won't stop people from still hoping, so any better judgement is thrown out and the pages of posts just keep going and going with nothing being resolved.

    It's ALL on the guy making the claim, I don't get why we let them toy with us like this. Either they're nice and give more proof or just ignore them and they'll likely try to show off some more stuff just for attention.

    BTW I wonder how flooded the inbox for that guy with the Bleep magazine is lol. Links like that shouldn't be posted, so many people are probably messaging him thinking they're making the request for scans more eloquently than the next guy, which just becomes so laughable.
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    I had no intentions of buying it, especially without knowing for sure if there were pictures of the Sonic 1 beta inside and not so much for $50+.
  9. TheRedEye


    Hi all, since the subject of magazines came up, I just wanted to clear something up from my own independent research: I own literally every U.S. video game magazine published in 1990, and can assure you that the only pictures of that initial tech demo were published in EGM. Yes that includes Sega Visions: remember that Sega Visions was pretty much Sega of America's corporate messaging brochure, they didn't do things like send photographers to shows to preview really early games.

    There are three screenshots total, all of which you have, all of which I believe were photographed by EGM editor Ed Semrad at the Tokyo Toy Show on June 7, 1990 and published (sometimes more than once) in EGM issues 13 through 16. None of this will be new to you but here are scans I made myself:

    As I even said in that blog post, I wouldn't be surprised if there are more screens in Japanese mags, and this Beep issue confirms my suspicion! Hope we see some actual scans soon.
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    If it matters to anyone, the screen he/she is playing on is a wide screen tv/monitor. You can tell from the red light on the right side of the video clip (the second one), very much a light from the camera recording it. It is shining off of the "black area" that was not filled because of the aspect ratio of the "proto" being played.
    Also, if you watch it, it also shines on the playing field as well.
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    How do we lock this puppy up ?
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    Oh no no, not right now! not until that SEGA visions magazine is scanned!

    Maybe instead of locking it we can turn this into a Sonic 1 Proto General? seeing as we got 3 seprate topics about the same thing going atm.
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    being an asshole =P
    Now that we have a new magazine to scan with real info? =/
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    At this point I don't care how fake is the video that started the topic. I'm amazed with so many "discoveries" that people found, from magazine scans to old ads with post-edits.

    Man, it's sure nostalgic and good to be back discussing on a Proto topic. That's what all true Retro's strive for!
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    Those were in the "topic of other knowledge".

    I think those scans deserve their own topic.

    EDIT: Done.
  16. Arique


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    Alright, so you know that guy who owns the BEEP! Magazine from August 1990 with the Sonic 1 Beta images? Well, I finally got an answer back from him on Twitter:
    He's planning on uploading the scans to his website very soon, so hopefully we'll get some more comparing done between his scans and NEK0san's alleged Sonic 1 Beta videos when the scans are posted.
  17. Arique


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    At this rate, I can't even tell if this is real or not. I mean, it looks real, but the jumping makes it feel like that it's a MMF game.
  18. I know exactly what you mean, I'm not sure anymore. Before I thought it was fake, but this is... confusing as hell. Lot of stuff pointing against it being real, but then there seems to be a bit more pointing TOWARDS it being real too now...

    Still, pictures of the cart AND a ROM dump. That's gotta be the next thing. Can't just fully convince me with these videos alone. Need the ROM dump to be 100% sure.
  19. Metal Man88

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    Still fake, but a nice mockup based upon what we know. Given it neither moves like nor feels like a Sonic game when it comes to the physics, though, and they 'conveniently' include the title screen and welcome sign after we complain about it, it's just maximum troll mode.

    Person should just give up the silent act and show themselves, it's not like they're going to get any accolades by hiding in the shadows and incrementally updating their MMF game based upon what we say.
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    There's still scroll tearing in there... He didn't read the fan feedback thoroughly.