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    Hey guys, first post on this forum site.
    Anyways this post is about my currently-WIP ROM hack, Sonic 1: Fancy Edition.
    Please note that this ROM hack will probably not have much custom abilities and will stick with just Sonic as I am new to Genesis ROM hacking. Maybe if I get better at Genesis ASM in the future, I'll add more.

    But anyways, currently:
    Custom GHZ (only GHZ1 is edited as of right now)
    No air/ground speed cap.
    PRESS START BUTTON is visible

    And that's about it currently... obviously more stuff will be added as time goes by. I'm using the Git disassembly as my base.
    Though, speaking of GHZ1, I'm currently having a problem with it. For some reason, the signpost is glitched, and when touched. Will send Sonic to a random place, level warp style, before dying. I don't know how to fix this currently though, I did resize the level in SonLVL but I guess that's not enough. I'll put the DL to the disassembly if anyone needs that for troubleshooting this problem. Anyways, bye!

    Discord: FancyEX#7903
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    Screenshots? Download links?
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    For screenshots/videos:
    For Download Link: (edited main post)
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    Can't you put a download for the built rom?
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    I can't really say much, I've just watched the video. The hack leaves a lot to be desired, but I'm not a dick about these things, I understand you're just starting out.

    I will say one thing, please remove that Buzzbomber right at the beginning, I've seen a fair few hacks over the years where there's been a Buzzbomber near the beginning of the level, or at a lamppost where you can respawn on, and the Buzzbomber will kill you instantly if you don't move quick enough. This is often seen as a dick move, gamers don't take too kindly to that sort of thing d=

    Judging by the video saying "hjalp plz", I assume the end part where the sign post sends you flying off to your doom is the issue you're referring to. This happens because of the nature of the screen locking mechanism in conjunction with the signpost. Basically, if the signpost isn't near the very right of the level's boundary, it has a fit (I'll spare the details). Either move the signpost closer to the right boundary, or change the right boundary to be where the signpost is.

    Good luck with your project though, I hope that in time it will become the fancy variation of Sonic 1 you are aiming for~
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    The problem with the signpost is that it's been placed too far away from the right boundary of the level. The game loads the signpost art once the camera gets close to that boundary and when Sonic touches the signpost, it locks the camera at the right boundary of the level, forcing Sonic to be there, thus why Sonic teleports there and why the camera starts moving right when you touched it.

    The solution is to change the right boundary for the level to be where the signpost is. The level size table is in "LevelSizeLoad & BgScrollSpeed.asm" (or "LevelSizeLoad & BgScrollSpeed (JP1).asm" for REV01, which is the default revision selected for the Git disassembly IIRC) at "LevelSizeArray".

    EDIT: Fuckin' ninja'd. :V
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    Hmm... you should try out some of the community how-to guides on bug fixes and porting things over. For example I am making a ROM Hack, which is my desired Sonic 1 (well it would be if it weren’t for the mobile port existing but you get my point). The guides have helped me a lot and now I can port things over from Sonic 2 even if there isn’t a guide for that. Here’s the link to the Sonic 1 SCHG How-to: